Shantanu's Humanology

I have learnt over the years that I have lived on how to be a human being. This has required investigations on who I am and what are my functions through the thoughts and actions that I engage in.

Relaxing in the Maxorata Resort Hotel in Fuerteventura during 18-25 September 2019 away from the hornets nest

What kind of a human being am I?

My name is Shantanu Panigrahi

I am a simpleton. I take each moment as it comes. I do not dwell in my past, nor plan my future. I am retired from active life having studied that all my life's work has been in vain in terms of the achievment of anything concrete. I do not have a religion any more. I do not believe in a God as Creator or Preserver of humanity and the biosphere.

I believe that reality is higly transient and each fleeting moment reflects that impermanence. This is why there is no point in aspiring and having objectives and plans that need to be put into actions. Being harmless is the only motivation that I subscribe to now. I say this after having stirred up the hornets nest during my life of nearly 63 years of age.

My most regular utterances to myself is 'can you believe that' to anything and everything. I write down all my thoughts for questioning purposes so that they be criticised and the facts ascertained through the medium of publication.

I wrote a Diary in handwritten form of my personal crusades to effect climate change objectives. By climate change I mean wholesale changes in the constitutions of State nations. Accordingly I wrote a Blog entitled 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation' at It was suspended and archived as I was deemed to have abused the terms of usage. So if anyone wishes to find out what this Blog and its associated Twitter Account and social media Facebook Account contain they will have to contact Wordpress for permission has effectively been hereby granted by me to anyone who might be interested in my search for the truth. I do not wish to go into those matters anymore for my efforts to have the Blog restored through appeal to Wordpress and mounting legal manoevres have proved to be in vain. I also no longer use Facebook to publicise my views.

Now I have resorted to telling the world what I do through this website. I intend to write this Diary openly now to express my comments on issues of what I describe as humanology: the study of humans.

Dated: 26 September 2019

11 February 2020 Update:

Today, I am an brahmoadvaita vedantist practicing Brahmanism who arrived at this position through the investigative process of satya-advaita (truth accommodation) as an administrative tool. My religious philosophy is one of non-attachment to all material and concepts.

Brahmanism is a religious philosophy because it has Creator God Sri Krishna as the Creator of Brahman-Nature in which three gods exist as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (with their consorts Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati respectively); denoting sattvic, rajasic and tamasic gunas in Nature. Being sattvic (divine) I identify with Brahma and hence Brahmanism is the religious philosophy.

Brahmanism means doing whatever one needs to do to seek knowledge through truth as perfected by developing awareness. It is achieved by focussing the mind in nothing and allowing thoughts to come in for action. This is the meaning of Truth Prevails where one sacrifices ones intellect and relies on truth-awareness as the guide; and that truth wins as in Satyamev Jayate.

My most common utterances to myself is 'can you believe that?'

18 February 2020:

I experienced Brahmoadvaita vedanta but then my dis-attachment and aloofness became so complete that I entered transcendental existence. This was peace: Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti; and nothing else.

22 February 2020:

The truth is there is no God or gods for a householder with responsibilities towards himself and his family: all one needs to do is work out what these responsibilities are. To start with one must have as much income as it is possible to get to run the family and deal with needs. I am a 63 year old family man and a householder Hindu who practiced the religion of satya-advaita or truth accommodation but found that it did not work for me to help me survive on this planet Earth. While I have still got some life left, I intend to stop seeking truth but deal with the needs of survival with dignity now. This means fighting to save my reputation in the world of humanity and preserve my dignity.

25 February 2020: 

Do not have attachments to anything not your reputation, not God, not beliefs, not plans, not ambitions, not advaita in any of its elaborations, etc, that is to say: say no to all the concepts that one can think of, including transcendental existence, in other words be a nothing as if I do  not exist at all. So I do not seek truth.

28 February 2020:

I try to live in Paramarthika level of Realisation, as elaborated here:

29 February 2020:

Advaita was not sustainable to my understanding, and led me to appreciate Sanatan Dharma finally:

2 March 2020:

Sanatan Dharma is not a religion but a way of life because whilst a Creator God exists eternally it has nothing to say to humans on Brahman-Nature and so is unknowable. I am a satyaadvaitist (my definition) which is what Sanatan Dharma entails to live at oneness with truth as one finds it.

7 March 2020 Update:

I am a Transcendentalist who knows that there is nothing in existence. All perceptions and experiences in vyaharika level of reality are an illusion. In paramarthika there is nothing to be attached to or attached by: In vyvaharika therefore I act as though there are no attachments to any material or spiritual entities or concepts in which therefore even survival or living is not a consideration. One just exists in life or in death (mind is attached to neither) as part of the Universal Being or Consciousness.

9 March 2020 Update:

I engaged in the 'truth game' of satayadvaita (truth accommodation) until I knew for certain how to live my life according to my own special and unique conception of Sanatan Dharma, as given here:

10 March 2020 Update:

Play the game: that is what life is all about!

I played the truth game until there was total detachment: atman=Brahman.

I am today an advaitist.

14 March 2020

For an advaitin, atman=Brahman; but in the final analysis one should not be attached to the life of an advaitin with this realisation either. So who am I? I am Om (Hindu terminology). What is Om? Om is Truth, that is to say, one becomes totally and utterly detached from reality.

18 March 2020:

Advaita Spirituality=detached existence

Spirit is something Real: it appears to me that Hindus call this Om and It manifests Itself through truth accommodation. I am just spiritual. Period. Whether the self transcends the material gunas (properties and characteristics of the individual) or an indwelling Spirit acts upon the self are one and the same thing in advaita.

30 March 2020:

I am Conduit channelling the flow of information from God through the Spirit of Truth within me known as Om.