Shantanu's Humanology

I have heard time and again that people have to make vows and promises in order to live a happy and stress-free life. For example, if one believes in following the Eightfold path as outlined by the Buddha, one has to take a vow to become a Buddhist and adhere to the tenets of that religion. If one takes marriage vows one has to fulfill the requirements of that vow to live together in joyous harmony until death does the couple apart. If one is brought in front of a judge in a court of law one has to hold the individual persons holy book like the Bible or Gita or Koran to give truthful evidence and testimony to the State. 

I have taken marriage vows but our vows have come under tremendous strain from the third month of our marriage as incompatibility surfaced. One has to compromise one's needs in order to keep the marriage together. The only reason for me for keeping the marriage together was that together we were stronger. This was an assessed and calculated decision and it produced our progeny to give us a meaningful family life.

When reality hits a person all vows are meaningless, as survival instinct kicks in. I therefore do not believe in vows and promises or religions and beliefs for I wish to lead a stress-free life with peace of mind. This means that Buddhism is wrong. The State's enforcement in courts for vows to speak the truth come what may or perjury charges would be levied is wrong. The individual should be allowed to do whatever he or she feels is necessary in order to protect his or her interests. These interests are biologically-driven. Since there is no God we are animals whose primary motivation is to do ones best to ensure that one survives to a grand old age and fulfills all ones biological needs.

States and Religions are infringements on a person's liberty to go as he or she pleases. No one has the right to get another person to do as he or she is told, as biological facts point to the survival of the fittest.

To make oneself fit to survive to a grand old age, one has to understand reality with pin-point accuracy. The only truth that is to be relied upon moment by moment is that which preserves the individual and generates the path to a successful life.

So today I have broken my marriage vows and my wife too never refers to them. We live the best we can to keep a roof over our heads, transport, incomes that we need to keep the household together, and engagements that create a better future for us individually.

I operate unrestricted whether or not there is a God for Creation and Preservation and I have already written in this website that there is no God to restrict me. I do not vow to speak the truth and not to lie. It depends on who I am dealing with, as evil people need to be lied to and deceived in one's quest for survival. One uses tactics that come naturally to an individual born with the genes that promotes survival, no matter what the odds against it are. That is why I am alive today at the age of  63 and living comfortably without be harassed by anyone. I take considerable precautions and pains to enable me to survive on. It comes naturally to me because I was born with the right genes. There are no Gods for me to protect me having tested that in considerable detail over the past 22 years.

In other words the adage that promises and vows are made to be broken is correctly conceived. One cannot take any chances or one will fall victim to outside forces pitted against one.

Marriage is therefore a State-induced institution that locks one into the processes of the State and is the States means to regulate society. It runs counter to the individual's objective of leading the best life that one can to fulfill his or her true potential for personal development, unless one has been able to discuss these issues with one's partner and come to a mutual understanding of how the couple respect each other's needs as my wife and I have done over 34 years together and still going strong: stronger than ever in the past through the years of learning how best to adjust to each other. It has nothing to do with marriage vows but the dire need to survive and prosper individually under which we found that our resources are more productive when pooled together. Marriage is not a sacred institution given to us by God, for there is no God as personal or common entity who establishes norms of behaviour upon Nature. We are free of that baggage of burden.

So the swearing of an oath in a court of law that 'I swear by Almighty God that the evidence that I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God' is a gross infringement on the liberty of a person because it forces him to lie because there is no God to help him or her, and the process deprives him or her of the wherewithal to protect himself or herself from evil forces in Nature. This then generates stress upon the individual.

Do I therefore not believe in the existence of nation States? No I do not for the impact it has on personal development. States are essential. The smaller the State the easier it is for its society to manage its resources. The easiest way to manage is the family structure. But one cannot produce all the goods and services that one needs within one family. So we need a society. But large societies are not conducive to individual happiness and development. People need to immigrate to those States that hold out better opporunities for them to fulfull their potentials. Laggards will remain in under developed States.That is why I believe in Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in his against the odds attempts to for us to leave the European Union.

Having said that I wish to see improvements in the State of the United Kingdom to ensure the welfare of all its population. If Scotland thinks it can become independent of the United Kingdom we should allow that to take place. If Northern Island wishes to have ever closer ties to the Republic of Ireland, the backstop on the Brexit deal should be negotiated accordingly.

With regard to the United Kingdom as it stands the changes I wish to see are constitutional. I was an accomplished scientist in the biological field whose career was dismantled by the United Kingdom State thereby rendering me without any justification whatsoever from riches to rags and into a life of relative poverty because I believed in speaking the truth and dealing with evil forces in Nature effectively to protect my reputation as a par excellence human being that I strove for all my life with my high ideals. The State then dismantled my Blog entitled 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation at under which I had reestablished a decade long career as a journalist that I then chose to become as an alternative adventure to make my life more meaningful and productive. My response to these injustices was to break my vow to be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom that I had taken during my naturalisation ceremony in 1984 when I relinquished my birthright of Indian citizenship to become a Britisher. I was especially justified in doing so because there is no God to save the Queen as is required to be sung in the United Kingdom's national anthem. I do not sing that national anthem. I am a Republican now unless the changes that I have asked for are granted to me.

Dated: 29 September 2019