Shantanu's Humanology

I am fortunate enough to have survived amid terrific struggles with elements of humanity which could not cope with my search for the truth. When I first came out of hospital in 2004 where I had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act for my wife had reported me to Dr Sudhir Patel of Wigmore Medical Centre, I knew instinctively that I had to survive this onslaught from the United Kingdom State. My wife had reported me to the Mental Health authorities because I had spent £20000 of our savings in fighting the University of Greenwich in the Courts of the United Kingdom and the European Court of Human Rights, as I felt that I was unjustifiably dismissed from service without being given an adequate opportunity to explain my conduct at the University that led to the charge of gross misconduct which was such a big stain on my reputation following the assessment of the Livestock Production Manager Mr Richard Mathewman that I had sought project fund extension under false pretences that I had to do something about it. I could not get a Hearing to my satisfaction in any of the venues that I tried. This was followed by a second instance of being dismissed from service by Shell UK when I established the foundations of the Union of Petrol Service Workers to fight the inhumane treatment received by workers by this company through its Franchisee Ian Gordon. Again I could not get a Hearing of my complaints by the Employment Tribunal and the subsequent courts to which both these complaints were duly taken over the years that followed. Instead on the recommendation of my wife I was incarcerated for a second time when I ran up £500 per month telephone bill with no income coming in from me to run the household with.

He that fights and runs away lives to fight another day is an English proverb that I am enormously in agreement with for the onslaught from the State had to be resisted through my personal survival in this country because on the first dismissal and the adjudication by Medway County Court that I had abused the process of Court in bringing an employment matter to a County Court I applied for asylum in India and numerous other countries all of which received short shrift. So I was compelled to stay in the United Kingdom as I did not wish to return to India with my tail between my legs as an immigrant who could not make it in life as he was unable to fit into the systems of his adopted country into which he had naturalised citizenship.

I rebelled against any perversion of the truth in my life and dealt with my adversaries with cutting words and reported them to the Police and the Courts or to bodies like Amnesty International, Refugee Council, and foreign embassies. This the UK State could not tolerate and not only was I incarcerated in mental hospitals as stated above, I was placed on a life time of anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications even when allowed to live in the community with my family because the mental hospitals could not find any reason to keep me locked up due to the fact that I adjusted to life in these institutions by playing scrabble and pool to pass my time.

My wife was not wrong in recommending me for psychiatric treatment and initially it was me as an act of defiance from me when I was suspended from work by the University of Greenwich in 1998. I had been diagnosed by Dr Rao of BUPA as suffering from Severe Depression with Psychotic Features for which I was prescribed the medications. This was not enough for the crooks of the University of Greenwich to place me on medical retirement let alone accepting that I was not to be blamed for the misconduct that I was accused of in view of the fact that I had suffered a nervous breakdown in coping with the stresses of withstanding workplace harassment from colleagues and senior management at the Natural Resources Institute. I wa dismissed from service summarily and lost the £55,000 redundancy payment that would have been paid to me was I to be dismissed as part of restructuring at the Institute. The University had agreed with my Solicitor to have an amicable settlement of payment of £20,000 and a Reference, but I chose to request reinstatement and after a period of obtaining the necessary evidence to mount a productive industrial tribunal case at Ashford Employment Service, I did not receive this payment either. The Employment Tribunal did not accept my written submissions and I would not attend the Tribunal Hearing because the perpetrators of the work place harassment were not invited to submit their evidence under oath. The Tribunal dismissed my Case. I appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal and sought advice from the Court of Appeal but to no avail. I therefore decided to mount a County Court challenge to force the truth of my harassment at the University of Greenwich to come out in Court proceedings but again the procedures of the Court were manipulated against me and I was fined and found to have abused the process of Court.

I was very dissatisfied with the outcome and it shattered my faith in the British system of justice and fair play, especially when I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for my struggle to hold to account the University of Greenwich and the State that sustained this and the Shell Tribunal criminality that had met with the same fate at the Employment Tribunal at Ashford in 2008.

On the first ocassion I had been a firm believer in the existence of God but with such an outcome of my struggle my faith was also shattered. I was thoroughly depressed but the Wigmore Medical Centre would not prescribe me with anti-depressants. I struggled by working as Cleaner in Total Brittania Petrol Station for a measly £50 per week and did manual work for an Employment Agency at a Warehouse where heavy lifting of produce had to be undertaken and work went on till midnight hours. 

The State was watching all this as I wrote to Tony Blair concerning appropriate jobs that my qualifications deserved. I did not get a reply. Following the decision of the Medway County Court that I had abused the process of Court in bringing the University of Greenwich to face justice I submitted a petition to the Queen of the United Kingdom but it got me nowhere.

So I had lost all hope and was totally aggrieved by my plight. I could not face my relatives in India as I was regarded as inheriting a genetic disorder which had led to my mother having committed suicide at the age of 34 and had also tried to take my younger sisters life in the process. With my brother too being a psychiatric patient in India after he was thrown out by the UK State for work place misconduct in 1976, the mental health authorites of the United Kingdom were convinced that my mental condition that they termed persistent delusional disorder was an inherited trait. I was made to think that I would also be a life long psychiatric patient. Kent Police would not let me take up job opportunity as Public Service Officer that I had passed the interview for because that judged from the Psychiatric Report on me that I would not be able to cope with the stresses of this meanial job.

This was a State that required to be bashed I decided. I therefore started a Blog with Wordpress entitled 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservaton in which I discussed all the facets of the United Kingdom Society that I had experienced. I took Kent Police to Court on 12 charges of failure to deal with criminals of the State. It was thrown out by Master Eastmen even though Kent Police had failed to even acknoweldge the service of proceedings without a Hearing. I appealed and called Master Eastman a criminal and invited the charge of contempt of court in the process so that the details of the Case would surface in official court proceedings. No action was taken on me except a re-referral to the Mental Health authorites whom I described as Pig-shit criminals for such an intrusion into my privacy for which no justification was offered. I took Wigmore Medical Centre to the Mental Health Tribunal which refused to consider the application.

I was blogging all my correspondence in the Wordpress Blog:, and attempting to publicise my book 'The Allurement of Reality' describing my experiences with Authorhouse UK, Greenberry Publishing and Austin Macauley, but these attempts were thwared.

In September 2017, the State through its agents calling themselves Victims of Panigrahi Association lauched the first of its attacks on me through someone called Dr Shivaji Panesar from the Ministry of Home Affairs rejecting my application for a Person of Indian Origin Status and tried to force me to return to India for all my asylum applications made to India and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees had been blogged as was the referral of Her Majesty the Queen of United Kingdom to the International Criminal Court. Attempts were made through nearly 200 criminal anonymous emails to bring charges against me in the courts and by the Police. I was facing incessant harassment from the authorities of the State which I blogged in Wordpress. I took the Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May to the County Court Money Claims Centre to a civil case for failure to reign in the State criminals at the Mental Health authorities and Victims of Panigrahi Association. The case was transferred on request from the Prime Minister's lawyere to the County Court in Central London where I was demanding millions of pounds in damages and compensation for State-organised persecution. I blogged the deceitful letters from this Court and other Courts.

The Psychiatrist Dr Masoud produced a Report to stop my Blogging and also subsequently referred me to a Forensic Psychiatrist. The pressure from the State caused Wordpress to disable first three blog posts including the ones of Correspondence from the County Court in Central London, and the Referral of Crimes to Kent Police. I protested this to be part of the criminality of Wordpress that was a manifestation of State organised persecution, and blogged the correspondence. Wordpress promptly archived and suspended my blog citing privacy violations from me. I responded by asking the Court to increase my damages and compensation Claim to £15 million against UK Treasury.

The Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Odesanya examined me again on 13 September 2019, and indicated that if the current medication was not working over the next 8 weeks I should consider a change to Clozapine under which I would require daily monitoring of my immunity to disease by examination of white blood cells as this was a much more powerful anti-psychotic medication than risperidone.

The County Court at Central London has kept silent as has the Financial Ombudsman because I asked for Wordpress to be approached to release the contents of all my Blog archived and suspended by the Firm for the consideration of both the Cases. I had specifically asked the Central London County Court for a direct Order to Wordpress to restore my Blog fully as I was merely fullfilling my journalism in publishing all the information that I had collected over the 22 years of suffering in the United KIngdom.

There is now total silence from all parties, which is fine by me for my survival instincts were still in tact. I do not have any kind of mental illness inherited or otherwise. I had just been coping with the stresses of having faced 22 years of UK State-organised persecution for my attempts to raise the truth that UK government is to be condemned for an utterly discreditable constitutional establishment.

Dated: 29 September 2019

This article remains to be edited and updated in due course