Shantanu's Humanology

The frame of mind required to withstand oppression effectively is very special. Over the past 22 years through self analysis I have determined that it is possible to develop a technique to administer this so that one prospers in life against considerable odds. I worked out how to be mentally strong in coping with the reality that one faces. I call it satya-advaita or truth accommodation. Having assessed through experimentation with checking out whether there isĀ  God that administers Nature I have realised that truth accommodation is not a religion or philosophy. It is a Frame of Mind, a method for determining reality and being successful in ones operations by terrific adaptation to the imminent reality.

Where does oppression come from. It comes from Nature. Say naught the struggle not availeth is a English saying. Humans need to struggle against Nature just as all plants and animals struggle against Nature. It is how we have evolved as human beings to get as far as we have done to adjust and adapt to the environment. The environment is a challenge to struggle through so that one attains one's goal of survival of the species. Those born with the brains to ascertain truth work out this reality and prosper. They make a mark in life and leave behind a legacy that is admired for generations.

Truth Consciousness is wonderful thing. It acts automatically to those born with the right genes. These people are awakened to appropriate thoughts and actions that chart a truth path for them individually to guide them through their lives. The greater this aspect of the mind has developed the more successful they are in terms of reaching a grand old age with sufficient wealth and to produce their offspring for the next generation. That is evolution. It is how the entirety of evolution works in the natural world.

So how does Truth Consciousness work. We are in the best place to study and assess this because we have a mind that is highly developed to enable studies of our thoughts and resulting actions. The mind will sense dangers and take immediate steps to avert those dangers to the physical and mental states if one is intelligent. Truth Consciousness works instinctively in that it works out spontaneously what to say and what not to say, what to write, whom to write to, what tools one needs to stave off dangers to the self. It is the process of adaptation to the environment.

The only wisdom one requires is the realisation of Truth Consciousness and to submit to it having tested its reliability over years by a study of human beings through interactions - that is humanology.

Why have I put Truth Consciousness with capital T and capital C? It is because I believe that I have been blessed with whatever I have experienced as boon to myself for my considerable faith in God that had its ups and downs as I struggled through Nature over the past 22 years in the doldrums of a career-less individual. I cannot believe how I have survived to tell this tale. Until proven otherwise, I would say that God administers Truth Consciousness through Evolution of the Species. - Charles Darwin, eat your heart out!

Thus Evolution is not a Theory: it is a fact. We humans are still evolving just like all other species. But there are no Gods for me as Personal God. This is proven. The decision to relinquish a perceived God from my life was taken by me because I had evidence that it would retard my progress in this life into a successful future. I found it to be a total waste of time and resources that could be put to more productive uses.

Dated: started 30 September 2019: updated 1 October 2019