Shantanu's Humanology

They say that the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. What does this mean? Does it mean that these people commit crimes and indulge in inhumane activities or activities that dismantle the very environment that sustains us? Or is this a statement from the State that we need to work and keep ourselves occupied? Or we would do things that the State does not like and so does not approve, such that the 'perpetrators' of 'evil' deeds are then carted off to the prison or the mental hospital? Is this therefore just a State-slogan that has been dreamt of as a means to regulate society?

Life is a matter of Evolution of the Species. In the process of living one can either fight or take flight. Flight is the means to adapt to the surroundings so that one survives. That is why in the wild herbivores have adapted to run from their carnivorous preys. They survive and live for another day. Carnivores are fewer in number and if the herbivores that they prey on have adapted features that help them avoid their predators they thrive to feed on the abundance of plants that are naturally available to them. This is the reason that birds have existed on the planet for millions of years and are still going strong. Carnivores can only survive if they adapt to run faster than the herbiovores. Mammals have only been around for lesser time on the Earth than birds. So the lesson from Nature is that the successful species are those that adapt to thrive on the food for which there is an abundance and have evolved means of flight so that they can avoid being caught by predators.For humans the same is true, asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants thrive because they run from their human predators and food shortages that would not sustain the burgeoning population of humans at a particular locality. This is the reason for mans travels from their origins in Africa a million years ago. This is the reason that I settled in the United Kingdom from my opportunity to do so when the restrictions on my Indian passport were lifted in 1978.

Vegetarians will survive longer because vegetarian foods will be the last to disappear and only a climatic disaster such as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs would be the danger. So humans must learn to develop their dietary habits to vegetarianism and veganism to avert dangers to themselves in the long term and take all steps necessary to deal with impending asteroid strikes on Earth. No God is going to be able to protect us humans, just as no God could protect the dinosaurs. And if there was a God why would He create the dinosaurs only to see them wiped off. What about the 5-6 other mass extinctions where millions of species were wiped off. Were these species not dear to a God? What is so special about our humanity that we would be protected by that Creator God? We are destroying the planet with human activities. We have not learnt to live in accordance with our environment and Nature, the biosphere.

That is why I am a climate change activist who proposes a new way forward for humanity: adaptation to the environment. We need to do away with our activities that threaten the fabric of humanity worldwide and protect our environment if not biodiversity. We must preserve natural resources and the best way to do so is to have a global strategy to discontinue the use of military weapons. America must start first by the lifting of its Amendment of the Constitution for individual to bear arms. All export of arms must be stopped, and learn to regard all humanity as colleagues in Nature as members of the same species.

We must then reconsider global macroeconomics but retain our faith in microeconomics as the efficient use of resources. We must clean up our environment by releasing those funds and reduce wastage of all natural resources and protect the natural world from man-made pollution of the environment. Macroeconomic policies should be designed to provide the population with full employment and minimum incomes because not providing that scope is tantamount to oppression on the people under which they will consider flight or fight responses leading to crime or emigration to greener pastures. This should be aimed for not through socialism of command economies but capitalism utilising human entrepreneurship that takes care of the human needs of all the people of a State.

These then are the essential features of what I have described as Green Socialism previously in my Wordpress Blog that has been archived and suspended by Wordpress. In discussing these issues, I am not being moderate or extreme in my analytical view but propounding the theory of Green Socialism in ways that has not yet been conceptualised and described fully to take account of detailed understanding of the place of humans in this universe. There is currently too much emphasis on following religions and human rights, morality and other such subjective impositions and not enough on fundamental survival of humanity in Nature. Following religions is like a drowning man clutching at a straw. Pursing humanism is considering humans in isolation from the environment.

In my view for those who value plant and animal life and have great attachment for these creatures Green Socialism is the only adaptive means for preserving biodiversity for the conservation of the biosphere.

Dated: 1 October 2019