Shantanu's Humanology

Independence is a wonderful concept. It begins with the independence of single human being; then the independence of the family if one has married, then the independence of parties and societies within the State be it religious or secular; then independence of the country that one is part of, then independence of outsiders in humanity in coalitions, thence independence of the entire humanity in the world as a whole, and finally independence of an unseen Super Entity called God; all in that order.

Self reliance absolves one of responsiblity towards others. That is the point of independent free-thought and actions.

Independent thinking derives from personal knowledge of the self and ones surroundings.

In reality the only people who are truly independent are bachelors and spinsters. They can do as they please. If the break the laws of the State that they live under, they have to be prepared to pay the price of being fined, incarcerated in a prison for varying degrees of time dependent on the severity of their felony, or if the State thinks that they were mentally ill to be placed on antipsychotic medications or put inside an mental hospital; as the appropriate jurisdiction is applied. For violations of international law they may be tried in an institution governed by the United Nation for such crimes as crimes against humanity or war crimes. 

Thus patriotism to other entities but to the self must be resisted in order to satisfy ones mind that one is doing the right thing for oneself as a human being. Service to others comes next again in the order listed because the ultimate focus must be on personal survival. That is the basis of survival of the fittest in evolution in the plant and animal kingdoms.

So one must not have a global outlook at the sacrifice of personal objectives. States must not have a global outlook but address the needs of their own citizens, and so on. The global integration of humanity must be left to democratic imperatives that are the considerations of the United Nations through its institutions. All States must strive for representation at that Union of all Nations. Finally there is God who needs to be served or one might not get to the afterlife if one has sinned as perceived by the individual. For me the only sin there is in the sight of God is the suppression of truth. This may not be important to many but it is highly important to me personally.

If one is serving truth all else falls into place, the service to the self, to the religious of political party or pressure group, to the State, to the United Nations, and to the Creator God. This is why there is a saying truth prevails, and in Hindu India, satyamev jayate, which effectively means the same.

So on a review: the adaptation to reality requires all these adaptations: to the family, to the State, to the conglomerate superstate that one ones state is federated to, to the United Nations, and to the universe, and to God, each having different considerations for adaptation purposes.

Vows, promises, treaties, agreements, whether written and signed or conducted through word of mouth at a personal self level, to family level, to wider party level, to the State level, to superstate level, to the United Nations level, to the universe without a governing body so to Gaia rule, prevent one from being able to serve the Creator God through the pursuit of truth. So these allegiences cause nothing but suffering to the individual unable to adapt to the Ultimate Reality.

And because truth prevails Truth Consciousness enables one to adapt perfectly to each of these levels of realities that the person faces thereby assisting the process of survival with dignity.