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People are all important. They need to have their voices heard and acted upon. This is best accomplished through democracy. What are the ideal requirements of a democracy. These are general elections, party politics, referendums, selection of candidates, petitions, etc.

This is what I wish to discuss in this post, in light of the following communications I have had today:

(a) Legal advice2


38 DEGREES Limited by guarantee Registered Company No. 6642193 in England and Wales Registered office: 40 Bowling Green Lane, London, EC1R 0NE

Shan Panigrahi

To:Carly Penworthy - 38 Degrees 26 Oct at 11:46

Dear Carly

This is really got to be supported, I know but right now my personal finances are in limbo pending a divorce settlement that is under progress. I am not allowed to spend any more money on charity until I hear what I will get of my Santander Accounts to do my computing work and donate to my favourite charity 38 Degrees. My wife complains of my constant printing of documents that I need to do in order to build up my information for my book 'The Allurement of Reality' which is a lifetime project, that is nearing completion.

So I will keep your email on the pending list and will let you know how much I can donate. As you know I only donated a gestural £3 earlier this month but my hands are tied now even if I secure the Christmas Casual job that is not yet confirmed to me. I hope you understand.

Having clarified that, I am in complete favour of Fixed Term Parliaments of 5 years for the United Kingdom so will not be voting in the General Election if it is called earlier. The electorate must have its democratic decision to have a Parliament for 5 years respected by the politicians. The only correct path in a true democracy is to have another referendum that will guide the Executive. Do you agree, so that we can draft the appropriate petition like this today?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

On Saturday, 26 October 2019, 11:21:01 BST, Carly Penworthy - 38 Degrees wrote:

38 Degrees Logo

You don’t normally hear from me, Shantanu. But I’ve got an urgent and serious task ahead of me and I need your help. We might be about to face an election that could shape what our country looks like for generations. [1] I want to make sure the team can throw everything they’ve got at this. But there are a lot of rules and restrictions about how organisations like 38 Degrees can work in an election. [2] It’s up to me to make sense of it all, and an election could happen in the coming days, so I really don’t have much time. [3] I’ve got plans, to-do lists, colour-coded spreadsheets. But we need top-notch legal advice so we know exactly how big we can go. For small organisations like ours, without big legal departments, it’s going to be costly. Getting this advice could be the difference between 38 Degrees members sitting out an election that could define our futures - or sticking our oars right in together and shaping our country for the better.

So, Shantanu, will you chip in whatever you can afford to help fund expert legal advice and staff to make this happen? Chip in £3 Chip in £5 Chip in £8 Chip in another amount 38 Degrees is a lean organisation. [4] We don't have big funders or sponsors, a legal department or a big team of tech people like Google or Facebook to help with this. We're funded by people like you, making small donations - but we’re a small team, and there’s a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. So I'm going to need expert help and advice to get it right. But the real power of 38 Degrees doesn’t come from experts - it comes from you and thousands of other people working together as a team. I can’t do this on my own, so please will you help me? Shantanu, please will you chip in to fund the legal experts help get 38 Degrees ready for an election? Chip in £3 Chip in £5 Chip in £8 Chip in another amount

Thanks for everything you do


Head of Operations, 38 Degrees

NOTES: [1] BBC News: Brexit: PM to push for election if EU agrees three-month delay: BBC News: Brexit: No 10 denies government is split over pre-Christmas election: The Guardian: Brexit: cabinet rifts open over election gamble as EU leaders debate extension - live news: [2] Electoral Commission: Guidance for party or campaigner: [3] See note [1] [4] 38 Degrees: Donation policy: 38 Degrees wouldn’t exist without you, Shantanu. 38 Degrees has no big donors or corporate sponsors. Everything we achieve together is only possible because of fivers and tenners from ordinary people like you. Please will you consider chipping in a fiver, a tenner or whatever you can spare now? Click here to donate securely: CHIP IN Unsubscribe: If you no longer wish to be part of our movement and receive our emails you can unsubscribe here. This email was sent to 38 DEGREES Limited by guarantee Registered Company No. 6642193 in England and Wales Registered office: 40 Bowling Green Lane, London, EC1R 0NE


Conservative Campaign


4 Matthew Parker Street

London SW1H 9

HQ +44 (0) 20 7222 9000

8.55 am 26 October 2019

Dear Sir

In recent times I have been a strong supporter of the Conservative Party (and the Brexit alliance to be honest) to help us deliver Brexit by the agreed extension of the deadline imposed on the country by the European Union. You can follow my Twitter tweets to show this at @ShanPanigrahi.

However, I have asked my MP Rehman Chisthi this morning by email for information on how to join the Conservative and Unionist Party ahead of the forthcoming general election that is being proposed by Boris Johnson so that I can campaign locally for the Conservative Party. He has been less than forthcoming on this matter due to personal grudges on me for the manner in which I have exposed him as not being a good selection as our local MP to represent the Party in addressing the needs of all sections of our community. Mr Chishti has therefore not responded to my numerous emails.

Please let me know the procedure to have him deselected to represent the Party by allowing me membership directly and immediately of the Conservative and Unionist Party. I believe that we must have a good candidate to fight Labour in Gillingham and Rainham constituency that I am resident in. But I wish to follow Party rules on this deselection so that my arguments are processed according to the appropriate Party rules and regulations for the deselection of an MP.

Please realise that If I am not selected for membership of the Conservative and Unionist Party on any grounds related to this complaint against Mr Chishti, I will have no option but to take recourse to the law. This decision has been brewing for several months now and is being monitored by my lawyers @CornwallLawLtd.

I do hope that you will see to it that such legal proceedings are in no one’s interest and speed up my application for membership of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

With sincere regards, I remain

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

Lodged in the Gillingham and Rainham Conservative Party website Contact Point at 9.01 am 26 October 2019