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28 January 2020 Update:


Dissemination of information should be free of regulatory controls as it concerns the welfare of humanity which must have access to anything and everything published in books, journals and over the internet in Blogs and Forums. Frequently terms of usage of these dissemination facilities by Publishing Companies for purely commercial reasons mean that an author is prevented from publishing his or her ideas that he considers to be in the public interest.

Such means of suppressing the truth from being exposed and disseminated should to be considered to represent blasphemy in law, and so amenable to civil action against the Publishers if no reasons are given in writing for the imposed blockade on information dissemination to the public as a service to humanity.

Frequently, victims of crime and those who have been unjustly defamed seek recourse to the Media to air their grievances as the final level of justice to the injustices suffered by them. Publishers are vested interests that suppress this final level of justice, so when this quest for justice is denied by the Publishers intransigence, society is deemed to have totally failed in it's primary duty to its citizens and this therefore constitutes gross violation of the aggrieved person's human right to protest his innocence and salvage his reputation as a sane and composed human being if he feels disenchated with the judicial system under which he suffered injustices.

For these reasons governments must ensure that the Courts address this issue by banning Publishers in book format or as Blogs and Forum submissions from operating within their country in this era of globalisation where the internet connects the world and does not recognise national borders for commercial firms to implement globalisation of home countries laws and norms worldwide. This ban can be made very effective through regulating the commercial activities of the globalised publishing companies to operate within the country according to nation's laws and norms so that citizens can then approach national Publishers only to get their materials published or viable civil laws ensues.

This is what I would be arguing to the Judge in my Claim E35YM660 at my Hearing on 3 April 2020 at the Central London County Court against the Prime Minister of the United KIngdom.