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The single most important issue facing mankind is the future of the planet Earth even in the next 100 years or less. We are facing environmental catastrophe and the powers that be are ignoring all the representations being made by knowledgeable scientists. Instead, there is renewed focus on solving mankind's problems through wars and conflict instead of adopting peaceful means to resolving issues.

Wars damage the environment directly as well as indirectly over the long term through useless spending which is the cause of the environmental degradation, as I have argued here:

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Dear Yvonne

I have been thinking about this very hard, because I treasure the amenities that burning fossil fuels has brought to the quality of my life and the needs of my family so I am not against the exploitation of coal, gas, oil etc for that would be laggardly in economic terms. Besides, the climate change agenda can only be addressed through Green Socialism of which austerity is a major part in order to curtail spending and consequent demand on natural resources and alteration of the natural environment through the greenhouse gases generated. So whilst the demand factor continues to pushes for the search for new sources of energy, the fossil fuel companies have to continue looking and harvesting these natural resources. So tax breaks are a legitimate tool for the government. I therefore belong to the school of thought that one cannot do anything about the Climate Change issue until we learn to live austere lives which minimises spending. The Conservative Government needs to return to this not just to control National Debt but to leave natural resources for future generations as much as possible by controlling demand.

In this regard, you may be aware that I wrote about the 'Impending Economic Doomsday Scenario for the World' that Wordpress by archiving and suspending my Blog is suppressing from the world. In this Blog titled 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation I discussed Green Socialism too in considerable detail.

With this in mind I would rather spend time progressing my four Petitions at 38 Degrees as far as I am able to in relation to the attached litigation: To38DegreesccBurroughsSolicitorsWordpress30Dec2019.docx.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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Dear Shantanu,

Dirty oil company Shell made millions of pounds of profit in the UK in 2018 - but paid zero pounds in tax. [1]

And it’s all because the government is giving huge tax breaks to fossil fuel companies, money that could be spent on improving our schools and funding our NHS. [2]

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants our country to be “the cleanest, greenest on earth”. [3]

To put these words into action he needs to stop giving fossil fuel companies like Shell billions of pounds in tax breaks. Together, we can make Boris Johnson commit to scrapping these handouts. It’s just common sense - we shouldn’t be giving money to dirty fossil fuel companies at the same time as we urgently need to be cutting carbon emissions. A huge petition signed by thousands of people would show we are watching and wanting him to take action now.

So, Shantanu, if you think that we shouldn’t give fossil fuel companies huge tax breaks, add your name: SIGN THE PETITION Fossil fuel giants such as Shell and BP are behind a third of all carbon emissions. [4]

We can see the real effects of their pollution right now, contributing to climate catastrophes like Australia’s bushfires and Indonesia’s floods. [5]

But rather than forcing dirty fossil fuel companies to take responsibility over the climate crisis, the government is giving them billions of pounds in tax breaks. [6]

That’s money we could spend on schools, hospitals - or decarbonising the UK. The climate crisis couldn’t be more urgent. It’s one of the biggest problems the planet has ever faced. And if we want a livable world for future generations, we need to act now.

The first step is to stop huge handouts to the fossil fuel companies at the heart of the crisis.

So, can you sign the petition now? It will only take 2 minutes:


Thanks for being involved, Yvonne, David, Cathy, Mia and the 38 Degrees team NOTES:

[1] Financial Times [paywall]: Shell reveals it paid no UK corporate income tax in 2018: The Telegraph [paywall]: Shell admits to paying no UK corporate tax last year: The Guardian: At least 30 killed as flash floods hit Indonesian capital: The Independent: Australia fires emergency must be tackled urgently, world leaders warn as country braces for worse to come:

[2] The Guardian: UK has biggest fossil fuel subsidies in the EU, finds commission:

[3] BBC: Election results 2019: Boris Johnson's victory speech in full:

[4] The Guardian: Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions:

[5] See note 1. The Guardian: What are the links between climate change and bushfires?

[6] The Independent: ‘Utter hypocrisy’: Government refuses to stop spending billions on fossil fuel projects across world:

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