Shantanu's Humanology


Sri Krishna is the Creator God, whose representative in Nature is Lord Brahma as the Creator. Together Brahman-Nature was constructed and exists. Sri Krishna does not incarnate as a human being because as Creator He is indestructible and permanent so cannot perish.

Brahman-Nature comprises of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic gunas in Consciousness that humans relate to through advaita. Lord Brahma is the god of sattvic guna, Lord Vishnu is the god of rajasic guna and Lord Shiva is the god of tamasic guna. These are the male versions of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer in the Trimurti. Sri Krishna is attributed in Numerology with the number 7, while in the Trimurti the Number 7 comprises of Brahma with 6, Vishnu with 8 and Shiva with 7; (using the Chaldean Hebrew System of Numerology). Thus Brahman Nature also averages 7. The Numerology of BRAHMAN NATURE is 20-23=7.

The consorts of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva in the female are Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati respectively as goddesses.

These three gods create their own avatars in human beings and are worshipped by Hindus accordingly as God as their sadhgurus respectively by those with genetic endowments that make them prone to sattvic, rajasic or tamasic gunas or characteristics and properties. The characteristics of sattvic guna is creativity and knowledge, the characteristics of rajasic guna is routinal accommodation or preservation, while the characteristics of tamasic guna is evil, destructive and criminal conduct. We humans therefore follow our genetic endowments and select the god that we are close to and so worship those gods in our daily lives. So we become bhaktas of these gods and goddesses.

The gods Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are real and direct the affairs of human beings on Earth that is the reality of Brahman-Nature. These are held in balance all the time, so that everything that happens in humanity is manifest as Sri Krishna's lila.

So in contending with this reality, the individual can carry out their karmas and dharmas to their satisfication and societies are created with a mixture of such human beings. When human beings are successfully living their lives according to the gunas that they relate to they survive and prosper in their material outlooks and objectives accordingly. The same applies to animals and plants, and in fact all living forms.

But since humanity is a part of Brahman Nature there are conflicts between human beings all the time during interactions and this creates wars on Earth of different kinds within the family, within the State and within global humanity.

Those humans that reach the perfection of their gunas through worship of either Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva and live long lives with attainments of appropriate objectives such as Knowledge for sattvic guna, normal family live and wealth to preserve for rajasic gunas and murderous destructive tendencies for tamasic gunas, are to be known as avatars of these gods respectively. These adherents to their religions are known by their 'isms', namely Brahmanism for followers of Lord Brahma, Vaishnavism for followers of Lord Vishnu and Saivism for followers of Lord Shiva.

People acquire their names according to the Numerology attributed to these three gods in the Trimurti. My name is SHANTANU PANIGRAHI, so the Numerology is 3+9=12=3. 3, 6, and 9 are the related numbers for Lord Brahma. My parents gave me this name and it was supposed to have significance for the type of person I was to be according to them. I practiced Brahmanism and became a good scientist seeking knowledge, and excelling in it to the level that I created the new science of Humanology which has stood the test of time. I am therefore an avatar of Lord Brahma.

28 January 2020 Update:

People can surrender to the Reality of Brahman Nature and Sri Krishna and be considered avatars of Sri Krishna whether knowingly or through surrender to Creator God. They have birth names in this case with the numerology 7 and are of rajasic gunas that preserves.

Lord Brahma consults with Sri Krishna for Almighty God's intervention in human affairs when the world is going through immensely difficult and perilous state. This is why Sri Krishna intervened through me and we had intensive conversations on my dharma on this Earth through my digital clock checking for messages given to me for approval or disapproval of my actions using firstly the numbers on the digital clock of 3, 6 and 9, and latterly to confirm my interactions with Him using the Number 7 solely. 

But I now remain an avatar of Lord Brahma as my finally realised raison d'etre.