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There are two extreme means by which the population can be represented in society to carry out State functions. These are first past the post (FPTP) representation or Proportional Representation (PR). The arguments for Reform of the system in the United Kingdom from FPTP to PR is substantial, as the following correspondence suggests:

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Shan Panigrahi

To:Megan Bentall - 38 Degrees


Bcc:Samuel Bancroft,Samuel Bancroft,Citizens Advice Bureau

Dear Megan

It would appear that you may have been pressurised into issuing this apology to me and seemingly to all 38 Degrees Members. I will tell you my own experiences of dealing with my Members of Parliament, from Paul Clarke of Labour under Tony Blair's government to the uptodate assessment of Mr Rehman Chishti of the Conservative Party. The attached refers: ToConservativeParty26Oct2019.docx.

These Members of Parliament have been useless to me as my constituency Members of Parliament, in fact they have been pathetic. So pathetic that I have changed my mind about the First Past the Post (FPTP) system of elections for Westminster and judging my how Labour Members of Medway Council have behaved with me when I was a member of the Labour Party, for Council Elections too.

These elected individuals through the FPTP were supposed to represent the interests of the constituents that elected them in Parliament and they do no such thing. The Case of Rehman Chishti requires special study and I am keen to furnish you with the details so that this person is named and shamed under my Petition that I wish to modify since it has still not overcome the hurdle of being accepted for hosting by 38 Degrees: To remove the criminal charge of contempt of court from judicial proceedings | 38 Degrees To remove the criminal charge of contempt of court from judicial proceed...

I will alter the title to Contempt of Parliament as well under the right to reply which is a basic human right as it is biologically-driven depending on our genetics.

Now Mr Rehman Chishti was given full details over half a decade or more of the persecution that I have suffered which had led me into all my Petitions. He wrote letters to cover himself that he is acknowledging the facts but when it came to introduce a Private Members Bill given the intransigence of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to consider my skeleton argument for the Judge in Claim E35YM660 at the Central London County Court, Mr Chisthi remained silent. The government legal department was ordered to return my emails to the several lawyers in the government legal department without consideration see attached ToSamaritans26Jan2020.docx.

So what is the point of having constituency MPs if it means that democracy suffers without proportional representation so that each Party has the number of MPs that is based on the actual number of votes cast in a constituency for the various parties standing. I am now inclined to accept NIgel Farage's Reform Party manifesto when it is drafted as he indicated now that Brexit is done by 31 January 2020. I am also in favour of doing away with the House of Lords, so am looking forward to playing my bit for the Brexit Party with reference to the attached thanks that I received from Richard Tice FrBrexitParty(RichardTice)16Dec2019.docx.

In other words, your apology is not in my view required and you should make this known to all 38 Degrees members as my response.

I am copying this email to Julie Palmer and KMPT PALS so that it can confirm my attendance at Canada House for my appointment with Chris Easton, my Care Coordinator to discuss the attached: ToSpecialistAssessmentandPlacementTeamNHS27Jan2020.docx.

Yours sincerely


Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL


On Monday, 27 January 2020, 13:19:43 GMT,

Megan Bentall - 38 Degrees wrote:

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Dear Shantanu,

I wanted to say sorry.

Recently I sent you an email about upgrading 38 Degrees technology to make sure we're as powerful and persuasive as possible when we get in touch with our MPs. But in the email, I wrote some things that aren’t fair to all MPs - I said that MPs were trying to cut constituents out and ignore you. While some of you might not receive replies from your MP, I know that lots of you do.

This time, we fell short of the standards we try and hold ourselves to. That isn’t fair on MPs, or constituents like you. Right now, we’re looking at ways to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I’m sorry again - and thank you for everything you do.

Megan Bentall Campaigns Manager

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Re: [filtered] Re: [filtered] Court Hearing on Claim E35YM660 on 3 April 2020 at3 Yahoo/Sent Shan Panigrahi 26 Jan at 18:39 Dear Jo I am sorry that my email to Dee@samaritans was not delivered, whoever dee is, whether she is part of the Samaritans or if that was indeed another one of the criminal anonymous email that I have been plagued with ever since I appealed against the striking out of High Court Claim No. HQ17X01773 at the Queens Bench Division against Kent Police by Master Eastman for which I was seeking £5 million in damages and compensation from Kent Police. The timing of the start of this persecution from State authorities coincided with that Appeal and I have since received around 260 criminal anonymous emails that are designed to obstruct justice and pervert the course of justice besides being terroristic activities. The Judge will no doubt take that into account when I see him or her on 3 April 2020 at 2.00 pm at the Central London County Court, Thomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice, London. It would be my contention that these terroristic emails were organised by the security services of the United Kingdom and the Police is now covering up by pretending that it cannot trace the senders of these emails. So Kent Police will be forced to appear in Court no matter how long this takes, this much I am at the present time determined to pursue. The Claim is now £15 million under E35YM660 that I had to initiate because David Jenkins of High Court Appeals thwarted my Appeal of that Order from Master Eastman and the criminal anonymous started to smash that process with Mr Sivaji Panesar of the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs through which I was persecuted about my citizenship status and subjected to the preliminaries of being classified as vexatious litigant through the Attorney General. Further the Court of Appeal prevaricated on my Appeal under Our ref: 2018/PI/11721. The matter went to the Supreme Court who sought guidance from the Privy Council before dismissing the Appeal without full written reasons. These matters were brought to the attention of several Prime Ministers, especially Mr David Cameron through his cabinet office and later to Mrs Theresa May both of whom were guilty of dismal attitudes to my suffering that started 22 years ago with legal proceedings at the Industrial Tribunal at Ashford against the University of Greenwich which was followed up with Claims for reputational damage under ME010463 at Medway County Court. Under Mrs Theresa May and Mr Boris Johnson the security services were asked to terrorise me through continued criminal anonymous emails for which a fictitious organisation was created calling themselves Victims of Panigrahi Association because I had blogged the entirety of my persecution from the secretive establishment of the United Kingdom in my Wordpress Blog The Blog was disabled and archived and suspended under the orders of COBRA manipulating Wordpress, not by Canada House Psychiatrists. For 22 years the State-persecutors denied me a fair Hearing that I could attend for these were set up as kangaroo courts to rubber-stamp the decision of the Prime Ministers concerned through the Parliamentary process of consulting Her Majesty the Queen through the Privy Council. So I feel depressed with this realisation for it has fractured my marriage to Rashmi who would not believe my allegations and still thinks that I should have apologised to the University of Greenwich and attended their kangaroo court to plead insanity in being judged to have been blameworthy of gross misconduct by the University. The countries that I sought asylum in were likewise manipulated through the Commonwealth and the European Union to deny my refugee status and the State deliberately incarcerated me in mental hospitals for two periods of time. I took the matter of my Indian passport to the Supreme Court of India under Public Interest Litigation and the Prime Ministers of that country thwarted the proceedings. Similarly, the United Nations under Kofi Annan as Secretary General, and the Security Council would not listen to my pleas for justice to be dispensed towards my suffering of State-organised persecution. So I am sorry to myself for being such a person whose ideals could not be accommodated within humanity world-wide, through the discontinuation of the above mentioned Blog. Such is the international dimension to the conspiracy to render me a person with no prospects whatsoever when I have applied for 50 jobs during only the past two months and made no progress whatsoever that gives me the impression that the conspiracy to punish me for voicing my ideals is State-organised. All approximately 40 solicitors and law firms that I approached were manipulated against me and I was forced into semi-detention to take medications of increasing potency just to be allowed to live in the Community. I am and have been a political prisoner as I mentioned to the State Psychiatrists when I was detained in hospital for the first time in 2004. I relapsed into my struggle for justice as I acquired more knowledge of the environment and was promptly incarcerated for a second time in a mental hospital in 2008. And I am now on the verge of entering the Maudsley Hospital for the third and final time, as events since the 9 January 2020 Care Plan from Dr Odesanya of Canada House indicates. I do not need any emotional support from the Samaritans, only support to voice my grievances against a State that is a blight on humanity. That is how I feel now. Yours sincerely Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL Tel: 07967789619

On Sunday, 26 January 2020, 16:15:19 GMT, wrote:

Hi Shantanu, Usually email replies from Samaritans would be from Please continue to use this email address when you want to talk to us about how you are feeling so we can provide you with emotional support, while you are going through this difficult time. As we have previously mentioned it is not necessary for you to send any other correspondence related to legal proceedings so that we can concentrate on supporting your emotional well being. I hope we can continue to support you explore how this situation is impacting you. Jo

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Autism Management at Maudsley Hospital, London

Yahoo/Sent Shan Panigrahi

Cc:Rashmi Panigrahi

27 Jan at 14:22

To Specialist Assessment and Placement Team 50 Pembroke Court Chatham Maritime Chatham Kent ME4 4EL By email: Dear Sir/Madam I have known for years that I am autistic and not persistently delusional as reported in the attached Application for Specialist Care - see 2020-01-27_140721.pdf; 2020-01-27140935.pdf, as you will note from the attached Care Plan from Dr Odesanya of Canada House FrDrOdesanya(CAREPLAN)14Jan2020.docx. I am being treated on false diagnosis of persistent delusional disorder and being prescribed the listed medications as set out in these attachments. These medications over 22 years that I have had administered in me by enforcement of recommendation of the Mental Health authorities have caused in me severe side-effects that can broadly be termed as hyperprolactinaemia. As such I need immediate referral to Maudsley Hospital so that my medications are reviewed accordingly. Therefore, please expedite this funding application without undue delay and pay me compensation for years of misdiagnosis and treatment of £1 million. Yours sincerely Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL Tel: 07967789619 Download all attachments as a zip file 2020-01-27_140721.pdf 588.8kB 2020-01-27_140935.pdf 474.8kB FrDrOdesanya(CAREPLAN)14Jan2020.docx 16.8kB