Shantanu's Humanology

What is history is a bygone thing. People took decisions with their knowledge and circumstances at that time of history. A different generation now lives. We must allow Kashmiris the right to hold a referendum in that State to question whether now wish to join up with Pakistan or India or become an independent nation in their own right. We must take care of the present generation and let the future generations chart their own futures. What happens in the future should be none of our concerns. What is important is to see that the present Kashmiris can live in peace and happiness and form peaceful relationship with India and the rest of the world.

The problems that India faces today cannot be addressed with a Constitution that has outlived its usefulness to the population. Constitutions should not be a once and for all rules and regulations for people to adhere to. When this is done it causes strife and conflicts within the nation. India should have a flexible Constitution that is unwritten as in the United Kingdom so that each generation can draft their own laws and regulations that pertain to the new circumstances prevailing.

12 February Entry:

India is amending its Constitution by passing a Bill to make it possible to give tax and other incentives to couples limiting their families to two children and depriving others of those incentives in order to control the population. This is a good bill to amend the Constitution for the Environment and the pressure on natural resources.

If the nation's Constitutions can be that easily amended then there is no reason to have a nation with an unwritten Constitution as in the United Kingdom that has caused me 22 years of suffering in a struggle to determine the laws and processes of the State and its services in order to seek justice for myself. Unwritten Constitutions enables the perpetration of a secretive Police State because no one knows who is pulling the strings of the nation.