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Complaint - Your Reference: M120-02-16026


Shan Panigrahi


15 Feb at 11:12

To Mr Ian Marks

PALS & Complaints Officer

NHS Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

PALS & Complaints Team

Priority House

Hermitage Lane


Kent ME16 9PH

Tel: 01622 722194

Fax: 01622 725290


Ref: M120-02-16026

Dear Mr Marks

1. Thank you for your letter dated 12 February 2020 sent in the post with the attachments from Kent and Medway NHS CEO's Office dated 7 Feb 2020.

2. In my complaint to Chairman Julie Nerney I had written: I am most disappointed with the services of Canada House as shown in the attached documents and wish to lodge a complaint of State-organised persecution on me for my religious beliefs and actions thereon.

3. Over the past 22 years I have made numerous ups and downs on my mental state that were to be classified as nervous breakdown.

4. It started when I was very naive and came into conflict with my employers at the University of Greenwich which was making hundreds of staff redundant. I sought project funds that were all useful in objectives and justifications but the senior management were racist and envious of my scientific prowess and achievements and wished to terminate the work on poultry nutrition for the disadvantaged and resource-poor farmers of developing countries whose valuable agricultural by products were exported to feed relatively inefficient food converters in ruminant animals such as dairy and beef cattle. They wanted through conspiracy with vested interests to put a stop to the work - please refer to my PhD Thesis The use of cottonseed meal in laying hen diets at the University of Reading in 1988 as an example. So without any justification I was targeted as undesirable even though I had got three promotions whilst I was a civil servant working for the Natural Resources Institute. They manipulated my projects and applications for funding to deprive me of work so that I could be made redundant. Because I was dedicated to my work and science I suffered my first nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with severe depression with psychotic features by BUPA Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Rao. I agreed with his diagnosis and was prescribed risperidal and laustral medications which got me through and I did not require them for very long, only a few months while I recovered from the shock of having been dismissed from my cherished career as a animal nutritionist with agricultural development speciality.

5. I sought legal remedies through the Employment Tribunals at Ashford and London but it came to nothing because the authorities would not countenance the requirements of my Claim by bringing the people who had harassed me out of job to give evidence under oath.

6. I was still of pleasant disposition in my mental state until the County Court at Medway County Court issued me a Court order that stated that I had abused the process of court in bringing the University for examination under civil proceedings for damages to my reputation by classifying me as being blameworthy of gross misconduct and dismissing me from service as defamatory. This Court Order gave me my second nervous breakdown as I sought asylum in numerous countries to escape from the Court authorities in the United Kingdom. It was during 2004 when I was traveling to France on a letter of invitation to seek asylum in France that the Dover Police apprehended me and consigned me in a mental hospital for my psychoses relating to the breakdown.

7. I was detained in the mental hospital for 3 months some of it in a secure ward but the Mental Health Tribunal released me as I recovered my poise in the hospital. I was placed on risperidone medication under an implicit Community Treatment Order (no documentary evidence exists of this) and I lived happily but still pursued my Appeals against the University of Greenwich and the abuse of process of court Order.

8. Between 2006-2008 I worked in a petrol station at Shell UK and got into incidents with colleagues there for very harsh conditions of service that the Franchisee was implementing and formed the Union of Petrol Station Workers except that this avenue for the restoration of a new career as a trade unionist was denied to me by the government. I was deprived of my shifts of work and took the matter again to the Employment Tribunals. It met with the same fate. I reinstated my quest for justice with the Supreme Court of India at that time because it would not return my Indian passport to enable me to return to India from this wilderness of the United Kingdom. This was denied and I was spending a lot of money so my wife reported me to the GP Surgery that I needed to be sectioned effectively. So I was sectioned for a second time (I believe) and was taken to another mental hospital where I was detained for one month.

9. On my return from hospital I decided to try and increase my knowledge as a journalist and started a Blog at Wordpress in 2010 to try and carve out a new career as an Internet Journalist whilst visiting Forums such as Advaita List, Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Board, Secular Cafe, Religious Forums, etc. I was very satisfied with life at this moment in time and only took my risperidone because I was under a Community Treatment Order that required me to do so.

10. The work I did to accumulate my knowledge and exposing the true nature of the universe was seized upon by vested interests and these were brought to the attention of Canada House where my appointments were resumed by the State authorities. This led to my Blog being disabled and archived under pressure that the company faced in 2019, a full 10 years since I had started my internet journalism.

11. I have never been charged with any crimes or misdemeanours by the State or individuals or organisations that should have terminated my Social Media Journalism. The Consultant Psychiatrist ordered me to terminate it and I refused by starting alternative websites to continue with my social media journalism. This work was the only thing that would preserve my sanity after so many ups and downs.

12. So the Canada House officials continue to harass me with repeated appointments to assess my mental state when I am simply trying to find a career for myself in order to live a fulfilling and productive life, whatever is left of that at the age of 63. I am in no need of medications and do not deserve to be incarcerated in mental hospitals for doing what any normal human being does: getting on with life with no harm done to anyone else or the State.

13. So I wish to get Canada House off my back for its unwarranted and unlawful surveillance of my mental health and enforcement of treatments to subdue my normal biological functions as a sattvic (pure-hearted) human being just intent on survival for another moment for as long as my genes permit.

14. I hope that this clarifies my complaints clearly and unambigiously as the Court of Central London decides my Fate as acknowledged in the attached: FrCentralLondonCountyCourt(autoacknowldgement)15Feb2020.docx.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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