Shantanu's Humanology

Religion if perfected has to guide one along a truth path that produces goods and services that are needed for one to survive on this planet and not for ulterior imagined prospects such as the attainment of moksha here on Earth or in the so-called after life. The most important thing is to do one’s duties that will sustain us materially, and if spiritual guidance is proven to be necessary one has to explicitly explain how that is manifest and proven to the world. This should be done peacefully without violence through the utterance of words that will persuade and convince people of their ideals. We must strive and fight for one's ideals otherwise the hopes of humanity for a better future for all of us at an individual level as well as for society does not materialise for the betterment of the planet and all its inhabitants, human, animal or plants. We live so we must think and take actions for a better world than we have inherited.

Knowledge has always developed to higher and higher levels of understanding through history. We need to bear in mind that we cannot live in the past to past dictations of how the universe is and the position of humans within that universe. We must learn from science and update ourselves with knowledge factual. So I believe that we must not be attached to anything, be that established religions that we have inherited from past generations or even the beliefs we individually learn from year to year and in fact moment by moment. The mind must be free of clutter in order to understand the environment and that includes the human environment as well as the wider Nature. So every generation needs a new fresh religion to live by. This is evident from the fact that religions developed in specific regions of the world when people could not travel to other places to learn about how life was in other areas of the world. Every religion, like Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism were location specific that were needed according to the socio-economic and geographic-ecologoical-geological condtions of the people that a specific religion served. In other words today we have a global humanity where travel is easy so we need a global outlook that reflects that humanity is now one especially through the internet. So States must accept that their inherited religions are out of date. This is no disrespect to the Bible or Koran or Gita or Torah, it is just a matter of fact that we need a fresh examination of what religion is and develop one in the present circumstances of individuals in a globalised world that brings in different sets of influences upon our lives.

I have learnt through the years of my life that one needs to live in absolute harmony with the environment. This alone generates peace of mind that one has done nothing wrong in ones actions because one has done the least damage to others and the very thing that sustains us. It helps develop the correct strategy in the further evolution of the human species as the highest level of animal life that ever came about. So the question is what is the environment that I see and how does one fit into it. In this Page I hope to generate food for thought and engagement with those also concerned that the human species may be heading in the wrong direction in so far as the future of the planet is concerned. I will explore ways in which we can modify our behaviour and implement policies that brings in what we need for survival of the present generation and also ensures a future on this planet for our children and grandchildren who will inherit what we leave behind.

So what is the Climate Change Phenomenon that I have realised is to be addressed first.

We have been brainwashed by standard education from our schooling and secondary and tertiary education that everything we need can be derived from science as we know it. It is true that science has made us knowledgeable on Nature and has given us unimaginable prosperity during the past 60 years through our dependence on Issac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstien just to name a few. But in that process generated from our material prosperity we have suffered mental illnesses in coping with life in the rat race that increasing economic perfection has generated for efficiency and we have had to compete with other nations thereby causing untold conflicts within humanity that culminated in wars that destroy human life and destroy built infrastructure for people to then have to start creating housing, roads and bridges and all other facilities and amenities that people need or have got accustomed to and taken for granted. We have generated waste and pollution through greater emphasis on new products to make our lives more and more convenient so that we can devote more time to our work that generates our incomes. We have also been utilising the finite natural resources that the Earth contains at an unprecendented rate as if there is no tomorrow and allowing future generations to fend for themselves if ever they survive the climate change that burning fossil fuels contribute to the greenhouse effect with adverse temperature rises , the thawing of the polar ice caps and concerns on the future of rising sea levels. The economic prosperity has futher been achieved by considerable pollution of land and the oceans thereby destroying biodiversity which is also seen as a source of wealth to exploit as if there is no tomorrow. Consequently species of wild life in all forms have been made extinct or are nearing extinction from economic development of the whole world through globalisation. Nuclear waste is growing in an unprecendented rate and the Chernobyl and Japanese nuclear plant blowouts are but the start of what is in store as the entire world goes nuclear to continue with economic prosperity.

Consequently vast sums of money is spent on medical care through both the physical side and mental health institutions as people find all the materialism that they live with do not provide them with peace of mind. So what has gone wrong, is something that should concern all of us. I believe that we have in our haste at economic prosperity ignored that man always fell back on religion to guide us and give us mental stability from eradication of the desire for material prosperity. From our reliance on modern science it is considered that religion is for the ignorant who want to live in the past and think that the Earth is flat and the sun revolves round the Earth and not the other way round. Science has shown that astronomy shows us that astrology is superstitious and has not place in modern life.

My belief today is whether or not astrology, numerology and the position of the stars and the galaxies have been scientifically proven to be something that is something that we have greater knowledge of, what difference does it make to the ordinary peasant to continue to believe in those inherited beliefs of their importance so long as they yield peace of mind to cope with the struggle for existence on a tough planet with unreliable climate and geological processes.

So we are losing something of value in our quest to survive on this planet by our overreliance on science. What difference does it make if there is a God or gods or not as long as belief in such Entities generates what is perceived as God-given boons and it assists the people in living and prospering within Nature with peace of mind. I have been a patient of mental health authorities in the United Kingdom over 20 years and classified over this period with schizophrenia, persistent delusional disorder, and now autism. From this experience which are narrated in Searching for Mental Health Services Page of my Account, I have realised that Consultant Psychiatrists are just papering over the cracks of humanity born of suffering from the intensities of coping with the material existence brought about through economic development from science and technology. These Psychiatrists have attempted to take the place of religious clergy in assisting the people into well being without the philosophical tools that religion provides.

There is therefore a need to blend science with religion not just for the purposes of knowing the truth, but so that we learn to live and prosper within the limits of the environment that is part of the universe.