Shantanu's Humanology


Examination of the history of mankind leads one to the conclusion that wars and conflicts are not caused by religious differences but by the need for man of certain persuasion to dominate others on the basis of their belief 'survival of the fittest'. They take fittest to mean physically and mentally that is intellectually strong and that we are just like all other animals having to survive in competition with other human beings and animals that live on this planet so that the means for military power is acquired through economic development and that leads to more colonisation to gather in more resources in a continuous spiralling cycle of greed and domination.

When underdeveloped countries see the facts that they are relatively poor in material wealth they abandon their traditional beliefs and emulate the richer countries of the world by changing their education systems to mimic western educational methods and standard. Large numbers of young people leave their countries to do further studies in countries of the developed nations and take back this western education to further guide the governments of their indigenous nations.

So globalisation has taken place in this manner and nations are all competing with each other in the economic arena of warfare with trade being a central part of the strategy for world domination and colonialisation as people of the developing nations get wiser to being exploited by the economic superpowers. They have joined the rat race of nations for continuous economic development of their own States achieved through low paid abundant labour that they possess which the west no longer has. They also develop their own military forces to defend their territories from foreign invasions which the developed countries are then unable to do anything about. And since the developed western powers are acutely short of natural resources in their present generation they find other ways of continuing to exploit these from developing nations through capitalistic globalisation of money markets because they are endowed with stored capital from hundreds of years of colonisation that brought in riches to develop their towns and cities.

The Middle East is a case that needs to be understood in this regard. The colonialists created the State of Israel to dominate the oil-rich region for continued supplies of oil to fund their prosperity at home. Puppet regimes in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as well as other Emirates have been kept as allies of the west for purely economic reasons to do with their oil wealth as the western powers run dry of coal and oil reserves. The people living in those countries are not permitted to be free to choose their own futures as a result of having these puppet regimes.

So global economic development continues without any understanding that the Earth's resources are finite and will not last long if this continues. But who cares so long as mans greed is satisfied today. There is no emphasis on austerity.

Wars have always resulted between different colonialists in Europe for economic reasons so as to be stronger than their adversaries who they competed with in their colonialisation of the Third World since time immemorial, especially since the 15th Century Ad but not limited to this relatively recent history. It has been going on for a thousand years especially in the Indian subcontinent. It has always been for economic prosperity through domination of man over man.