Shantanu's Humanology

The meaning of life is survival to live up to the age that one is destined to by one's genes, using all ones faculties. One needs to be able to surmount all obstacles and hurdles in order to survive and experience the fullness of the life that one is born with. That should be the only focus for one's existence.

And it is possible by the use of ones intellect. What is the intellect? It is having the intelligence to secure the tools with which to survive up to the age that one wishes to. So the question one should ask is do you want to live or die? The choice is one's own and no one else's.There is no God or god who supervises one's destiny or provides the tools to attain that end. It is all inborn genetically.

If one has objectives and missions to fulfill one needs time to accomplish those objectives so must do whatever is necessary to attain the age by which those objectives are met.

We all survive up to the age that we are genetically predisposed to. Some people take risks and do not see dangers which can come and hit them hard thereby terminate their lives. Others plan out their lives to meet all the objectives they set out for themselves and use all the tools that are naturally available to them to do so.

25 February 2020 Update:

The visibile and experienced reality is an illusion. In the ultimate reality nothing exists. These two levels of reality are known to HIndus as vyvaharika and paramarthika respectively.

The vyvahariaka being the experienced reality has to be lived to the fullest degree in which one acts according to ones beliefs. These beliefs are personal to the individual who seeks knoweldge from his surroundings and from his experiences. I have gone through that phase and do not require any more truths on how to live in vyvaharika where I perform my dharma (duties and righteous actions) in society. 

In my vyvaharika experience there are Gods and I have explictly stated what they are in Advaita Ashram: One must therefore revere God Sri Krishna as the Creator of Brahman-Nature in which we correspond with our lesser gods and take our day to day guidance from them in fulfilling our tasks.

But I live in the realisation of paramarthika level of reality too so am not attached to whatever I do or do not do at the lower level that is vyavaharika as my dharma.  In paramarthika there are no Gods or gods for me and there is nothing in existence. No dharma exists as I do not exist. It is ignorance to think that I do exist. There is no birth, no death as nothing exists.

29 February 2020:

Notwithstanding life goes on and so in vyvaharika while I do not worship any God or gods, one acts every moment on something or the other. These actions must attain perfection in order to live to Reality as Brahman-Nature. So I live both in vyvaharika and paramarthika at the same time switching between the two when all actions are completed for the present. The search to truth accommodate is continuous in my strand of Advaita.

And having achieved all that I set out to as my mission in vyavaharika I have now retired permanently to paramarthika mode. That is the meaning of my life now.

1 March 2020 Update:

There is no such thing as evil, there are only sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna gods in existence so these gods are immortal. There is a Creator God who created Nature with these gunas that give us our thoughts on which we act. We act according to our individual conscience. So if one is sattvic minded it is OK to tackle the tamasic component of humanity in conflict and there are no rules spiritual or secular preventing us from engaging with other elements of Nature.

Advaita was not the final destination for me in my search for truth. I have turned my attention to focus on Sanatan Dharma because non-attachment is not sustainable as we are all attached to life genetically. We cannot help it unless we commit suicide. So we life and develop our dharma accordingly. I will elaborate more on this in a new Page introducing Sanatan Dharma: