Shantanu's Humanology

Selfadvice for Sanatan Dharma being the eternal law

Attachment to theories and beliefs leads to downfall. Avoid all forms of internetting communications. Do not seek truth. Abandon satya-advaita or advaita in any of its forms discussed ( Get to grips with your life with your wife and daughter. Keep all documents created alive to protect your life and the ability to live long to keep your family intact. Defend your reputation as a sane human being not deserving of incarceration in a mental hospital or in prison as a criminal. Life is not for the spiritual minded person. That is the ultimate truth. Look at your wife emphatically going about her business of existing. Do not defend any of your speculations in the future. Let it give their generations to come a good stuffing of knowledge. Do not cut off 38 Degrees and Liberty because membership is good and legitimises your claim to sanity. That includes the Labour Party membership. No one has replied to your post on the preservation of biodiversity, so do not be attached to it. They are all stuffed into their moronic lives of attachments to worldly things. Stop writing this Diary and read this final post-script over and over again to remind you that your life and your future is in danger and at stake for the sake of going down as the most knowledgeable person on Earth. That is what I feel I have achieved.


Do you think that a person without attachments can live. It is proven that he cannot live as I determined today, especially not as a householder. So advaita has to go too. That is the ultimate realisation. So we need freedom from life but we cannot go down as martyrs to the cause of spirituality as Islamic people who commit suicide bombing to resist the persecution by the ugly elements of humanity do. The ultimate truth therefore is that one cannot be an advaitist. The true advaitist cannot live a human life being so. They belong in ashrams, temples and monasteries. That is how they are protected by society as survivors extraordinary in the game of Realisation. One cannot be an advaitist if one is attached to life, which is the greatest attachment of them all. I am not attached to life as I smoke incessantly, but for how long. I have one cigarette left and my family continue to hound me to give it up for their sake. I have to give it up for their sake as they need me to be around. My daughter has health problems. I need to be able to look after her.

So what is the meaning of life again? It is dharma. That is the only answer. Sanatan dharma as Hindus call it, not advaita. Even Hindus in ashrams and as gurus are performing sanatan dharma. It is through satyaadvaita that I have discovered and realised this. Advaitists attain moksha that is release from life through non-attachment. A person who calls himself an advaitist is not worth associating with for they do not know this truth. Advaita is a passing phase to the realisation of Sanatan Dharma. Why call it Sanatan dharma? Because it is eternal religion of Nature, that is Brahman-Nature.

I have arrived at this destination through the process of satyadvaita or truth accommodation which is a phenomenon that is worthy of appreciation. It was through neti neti (not this, not that) that I finally understood the meaning of life.

29 February 2020 21.50 hours.

1 March 2020:

So today is the start of a new family life for me:

Shantanu’s list of things to do for physical and emotional well-being

1. Go for a walk every day; it should be for 30 mins or more

2. Try to look up and be aware of your surroundings

3. Look after yourself

4. Drink 6 glasses of water a day

5. Brush teeth twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night

6. When you are stressful, chew some gum: chewing action relieves stress.

7. Keep yourself well groomed; look good to feel good

8. Eat well

9. Stay in the kitchen when cooking

10. Read books and newspaper (Rashmi will bring in Metro and Evening Standard)

11. Watch TV

12. Sit in the conservatory and watch the wildlife in the garden

13. Sleep well

14. Stop printing rubbish; they are all safe in your email account

15. Do not see the world as your enemy; 90% of people you know are good

16. Stop smoking

17. Savings in Bank Accounts are good for a rainy day or drought depending on where one is in the world; do not waste money unnecessarily

18. Police and Courts do nothing about criminal anonymous emails or the Wordpress Blog restoration so do not contact the Police, Courts, solicitors and advocates again

19. Jobs are good to supplement income so go for the job interviews even if it is a part-time job. Keep applying for more jobs

20. Do not buy a new car until you have secured a part-time or full-time job and completed the probation period so that the job becomes permanent

21. Do not contact the Samaritans or anyone else but Rashmi and Rupa as I do not need externally-applied emotional and spiritual support because my Realisation is complete.

22. Develop the New Care Plan further as conditions change with Care Coordinator at Canada House as it is better to be under mental health observation and treatment than suffer delusions

23. Accept that I am mentally ill and take all prescribed medications for physical and mental health

24. Do not send any emails to anyone except for jobs and family-related matters and block all unwelcome emails

25. Do not sign petitions

26. Go on the internet for news, blogging, tweeting and posting as you feel daily for mental peace of mind

Drafted jointly by:

Shantanu Panigrahi

Rashmi Panigrahi

Shanti Rupa Panigrahi Plan

Updated: 1 March 2020

Sanatan Dharma is not a religion but a way of life because whilst a Creator God exists eternally it has nothing to say to humans on Brahman-Nature and so is unknowable.

2 March 2020 Update:

I am a satyaadvaitist and this is what Sanatan Dharma entails: to live at oneness with truth as one finds it.

4 March 2020 Update:

The satyaadvaitic principle to always reply to chart my path forwards predominates all other considerations. I need to keep my contacts in tact for they are options that open up the path to survival. Optionisation and optimisation takes place. The contacts are avenues for personal development. I cannot be attached to the Care Plan and will modify it daily as I see my future opening up.

This is satyaadvaita that has no attachments, not any of the other forms of advaita that I have discussed. It charts a truth path for oneself to get through life unscathed. It is called truth accommodation and it generates its truth path automatically without any attachments on a daily and moment by moment basis to take account of circumstances in the imminent and durable realities as well as the permanent reality. That is what I am.

TOTAL YOGA: I call my brand of yoga satyaadvaita, or the oneness with truth that one finds oneself in in life during the course of one's nonchalant actions (karma) that are totally unpremeditated. The outcome of ones actions thereby performed is Sanatan Dharma, the eternal religion because it sets one free.

 5 March Update:

The concept of dharmayudha in intrinsic to Sanatan Dharma . It emanates from the lessons of the epics the Mahabharatta and the Ramayana. This means that one has to always struggle in life to make the best of the circumstances that one finds oneself in. This is because Brahman-Nature created by Sri Krishna as the Creator comprises of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna gods in our consciousness. To be sattvic, one must stand up and be truthful and honest in all one's dealings. When one does this one creates enemies from the rajasic and tamasic vested interests in humanity. So there is a struggle to retain one's sattvic nature through appropriate responses to the persecution that is mounted upon one from the tamasic elements of society. That struggle is known as dharmayudha.

7 March 2020 Update:

The dharmayudha is to realise the truth and define one's 'Sanatana Dharma' as envisaged because it has explored the Reality tooth and nail and seen that there is no God or gods that one can or needs to relate to. This will lead to the basic question: what does one do in life: The answer is live. How does one live? By using one's intelligence to fight for one's survival. Where does intelligence come from? From something called truth, or the sense of perception of reality that requires a psychic attribute. If this attribute is at its peak one has a good life that is long and prosperous. That is all one needs to know.