Shantanu's Humanology


I say: calculate, analyse and use your brains, and stop thinking it is all pre-ordained as God's leela. Your Fate is in your own hands.

This is what experience of life has taught me in trying to access justice in my life when my employers dismissed me from service and denied me my redundancy money and tried every means possible to get the judicial process turned in their favour so that 22 years later I am still in the doldrums unable to secure a good life for myself for being rejected by an employer after an 18 year career in science.

My upbringing led me to have certain ideas about religion and who God and gods are, and this reliance prolonged my suffering until the day that I discovered that God only helps those who help themselves. So do not seek God to find your way forwards in life. He will never oblige. Why not is a good question.

I hasten to offer my assessment. He does not wish to be known to humans and is therefore known to numerous people as unknowable even when they believe that He exists. This is also the reason that there are atheists in this world who do not accept the existence of God in the first place. I seem to have come to the opinion that He has judged his invisibility or even unaccessibility to be in the best interests of mankind. For example, He would have to favour some individuals and discriminate against others if He became accessible in a clear scientifically provable manner.

So in my search of reality I have had to over the years increasingly come to self-dependence and not dependent on any Gods. That is the bottom line.

Fortunately the magic of Creation is that God has created Brahman-Nature within which there is scope for the sattvic minded to benefit from God-guidance in a way that one only believes that He is guiding whereas there is no proof of that for the individual in charting his life. Thus the lesson is forget God and Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, depending on which of these Entities one subscribes to but use your intelligence, your brains as given to you by your genetics to take actions for survival, and if your dignity is important to you for survival with dignity.

Your Fate is therefore in your own hands, and it is wrong to say that what happens on Earth in humanity is the play of Sri Krishna or some other God as Creator, Preserver and Destroyer.

You make your own luck.

We accordingly have a Free Will.

7 March 2020:

As a person sows, so he or she reaps. It is all a personal struggle for truth and realisation. When people do not have the idea that conforms to the eternal laws of Nature, they suffer mentally and this gives them physical discomfort and associated ailments. I have determined over the years not to have any attachment whatsoever, so I am not attached to any preconceived ideas of what Sanatana Dharma is. All I know for certain is that God exists as a benevolent Entity and He cares for all life forms. From this knowledge I chart my personal journey as I go forwards from moment to moment and day to day living in harmony with all whom I respect and mean well towards.

We are all human and we make mistakes in our ways of dealing with the situations that we face: by continual truth accommodation, we travel a path that takes us to a life of meaning and fruitfulness. Those who are lucky arrive at the destination and live up to a grand old age having fulfilled all the actions that shows that one has lead a meaningful life with no harm done to Nature in any of its components. To have lived like that means that one has found the Sanatana Dharma that is assumed then to have been God-approved. That is all that one can hope for in our persistence to become perfect in the way that we think and act. And better late than never in ones life. As long as we get to the ideal dharma before we die we have attained the highest level of realisation.

8 March 2020:

The greatest enemy of wisdom is the ego. It can only be suppressed with the right philosophy and outlook. I have been dealing with this at a personal level for 22 years since I terminated my work as a scientist to move on to higher things from that noddy work. I wrote that to my employers 22 years ago. But I had no idea of what it meant when I said it. I was to embark on a journey or self discovery. That was pre-ordained and so today as I reflect upon my realisation that I am a transcendentalist I questioned whether I found the ultimate reality and answers to all my questions. I am free of all attachments now and simply go through the motions of existence. When I said that I wanted to terminate my scientific work to move to higher things: who was putting words in my pen when I wrote that. That must have been a higher power on Earth who was guiding me into realising that I was wasting my valuable and precious time on Earth doing agricultural science when there were spiritual matters to be unravelled for myself. Do not get me wrong. I enjoyed what I did for the previous 18 years but it was replete with egotistical attachments to mundane matters like having a career, a house, holidays, family, making a name for myself in society by questioning the State's provisions of goods and services an law and order. Finally it dawned on me gradually that I was learning about life and its meaning for myself. So the evidence shows that it was pre-ordained and if enough people show such an analyses in their own lives, one might come to the view that everything that happens to everyone is preordained, for it is the exception that makes the rule.