Shantanu's Humanology

Suffering: Is it Unavoidable?

In the periods or moments when I lost control of myself I acted as though there was a God for me (Brahma as a representative of Creator God Sri Krishna in the Trimurti) but I quickly got over it by stepping into the realm of my paramarthika mode of realisation wherein I detached myself from the experiential reality of vyvaharika. For the experiential reality is mundane and pointless existence that is biologically driven in Nature in which Brahman-Nature directs affairs in a pre-ordained fashion while giving us poor humans the impression that we have free will to chart our futures when we are all fated to our destinies. Hence there is no rhyme or reason to subscribe to worldly existence that I regard as an illusion of reality that only generates the cunning feeling that we are in control of our lives. The manifestation of coronavirus just goes to show how helpless we are in the perceived reality of vyvaharika in which we therefore suffer mentally and physically unnecessarily and try and find means to alleviate the suffering from medical solutions or religious theological beliefs and philosophical ideas such as Buddhism. We need to grasp the fact that nothing we believe and act in accordance with by imposing rules and regulations on ourselves will generate peace of mind individually or collectively for which the only answer is total detachment from the vyvaharika reality by abolishing our attachments to all concepts inherent or considered as factual in our comprehension of what is going on.

Therefore the answer to mental suffering that are definitely borne of delusions of reality is to lose ones attachments to the processess of living and gain spirituality to guide us nonchalantly and spontaneously as we enter another day in time.

We need to look upon Existence as illusionary and consider its manifestation as nothingness.