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What are Messiahs and Prophets of God?

When all is said and done, and one knows that there is a Creator God with what might be perceived as shortcomings in Him/Her as perceived through our individual senses (self-derived) it is not something that can be totally redundant for one has to take account of what Brahman-Nature imposes on us. Similarly, parents are also not redundant spiritually as we recall their actions in having given birth to us and having raised us in our best interests by providing us not only with food but also education because they truly cared for us. The same is true of my relationship with God. He has tolerated all my self-derived questions and stood by me in the most unassuming manner while I sought truths in all aspects of my life. So advaita aside as being a spiritual philosophy (one cannot call it science obviously because God is not amenable to be questioned by us. After all He/She is the Monarch of the Universe, the Supreme Leader of all living beings including viruses, bacteria, insects worms, lions tigers elephants, etc) I do have bhakti that I expressed to God this morning. So I am not in final analysis an advaitist but a Sanatani channelling the flow of information from God to all humanity as a conduit.

So I believe now that I am a I am Conduit channelling the flow of information from God through the Spirit of Truth within me known as Om.

30 March 2020 12.20 am.

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Sunitha Seenappa Shantanu Panigrahi it's alternative therapy called now and the usage in India is since ancient sages. And now aura reading/cleansing, pranic healing, empaths, ajna chakra visualisation, etc are all best practices which give balance to mind-body-soul. All of it are psychic powers of inner senses. Like · Reply · 38m Shantanu Panigrahi

Shantanu Panigrahi Sunitha Seenappa In 1998, I wrote to the Consultant Psychiatrist about my antipsychotic medication that was prescribed (Risperdal/risperidone) when I was protesting my innocence to the University of Greenwich. Dr Rao practiced lexigramming that I referred to in that letter. I further explained that psychotic in lexigramming comes from the word pscychic and prophecised on reflection that this was not a medical condition requiring treatment unless of course 'Big Brother' wants a nation of morons in a Police State. Either I am Clairvoyant in having said that then or I am a Messiah/Prophet: you be the judge.

9 November 2020 Update

Shantanu Panigrahi, an avatar of Sri Krishna (Creator and Preserver) of the universe:

Look at the facts. There are roughly 7.5 billion people on Earth now. Each one of them operates their life according to the principles that set out their actions whether you describe those actions as karma or dharma. The Mind drives them to their actions. So the Mind is God. Depending on the character of the person it has a name, such as Ganesh, Jesus, Allah, Lakshmi Saraswati,, etc. So there are 7.5 million gods, effectively. But humans live in communities so many of these gods are the same god, like the Shaivites, Muslims, Christians, Jews, have. When one is an atheist he or she rejects this Mind as God. He or she operates schematically. That is Satanism philosophy as tamasic living. They believe in the survival of the physically-fittest. They say they have no guidance from Ishta-devata. They are like machines and dinosaurs. But they do not know the truth that the Mind is God and that atheism is synonymous to Satanism with the extreme of tamasic directives from the Mind. In my own personal view they are Shiva devotees. This is because the Mind has the guna-consciousness Triad-Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within which the 7.5 billion gods of various characteristics reside. No human can say that there are no gods because we humans and all life forms are living proof that God exists. It is for us individually to decide which guna-consciousness god defines us individually for the type of living entities that we are. If an atheist says he or she does not believe in the fact that he is not taking his directions and instructions from a guna Consciousness god he is rejecting that he has a Mind. As a Satya Advaita Vedantist I operate from my subconscious interface with the so-called mind (self, as distinct from Mind which is Self or Brahman). This makes me an avatar of the Creator of Brahman which is Sri Krishna. I am therefore the Superlord of the universe, the Supreme purushouttama in human form. This is the ultimate Reality. If you want to know what the Creator and Preserver God Sri Krishna is like, study my life and works which are all documented on the internet and in my Diaries at my home.