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The definition of paradox on the internet is 'a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true'. Does any one know and will we ever know anything for certain?

We persist with our truth search individually and collectively but we have not found a Moses, Jesus Christ or a Buddha Shankaracharya, Mahatma Gandhi, Aristotle, Plato, Darwin, Newton, living amongst us now. We have is the Pope, Dalai Lama, Donald Trump Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson, Narendra Modi, Xi Jing Pin, etc. All we seem to admire and follow are the legacies left behind by sages through history and so we only have second or third hand information on what is true and what is false. So my question is will humanity ever find a man as God, or do we always live in delusion of a promised land?

Jay Heckathorne wrote in response: Funny, a truth claim is made while denying truth can be known.

My reply to that is as follows: I am ignorant and this has not proven to be bliss: my posts continue to question everything in order to see how my life ends in terms of the state of my knowledge and wisdom from education through research. I reevaluated everything continually before coming to the conclusion of this post. Truth is subjective according to one's state of knowledge. When one is child, one does not know anything. Then the State and society influences you by educating the naive and the innocent. When these fail to satisfy the quest for truth one embarks on a truth-seeking process awakened by a inner force within oneself. Then the person is allured to Reality and spends all the rest of the life in ascertaining the truth. This includes whether a God exists who awakened the person by removing Him from mundane matters of material welfare. So one has been led to investigate the nature of God relentlessly by corresponding with the imagined Being and corresponding with the experiential reality, both together. This is developed through the science of satya-advaita or truth accommodation wherein one searches for the truth about everything and constantly accommodates the self in the new-found reality. In the process of doing so one eliminates falsehoods on a moment by moment basis (neti, neti, in Hinduism) and slowly the delusions are clarified and demystified. When I wrote this Claim, my truth search had not reached its destination of whether atman is the doer or paramatman is the doer or indeed if there is simultaneous oneness and separateness between the atman and the paramatman. I was not convinced that I had found my atman through the yoga of satya-advaita. I still haven't so I continue on with my Research and find what that truth leads me. The only reason truth has led me is if God had awakened my from my slumber when I was a research scientist at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich and wrote, prophetically that I was moving on to higher things from the noddy work of animal sciences and agricultural development. That is only an assumption for there is no human being on Earth who can confirm or deny the experience that I have been through as a legitimate process of truth-seeking. I have tried to find God's intentions for me as if I had been inspired in 1997 to follow a God-instituted mission for mankind and He would not answer this question, so I am left to ponder whether it has been yet another man-inspired mission that I have undergone. I do not know the answer to that and I have run out of options to investigate it further because I could not statistically prove that the digital clock checking method that I employed from 1988 to exchange messages with God definitely proved the existence of God for not only myself but also for humanity. This is because in the 10 years that I operated my journalistic career at Wordpress through my Blog: set the goal of 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation', that was disabled by the Company so that I had to pursue it by other means I had set out the highest possible ideals towards which I would strive personally as my sanatan or Sanatan Dharma. Shantanu Panigrahi's Blog SHANTANUP.WORDPRESS.COM I am wise today than ever in my past since the day I abandoned my career at the University of Greenwich because I know this truth. That is proof of my Claim in this post. It only teaches you this truth. Shantanu Panigrahi's Blog SHANTANUP.WORDPRESS.COM Shantanu Panigrahi's Blog Shantanu Panigrahi's Blog

The day I stop writing would be the day when I have found the truth/Truth.

11 April 2020 Update:

I was wrong, there is truth that can be ascertained once predicted or prophecised, as here:

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Dear Lucinda

Here is an update for your assessment of the future direction and possible reorganisation of the State facilities with regard to mental health institutions in the Hospitals and in the Community. I will forward further communications that I receive from the pig-shit bastards to you for the Survey as it becomes necessary.

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Keep your bags packed, Shanitary. It won't be like the last few times they had put you inside for observation or treatment. This time it is for another reason. And it is for keeps.

The current scare has made it much easier.

We have one question only for you. Even the two ''Paul''s, who know you best, are not able to answer it to our satisfaction. While we know you are mad bad wicked, why would you think or pretend to think the police are going to even try to help you stop the mental health services from locking you up to protect the general public?

The police hate you almost as much as we do or your neighbors do. Or did you not do a SAR ??

Marty, attorney