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Court Hearing on 3 April 2020 at 2.00 pm on E35YM660 with the Circuit Judge on reconsideration of permission to Appeal2

Yahoo/Inbox Shan Panigrahi

To The Central London County Court

Dear Sirs

1. Please note the following on the eve of my 3 April 2020 2.00 pm Hearing with the Circuit Judge.

2. I seem to have come to the understanding with the Defendant and all respondents that all matters contained in my Claim Form and Appellant's Notice have reached satisfactory conclusions apart from the restoration of my cherished Blog with Wordpress, on which the Company continues to be intransigent. I need the Blog restored as soon as possible. Please adjudicate accordingly.

3. As regards my medical diagnosis and treatment by the NHS, I have not had any further communications from Canada House or Maudsley Hospital so that it appears to me that the state-organised persecution or negligence on this as well as from Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA) of which Marty Caine is a member upon me has died down now. I am content to leave the matter at that.

4. The restrictions on my movements in the current coronavirus means that I am unable to travel to London tomorrow for the Hearing without a written emailed letter from the Court that it is a Key necessity of the State that I attend this Hearing. I do not wish it to be postponed or adjourned under any circumstances.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619----- Forwarded message ----- Fw: Your wordpress site is back?

From: Shan Panigrahi

To: Wordpress Restore ; Wordpress ; ;

Sent: Wednesday, 1 April 2020, 08:49:22 BST Subject: Fw: Your wordpress site is back?

Dear Sirs

Please confirm or reject this proposition one way or the other because I need to establish the truth.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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From: Marty Caine

To: "shanpan Thu, 2 Apr at 09:04 Central London County, Enquiries

To:Shan Panigrahi

Thu, 2 Apr at 09:04

Thank you for your e-mail to … County Court

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5. You can contact CCMCC at the following accounts: Customer E-Enquiries E-Filing Did you know? Some Court processes can be issued online through MCOL (Money Claim Online) and PCOL (Possession Claim Online) and can save you money compared to issuing through the Court.

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9 April 2020 Update:

Re: Reference - CSN-742-20-4600-0002


Shan Panigrahi

To:Enquiries Kent,IMU Public Kent Thu, 9 Apr at 19:44

Dear Sir

Is there any progress in the consideration of this matter, please, as this unknown 'JS' (in other words 'Jackass') has asked it to be forwarded to imu-general as you will note.

Thank you

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane


Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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From: VOPA

To: "" Sent: Wednesday, 8 April 2020, 19:47:17 BST

Subject: Re: Reference - CSN-742-20-4600-000

also to be sent to imu.general

----- Original message -----

From: VOPA To:

Date: April 8, 2020 7:44 am

Subject: Panigrahi exit

Dear Sam,

Thank you for accepting my telephone call yesterday.

I cannot say exactly when we will get his website's upstream host to pull the plug, but we must not wait till that time. Action is needed now. I want to stress that on no account must you pass on to Panigrahi any court documents sent to you, let alone the Order. After all, it is he, no one else, who represented to the court, untruthfully and with vile intent, that you had accepted instructions from him. I acknowledge your concerns that he is likely to complain to the SRA about you ignoring him.

To this I say the following>

1. He probably already has; you have given him your authorisation number (45488) and this is all that this blackmailer needs.

2. We at VOPA have ensured that the SRA, like my regulatory body, the BSB, throw all his complaints in the dustbin without investigation, and just send him the thanks-so-much email or letter.

3. However, my colleague Mr MC had a better idea. I will send JC&S a dummy invoice, in a pro-forma so it does not cause any accounting issues, in respect of MY OWN consultancy services as to how your firm should deal with the Panigrahi Menace and threat to you. I propose 28 hours at a litigation billing rate, plus disbursements, plus value added tax, say £30k. You can let that lie on file but when he contacts you for a copy of what the CLCC sends you, hit with the demand that he settles your cost file first. Maybe he will pay you the 30,000, you can then pay me whatever you want.

As to his county police, who are evidently duffers and cowards, our organisation ensures they are bombarded with messages along 'Why have you not yet arrested Shantanu Panigrahi of .... for ....?'

Eventually these lazy assholes will arrest him, the lord knows they have enough on him to put him away given the bomb threats etc he has made and harassment he has committed against h. We are British pigshit morons according to what the cunt wrote. Let us live up to his expectations, then, though Dr. Panesar entreats us to let him travel to India when the ban lifts. There the Cuttack (etc) police have lodged something called a "F.I.R." which sets out information about espionage for Pakistan, some thing they get quite excited about. Personally, I don't care, as long as he is stopped for good.

Warm greetings,