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Yahoo/Inbox Shan Panigrahi

To:Stephen Green

Cc:Enquiries Central London County,Enquiries Central London County,Wordpress Restore

Bcc:Samuel Bancroft,Victims of Panigrahi Association,Professor Emeritus Nitin J. Bhardwaj

Sun, 26 Apr at 22:28

Dear Mr Green

1. I understand that a Court Order was issued that has not yet been served on me with regards to Claim E35YM660 of the Central London County Court that you were defending as shown in the attached: FrAdminCourtOffice(CAE)6Apr2020, so that I have neither been able to fulfil my legal obligations to the Order, nor have I been able to appeal it at a higher court which I am fully intending to do in view of the following criticism from Mind, the mental health charity.

2. Please send me your Defence submitted to the Court or the objections that were represented to the Circuit Judge for the Hearing of 3 April 2020 along with the Court Order as an electronic copy by email urgently. I continue to receive criminal anonymous emails that I believe are instigated by the State through the amicus curiae party to the dispute, namely VOPA (Victims of Panigrahi Association) cited in the said Claim Form and as shown in the attached FrAnonymous(Shit)26Apr2020; FrAnonymous(Shit)26Apr2020b; and FrAnonymous(Shit)26Apr2020c.docx.

3. As stated to Solicitors Regulation Authority with reference to the attached communication Dr Panigrahi SC1 Ack .pdf, I simply must have my Blog restored through Court Order and will not cooperate with Dr Odesanya of Canada House directions that I take anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications for a perfectly normal mental health who deals with criminals in the most proportional and perfect sanatan dharma that is part of my Brahmoadvaita Vedanta educational attainment.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

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Subject: [Elefriends] New message from The Elephant

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The Elephant sent you a private message as follows:

Hi Shantanu,

We’re just letting you know that your recent post has been hidden, copied below, as it contained personal contact information. To keep everyone on the site safe, it's best to avoid sharing personal details. You might want to check out Mind's info on staying safe online for some tips:

If you'd like to explore meeting up with people in your area it might be worth taking a look at Minds Peer Support directory. It's a list of all the groups going on in your area related to mental health.

We're going to double check your query with the other handlers and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and for holding on. Take care, Sam (Ele handler)

Hello all

1. Life goes on as usual. Nothing has changed. I still receive criminal anonymous emails from unknown sources known as trolls. They are designed to get me to make a ghastly mistake in my dealings with others. I would have liked to reproduced them here for everyone to know what living in 'hell' is. I blocked them earlier but they find other ways of sending me these emails. I must learn to ignore them and hopefully they will go away. I do not know whether 'Mind' can help me or whether I should continue contacting mental health solicitors until some one comes to my rescue about this:

Incident: 200417-000431

Yahoo/Sent Shan Panigrahi

To:Mind Org Info

Thu, 23 Apr at 10:46

Dear Mind Thank you for your kind support and I have signed on to Elefriends and posted a few comments. As far as advocacy support is concerned I am relying on Charles Stigant of Medway and Swale Advocacy Partnership to represent my views to the quasi-judicial institution of Canada House. This institution of the State has been proven by me to be a higher 'Court' that looks after the welfare of the State and society by sifting out whistle-blowers and apparent trouble makers who question authority as I have done being a Republican (confirmed) in so far as the present constitution of the State is apparently implemented by the authorities.

Please advise me if this is a treasonous attitude to hold that requires anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medication of Lurasidone and Sertraline to deal with as a menace to Her Majesty the Queen. I will then sign up as a subject of the State's Monarchy instead of being a citizen of a State that caters for the well-being of all citizens through the appropriate law enforcement processes and procedures of justice.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

2. On the brightside, I am still alive and able to go to work. The work is good for my mind. I concentrate on doing well so that my bosses are happy with my progress.




larkinsidney1 is thinking of Shantanu


Suffolk Girl commented U have included ur address, phone number and email address on here, which is firstly against the rules of the site and secondly extremely dangerous. I would suggest u remove the post. Or at least remove ur details!!


Shantanu commented I am sorry White witch bell. and Suffolk Girl. I am a very open and honest person. I go where truth leads me. I do not see any dangers to me from sharing my details here. If the moderators tell me to remove any content, I will discuss it with them for someone has to deal with the menace that I have been victimised with this morning as I awoke to another day. Please moderator help me to understand the rules of the site as I felt Mind had asked me to share my suffering on this site. If you say no this is not allowed. I will know that coming here to for emotional support was as pointless as going to the Samaritans was for me.


Rintin commented Shantanu, I understand what you’re saying, and sorry you’re having to deal with these trolls. But you’re exposing yourself to more trolls by disclosing personal details. You can still get your point across without the need for your personal details. You put yourself in a vulnerable position. Take care.

Please login to the Elefriends website to view more messages and reply. Thanks, The Elefriends team

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27 April 2020 Update:

Complaint Report10

Yahoo/Inbox Shan Panigrahi

To:QB Issue & Enquiries

Mon, 27 Apr at 11:10

Dear Sir:

The Claim Number is HQ17X01773 - the attached refers FrAnonymous(Shit)27Apr2020.docx.

Yours sincerely Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

On Monday, 27 April 2020, 10:51:22 BST, QB Issue & Enquiries wrote:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email. Please provide your Claim number to enable the Court to deal with your enquiry accordingly.

Kind regards,

Lola Ajayi QB Issue & Enquiries and Enforcement Office | HMCTS | Royal Courts of Justice | Strand, London | WC2A 2LL Phone: 0207 947 7772 Web: cid:131444914@29052018-0BAB

For information on how HMCTS uses personal data about you please see:

From: Shan Panigrahi []

Sent: 23 April 2020 13:16

To: Contactcentre

Cc: John Newcomb ; Coplands Co Info ; Samuel Bancroft ; Wordpress Restore ; Cedr Info ;; Phso Enquiries ; Enquiries ;; Labour Membership ; Liberty ; Sheffield Road ; Citizens Advice Bureau ; Raymond Coker ; LONDONSOUTHET ; Harrington Mark EAT ; Central London County, Enquiries ; Central London County, Enquiries ; Enquiries Kent ; ServicesLegal (KENT AND MEDWAY NHS AND SOCIAL CARE PARTNERSHIP TRUST)

Subject: Re: Complaint Report

Dear Sir

1. Your lackadaisacal performance in delaying this email has meant that I have suffered intense physical and mental distress as I complained to Mind: see ToMind23Apr2020.docx. As far as I know Charles Stigant is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority at Medway and Swale Advocacy Partnership and neither is poHWer, another advocacy institution. Are you also familiar with the attached solicitors and Law Firms (ToEddyya&HelenNeigbur(MentalHealthSolicitors23Apr2020.docx) associated with Action against Medical Accidents? If so please include them in your Stage 1 Report as obstructors of justice and perverters of the course of justice. Silence from these perpetrators (including Gurpreet Virk) is interpreted by me as evidence of bullying, intimidation and harassment.

2. Please note that my Blog has still not been restored nor has there been any word concerning its disposal from Wordpress, which goes to prove that the State-organised persecution through the use of the law-enforcement agencies of the State and beyond is proven.

3. This email is copied into only a sample of individuals and institutions who need to submit their reports on my communications with them and is not comprehensive until I receive immediate acknowledgement from the Solicitors Regulation Authority that all including Mind will be incorporated in the Stage 1 Report. This is because Wordpress has denied me access to all the correspondence that I listed my grievances on and so I am only going by memory until the Blog is restored such that I have full information on the moronic perpetrators of criminal harassment on me lasting 22 years which denied me my redudandancy money of £55,000 from the University of Greenwich and a similar amount from Shell (UK)-SherlodgeGarage-SkodaMotorline.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL


On Thursday, 23 April 2020, 12:35:38 BST, Contactcentre wrote:

Dear Dr Panigrahi,

Thank you for your email of 17 April 2020. I am a Senior Customer Service Adviser and my role is to look into any complaints and issues raised about the service you have received from our Contact Centre. I have looked at the email that Courtney sent you on 17 April 2020. I am sorry to hear that you felt bullied, intimidated and harassed by the email that Courtney sent you. Having noticed that you sent your email to an incorrect email address for the Report team, Courtney had simply provided you with the correct email address so that you could report your concerns about individuals and firms that we regulate.

Our Report team will investigate your concerns regarding the nearly 40 solicitors and law firms that you reported to us. The Report team will be in contact with you in due course to let you know the outcome of the investigation. If you remain dissatisfied If you are not happy with this response and still have concerns, you can contact our central Corporate Complaints Team within 15 working days of the date of this email. Please explain what you remain concerned about and what you would like to happen as a result of your complaint. It is important to note that decisions we have made about your case cannot be changed through the complaints procedure. We can consider whether our procedures have been followed, whether your information has been properly considered and whether we have explained things clearly.

For more information about our complaints procedure please contact our Corporate Complaints Team. Corporate Complaints Team Solicitors Regulation Authority The Cube 199 Wharfside Street Birmingham B1 1RN Email:

Yours sincerely,

Abdul Ghafur Senior Customer Service Adviser

Contact Centre Solicitors Regulation Authority 0370 606 2555

From: Shan Panigrahi

Sent: 17 April 2020 13:16

To: Cc: UKSC Registry Subject:

Complaint Report Dear

Sirs Please add John Copland and DAS Law in the list of nearly 40 solicitors and Law Firms against whom I wish to lodge a fresh new complaint of bullying intimidation and harassment including your own official Courtney Mae Kettlety as Customer Services Adviser Thank you

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL


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