Shantanu's Humanology

The Theory of Evolution that we have been educated in academia on needs a review. We regard Charles Darwin to have masterminded the idea of the Survival of the Fittest that Modern Biologists have elaborated to Survival of the Fittest by Natural Selection. These words are not to be disputed but defined and elaborated.

What is Fittest, What is Natural Selection in other words.

My studies of Biology at the University and through the practice of Livestock Development in Agriculture as it has developed over time are the basis for my interpretation of the Theory of Evolution today, as I have spent the past two decades in the study of the Environment and Humanology as the only materials available to me since things have changed in biodiversity from Charles Darwin's days.

My experiences and personal quest for survival in humanity has developed overtime to dispute the modern day understanding of the Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection. Nature selects, but what is Nature, and how does it manifest the selection process of living beings.

I have come to the understanding that this selection process is manifested through the 'minds' of living organisms, and since Homo sapiens are the most highly evolved species in the Paleontological tree of life, we are the the most successful through the development of strategies for survival that has acquired the highest level of fitness to the environment. Brahma-Nature is the universe.

This brings one to how natural selection to Brahma-Nature works in practice to aid the survival of the species for this Theory of Evolution. The Creator God who has generated the universe that we live in is represented in Brahma-Nature as Brahma. The process of survival takes place when the mind takes its guidance from Brahma through spiritual living that is to be described as Brahmoadvaita, the union with Brahma-Nature. Advaita in this manner generates the knowledge, wisdom and intelligence that is required to survive in Brahma-Nature as the perfect adaptation to the environment so that natural selection of those living beings that have developed this strategy takes place and the being survives in Brahma-Nature.

Of course, lower species have what can only be considered rudimentary 'minds', so we need to probe into the evolution of the mind to enable us to understand Natural Selection.

Genetics determines the functioning of the visceral constitution of living beings in the bodies that are living organisms. The functioning of the body in terms of its adaptation to the environment is the basis of the Theory of Evolution in vogue. My view is that this is erroneous, and that the mind directs the body rather than genetics in living strategies for the adaptability that is required for survival of the species.

This theory requires consideration of what is Nature and its components for the adaptation by natural selection to manifest itself.

Nature is not simply the physical environment that we live in as presently conceived. Nature incorporates the spiritual invisible Entity which I describe to be Brahma-Nature.

What is Brahma-Nature, then? It is derived from the Hindu word Brahman, but I have removed the 'n' as a transliteration inadquacy for English language redescription. My knowledge from Hinduism is that Prakriti (Nature) is composed of guna consciousness that is differentiated into rajasic, sattvic and tamasic attributes in a continuum triad known as the Trimurti. In this conceptualisation, sattvic nature is pure goodness characteristics such as truthfulness and honesty (divine), rajasic nature is routinal (semi-divine) and tamasic nature is totally ignorant and materialistic that brings out the body's evil manifestation.

Fitness for survival is brought on through the mind in a learning process and peak fitness is achieved by transcending the gunas through non-attachment to all its attributes and thereby unifying with Brahma-Nature. This way the mind develops awareness of the precise condition of moment by moment examination of the complexities of Brahman-Nature through paranoid schizophrenia manifested as persistent delusional disorder as the pscyhology and steps up to taking actions that stave off dangers to oneself from enemies and acquires the materials needed for basic survival.

Having said that and in human terms, a mind free of attachments to material and spiritual concepts and objectives, paranoia, delusions and uncertainties as manifesting schizophrenia attains Brahmaadvaita which always makes the correct decisions for actions to not just survive, for that is not enough, to survive with dignity as the lord of the jungle.

All the sociological and psychological causes of racism and slavery lie that are symptoms of the failure of human beings to live harmoniously with each other and the environment that is Planet Earth along with the solar system and the wider universe stems from ignorance of Brahma-Nature and its constitution. Throughout human history knowledge has been acquired by humans through religious pursuits of the human mind to understand the meaning of Existence, and substantial progress has been made gradually. These have been enunciated through religions that cultivate the peoples attitudes and actions to survive on the planet for survival is the fundamental rule of living beings. We have diverse conceptions within Hinduism, there is Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and thousands of other conceptions generated through history. The greater the ignorance the greater are the symptoms of human beings intolerance and slavery and racism are the manifestations of this ignorance. We cannot blame people for being ignorant. That is a societal problem. Societies have been created that inculcate the priorities of the people and these disappear through human history when found to be insufficient to meet the needs of human beings. New societies are created and that is part of the evolutionary process. So it is wrong to be judgmental about the actions of previous generations in what they did in the pursuit of economic objectives to harness the natural resources of the planet from colonialisation and slavery that we know about when Africans and Indians were transported to new lands to engage in productive activities and generate the needs of people. So the sociological and psychological causes are part of the learning processes of mankind. We should understand this and be tolerant as we try and create a new world order with up-to-date scientific knowledge and knowledge permeation that now the internet permits so that globally people have access to information that they would consider to modify and evolve their own particular religious philosophies in accordance with their particular natural resource and human endowments.

But only the lord of the jungle survives with dignity because he knows who his enemies in his or her field are and has the intelligence and physical ability to subdue them to submission to him or her so that he gets want he needs to live to a grand old age and his competitors leave to another field.

To be lord of the jungle in human terms, one needs to cultivate awareness such that one spots ones opportunities for food and other basic needs, not get too fat from overconsumption and save raw materials for a rainy day; spot the dangers to one's survival and take aversion means when necessary, and one must time one's run perfectly to get one's chosen needs. Timing is of the essence in flight or fight.

26 July 2020 Update:

In my studies on the aetiology of Brahma-Nature through Creation, God made all living organisms to live freely and gave life forms the genetic potential to defend themselves from by attacking their predators in diverse ways for their survival. These include poisons in snakes, mosquitoes harbouring symbiotic microorganisms, flight means of running away, etc, so that the design of Creation incorporated evolution of the species through genetic-modifications through the DNA mutations that are passed on to successive generations in the development of the Fitness to the Environment from adaptation. This applies to human beings as much as to other living organisms, like plants and animals with minds that are appropriate in the manifestation of behaviour of the living beings. These work through the population individually and communal living runs contrary to the design as Created. Therefore communal living is doomed to failure in the struggle to survive and reflects species that are lower in the races of humanity in the long term. Man is therefore not designed to be a social animal as first hypothesised by Aristotle and which is the basis of the development of communal living right up to the modern States of the world that we see today. The struggle for freedom within humanity reflects the purpose of the design of life and is apparent from a study of Humanology today as we see which countries are more populous and proliferating to expand within themselves and from migration to other parts of the world.