Shantanu's Humanology

Man has migrated throughout his existence on this Earth to different places coming out of Africa a million of years ago or so. This has been in the search for greener pastures, so to speak. Other species have not migrated much in the evolution of history in search of greener pastures, so it is an aspect of the Evolution of the Species through the development of the Mind in the battle for survival. Hence, we know how different parts of the World were occupied by humans since the time of Homo sapiens from Homo erectus.

The search for greener pastures is a fight or flight mechanism that has evolved. When modern humans faced starvation in  their particular location or could not cope with competitors as predators and enemies, there was only one choice: to fight and survive in the location or die in the process or to move to a different place.

Asylum seeking in the present day is that search for survival: to be able to act as freely as possible using one's mental faculties. When asylums are no longer available as places to depart to as we see today in the world from the same old struggle everywhere and where the population of the human inhabitants have increased to 7 billion, naturally one is restricted to remain in one's location and fight for survival in accordance with the present laws of the jungle nationally and internationally. 

So the saying goes: Say naught the struggle for survival not availeth. Evolution of the Species needs to be understood in that life.

The religions are all pointless last refuge being sought by the advice of ignorant Babas and gurus who are all self-serving to administer their own fights for survival and live up to the end of their natural lives. It is a natural instinct. So people follow religions as if some higher power will come and protect them from divine protection from what is understood to be the persecution of Brahma-Nature in my hitherto understanding of Nature. So we are misled by the religions as I have been and everyone else on Earth has been before me.

This is why I am a proponent of the advice: survive to learn and learn to survive, using all the mental faculties that one is born with, for religions are the last refuge of man trying yet another means for the same old attempt to survive in Nature. It is how the mind works absorbing information stored in human memory banks and designing strategies and tactics for basic survival.

Purushouttama concept of Hinduism is therefore equally delusional. The only purushuttama is the lord of the jungle, lordship being attained at the peak of perfection by learning to survive through education and sifting off all delusional beliefs, ideas, aims, such as Advaita, Brahmoadvaita, Brahmanism that I have conceptualised in my earlier phases of life in the struggle for survival.

Being non-attached is the educative-path to developing the peak of intelligence from the genetic potential for growth that individuals are born with. It develops what is considered to be psychic ability to do whatever is necessary within the individual society that one lives in all designed for survival.