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Update on 5 September 2020 Appeal at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom4 (

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Cc:Bark,PALMER Julie (KENT AND MEDWAY NHS AND SOCIAL CARE PARTNERSHIP TRUST),Lisa Pennington,Lucy Fleming,indeed Mon, 28 Sep at 18:12

Dear George

Thank you for this email.

I was waiting to see if I had still got a Vocational Advisor in Lisa Pennington of Porchlight to make a decision on which of the employment opportunities that you have brought to my attention I might have a good stab at in applying for successfully as Lisa Pennington did not telephone me today nor send me a reply to the attached emailed query: ToKatePotterccLucyFlemingLisaPenningtonHRSainsburysindeed28Sep2020, although there were three attempted phone calls from, I believe, Lucy Fleming wishing to discuss all my previous emails to her over the past 2 weeks (Voicemail message left on my Mobile Phone saying that she had been away so could not attend to them), with the result that as far as I know I no longer have a Vocational Advisor to see on Wednesday 30 September 2020 10.00 am at Wigmore Park or a Care Coordinator in Britton House who could have advised and counselled me into suitable employment either because I have been already discharged into primary care by Britton House so that I am no longer compelled to take the lurasidone and sertraline medications imposed on me by the monstrous Dr Odesanya, or that the mattet is still being considered by Britton House.

Further to this matter I did not get any clear-cut clarifications all day from the Supreme Court of the United Nations, or in my attempted search for a Lawyer in the USA (after 22 years of dismal and lacksadaisical attitudes of 45 or so solicitors, law firms, the Legal Ombudsman and the Solicitors Regulation Authority under the supervision of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) at Findlay Lawyers Society concerning the attached: Toindeed(Ireland)ccCVLibraryFindlaw(USA)27Sep2020.docx; and ToFindlaw(USA)ccSpokespersonsoftheSecurityCouncilofUN27Sep2020 directly or indirectly from the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom or its supposed agent indeed (of Ireland) to see if I would get an official letter from the Secretary General of the United Nations for the position of Director of Sustainable Development that you should know about, nor from Julie Palmer Complaints Manager of Kent and Medway Partnership Trust on whether Britton House has considered the attached complaint that I lodged on my continuing concerns against Dr Odesanya and Dr Kingham as seemingly incompetent buffoons practicing Psychiatry.

So I am still suffering in anxiety and worries that my cherished lifetime's work in the Blog whether or not it was all the work of a delusional and paranoid schizophrenic or even autistic person who does not have any intelligence to live to proper human conduct remains archived and suspended and also discredited by New Scientist: see ToNewScientist13Sep2020.docx and ToNewScientist26Sep2020.docx, and I did not even bother to get a reply from 38 Degrees or Liberty on the attached query To38DegreesccLiberty26Sep2020.docx.

I am therefore considered a lunatic in my comprehension of Brahma-Nature and even considering whether I am the 'prophesised' Kalki avatar of Sri Krishna on an 007-James Bond style On His Majesty’s Secret Service on a mission of His Lordship of the universe, and even whether I am certainly a Brahmoavatar with my so-called discovery through the assumed legitimate mental process of satya-advaita yoga of Brahmo Advaita Vendanta as the final chapter for the Hindu dharmarashtra of India that seemed to have extended into Cambodia and Bali in Indonesia centuries ago was another idiotic imagination of ancient and primitive human beings of Indian origin in the diaspora who did not have the brains to think with intelligence on how to be civilised so that the western powers from Europe and prior to that the middle-eastern powers from Persia as the Moughal Dynasty were the actual real Almighty God as Jehovah and Jehovah working through arch-angel Gabriel to send prophets and messiahs of the Old and New Testaments that started with the Jewish Faith inspired by Moses with his 10 commandments on Mount Sinai, and updated through Jesus Christ in the Roman Empire of the 0 Century for present day Catholicism and its derivatives into Protestantism of all kinds, followed by prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) had necessarily had to enter the Indian Subcontinent to uplift the lot of the Hindu people from their thousands (seemingly) of years of miserable religious thoughts and theologies that started with the writing of the Vedas, notwithstanding that the Aryans of India were migrants from Central Europe or even Arctic areas of the northern hemisphere as promoted by Aupmanyav of Religious Forums from New Delhi.

I am sorry again for taking so long to shrug off my delusions and mentality problems arising from reading Indian and World History especially dwelling on the lessons for humanity from the Hindu epics the Mahabharatta, Ramayana (by Valmiki) followed by Ram Chari Manas of Sri Tulsi Das as a reminder hundreds of centuries later, and based on these delusional suffered paranoia in coping with my naturalisation into United Kingdom life when I tried to follow in the footsteps of my father Dr Gopinath Panigrahi as a Botanist who did his PhD under Professor Manon of Leeds University in 1952-1954 under Orissa-government funding and as Indian Liaison Officer at Kew Gardens on deputation as a diplomatic-status endowed mission and attempted to study Animal Science with the current animals of the World in the science of Humanology to bring the understanding of Nature completed into my present moment conception of Brahma-Nature for the Hindu dharmarashtra's extension into the rest of the world starting with the United Kingdom to begin a mission to punch the final nail in the coffin of the British State and its counterparts throughout the the world into the other Abrahmamic cultures and States through my Green Socialism Foundation for World Conservation and Development into the future as the perhaps the prophesised’ second coming of Jesus Christ for the creation of the utopian Heaven on Earth.

I accept that I have been a misearable lunatic with such imaginations and I have already made my apologies to Her Majesty the Queen in the email that no-one yet has acknowledged (attached, and referred to in paragraph 1), so only have my Royal Mail job starting 15 November 2020 as Christmas Casual that I will go in for now because I like Saeed: he was a very nice man when I worked there last year.

This is therefore just confirmation that I do not wish to receive any more job alerts from CVLibrary ever again for the positions of Environmental Sustainability Manager or such related Professionals in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. I will continue working for my Election Duty for Medway Council if they will have me back for the Council have not replied to any of my representations over the years of complaints against Labour Party Councillors Dan McDonald locally when they ask me again (Coronavirus-restrictions permitting) so that my political ambitions to better the United Kingdom by service to Her Majesty’s government at Council and Parliamentary levels have still not materialised.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: + 07967789619

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Good Morning, Thank you for your email. CV-Library is an online job board. This means that we advertise positions on behalf of recruiters and as such we play no part in the recruitment process. Therefore, we do not hold any further information in regards to roles we advertise, other than what is available to view on the job posting. You would be best advised to contact the recruiter directly for further information. Their details can often be found at the bottom of the job post together with the name of the contact you will need to speak with, or alternatively the contact information can be found on the company profile page.

If you should require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

George Customer Service 01252 810992

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Subject: Update on 5 September 2020 Appeal at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom


(1) Reed

(2) CV Library

(3) indeed of Ireland

Dear Sirs

1. Thank you for the attached intimations of possible employment opportunities for me this morning: Frindeed25Sep2020.docx; FrCVLibrary26Sep2020.docx; and FrReed26Sep2020.docx.

2. I am interested in searching for more professional jobs and a career in these areas of employment but am unable to proceed until I have received clear-cut clarification from either indeed as an agent of the Supreme Court on my 5 September 2020 Appeal Application (attached: ToSupremeCourt5Sep2020.docx) as explained to 'indeed of Ireland' last nighT as attached: Toindeed(Ireland)25Sep2020.docx; or from Kent and Medway Partnership Trust, or the Courts or Tribunals concerned.

3. I am hoping that I would receive the required clarification of my medical and legal status before my interview with Sainsburys (Faversham) at 10.00 am this morning.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane


Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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