Shantanu's Humanology

The Value of being Unattached

Attachments to ideas, beliefs, to have a basis for actions in the quest for peace of mind is undesirable because it restricts the flow of mind into one's next course of action towards converting the instant moksha attained through karma into durable moksha and even permanent moksha. One must never assume that under my developing conception of Brahmoadvaita Vedanta, karma has ended into seeking Samadhi (freedom from karma as dharma). One has to continue in ones satya-advaita yoga to discover continuously one's path of truth towards one's destiny. This could be abruptly cut short by death naturally, or in a mental hospital, or ones imprisonment, or by being murdered as Mahatma Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose were in their own conceptions of eternal dharma for the restitution of Dharmarashtra in India in accordance with their Hindu traditions.

There is no Direct God-led supramental descent into the mind of the sadhaka in quest for knowledge and wisdom in the Hindu conception of gyana yoga to make it clear to the seeker that the time has come for resignation from worldly affairs (the samsara). No guru can tell one that. It has to be a self-discovered state of mind to know when to stop karma and go into Samadhi.

In the old days I used to take specific direct instructions from God as Sri Krishna, thinking I am on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in another real life dharmayudha  and went on to consider if I was the Kalki avatar as seemingly prophesised in Hinduism to restore law and order in the universe in the present Yuga where according to my scientific considerations I saw that the Earth was in peril towards the impending doom of environmental catastrophe and so spent a long time studying whether we humans could take actions to avert that doomsday crisis facing mankind and the planet.

But  it turned out that I did not achieve that in my dharmayudha as my Blog remains archived and suspended after all my material and spiritual efforts to have them restored towards the idea that we aim for an utopian world with Green Socialism material resolution to the impending crisis, because I did not wish the human species to die out like the dinosaurs unable to live sustainably with the restrictions of the natural environment. No one took any heed of my concerns and worries, so my gyana yoga through satya-advaita experimental tool arrived at the stage that this was not in my truth path at all, perhaps I am to work towards some other mission. This neti-neti assessment and analysis led me to consider that non-attachment made the mind free to sharpen ones intelligence and intellect to become the greatest pundit/guru/acharya/mahatma/avatar as Brahmoavatar perhaps that would show people how to truth accommodate to improve their chances of survival under Police States that restrict one's mobility to move in Nature to greener pastures because I considered that God had perhaps made The Theory of Evolution in that manner and human beings had come about to therefore proliferate through out the world, now.

Unattachment was giving the individual human being the tools for greater intelligence and guidance mentally to make decisions that would take them towards survival to a grand-old age and one could then have children and grandchildren into future generations in the evolution of life.

I do not know anything and take nothing for granted, even to the point that I do not consider that there is a God whom one could pray and surrender to for Divine protection as one goes about one's life.

So the Brahmoadvaitic State of my mind is still totally unattached this morning as to whether I have discovered a solution to human miseries or even an understanding of Nature that is correct in conception and thereby could form the basis of the development of my mind into greater understanding and lead to a new formulation of a prescription if I wish to attain the welfare of mankind or wider nature in terms of preserving the present biodiversity.

I remain ignorant of what I should do next. All I know that from emptying my thought processes openly and honestly to my fellow human beings around the world through my website publications, I am doing the right thing for myself for another moment in my life and attempting to change the instant moksha state that each karmic action brings to my mind into more durable moksha in the next moment.

My thought on that basis is that the meaning of life is to find the means to assuage the mind, not by sleeping it into stillness as I have been doing to deal with the frustrations and stresses that I experience from not attaining anything good for the service of mankind as a perceived path of dharma employing dharmayudha that would lead to more durable moksha than I have experience and thereby moving my mind towards a Samadhi state of no karma left, as an eternally constructed phenomenon, that would then await for Mahasamadhi as mission accomplished under God's guidance or self-directed, may be all delusional quest under truth accomodation. Perhaps the idea that I have promoted is not practicable for anyone to follow, and so will not be a prescription that I am leaving behind for humanity as my legacy.

So my advice and publications are only part of my continuing search for the truth of the meaning of life, and should not be practiced by anyone or they will suffer material consequences of mental hospital incarcerations or imprisonments or even captial punishment from a State that they live under for breaches of national security and treasonous activities, as I have been repeatedly warned for my proclamations and am enforced by the State of the United Kingdom to take lurasidone and sertraline anti-psychotic medications if I wish to live in the Community and not in mental hospitals as I was put into in 2004 and 2008.

My defence to Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom is that I am a simpleton Awara/Rolling Stone searching the means and knowledge to survive in this world for as long as possible to learn about the universe. If that is a crime, I should be punished and sent to prison, not to a mental hospital. For I feel that I am being myself in accordance with my genetic-endownments and cannot help what I do.

This post should also serve as a disclaimer to anything I have done wrong as nothing I have done in my life was premeditated consciously to do any harm to anyone directly or indirectly. I was seeking justice and had to try and find out if it would come from spirituality if there was a Creator and Preserver God who created Nature that I turned into Brahma-Nature conception, and worked in my life towards a spritual destination for my life rather than a purely material destination.

I take nothing for granted therefore. I am totally unattached to my karma, even if you can call it karma in the Hindu conception. I am not a karma yogi, dharma yogi materially or spiritually to restore Hinduism to its former 'glory' through this idea that I was destined to develop the final chapter of Vedanta as Brahmoadvaita Vedanta in this Yuga, and I am neither a Kalki avatar of a perceived God as Sri Krishna or other Entity who may or may not really exist as Creator and Preserver of the Universe or to knock the stuffing out of mankind as God's perceived wrath on the citizens of the world for destroying planet Earth.