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Generation of a Dharmarashtra of righteous karma


It is my view that whilst learning about how to live one's life in Nature, one should do so within the nuances of Nature, and not surrender to anyone within Nature or outside Nature as God, whether to Sri Krishna as the Creator of the universe (Brahman, Self) or to the gods of guna-Consciousness in Brahma-Nature manifestation of Brahman. One must have a mind free of all attachments such as this and act in one's subconscious mind that leads to continuously increasing knowledge and resulting awareness of the environment to act correctly n one's personal circumstances as one goes through one's life trying to improve one's material prospects. That alone leads to tranquillity of mind which must constantly be the instinctive-quest of security and welfare in the comfort and joy of living. Accordingly, do not disregard any source of information that comes to you in charting your journey in life. Be your own person in self-guru teaching of your ideas to yourself. This is what I mean by Brahmoadvaita Vedanta that have realised from my satya-advaita yoga and the accompanying practice of tapas in austerity in always being satisfied with ones circumstances in life.

It is an individual struggle of dharmayudha that Is contained in the eternal law of ‘Dharma Rakshati Rakshita. When like-minded people come together in establishing a dharmarashtra according to this fundamentalist conception, a political party is born. When the society elects those politicians and lives according to this law-conception and abides by the Constitutional rules and regulations enacted for the welfare of society by those politicians protecting a specific geographical ar ea of the world with all individuals performing dharmayudha as Sanatan Dharma, a nation is born as dharmarashtra. Because the fundamental principle of dharma rakshati rakshita is then engrained in all the citizens by dealing approrpriately to eject through law enforcement the society's criminals conducting unlawful activities of adharma and regarding them as miscreant-insects and humanimals by getting rid of them from society, everyone is materially prosperous and spiritually-free in peaceful minds because the nation self-created is protected by dharma, and will withstand all foreign intrusions into its culture. This law of the universe has been the cornerstone of Hinduism for thousands of years and is as relevant today as ever it has been in the past. We must read and reread our Hindu shastras, the wealth of India, and learn to appreciate these strictures so start afresh accordingly to the motto of the Supreme Court of India ‘Jatha dharma Tatha jaya, and purify our hearts to the emblem of India’s nationality ‘Satyamev Jayate’ extracted the from Mundaka Upanisad.

The times that we are living in now is Kali yuga at its worst manifestation of tamasic guna in Brahma-Nature. People are consequently ignorant of the law of Nature as created by God. That is why humanity is suffering from worldwide proliferation of secularity that assigns human rights values to what the truth is that we humans are just like all other animals of Nature in our constitution. We are however the most highly evolved species as Homo sapiens in the development of the Mind attached to the brain of our being. This gives us the scope to think more intelligently to survive as an individual with a family to work together in one household with children to look after us in times of hardships and in our old age, and in turn we can guide our children in the fundamental law of the universe that dharma rakshati rakshita so that they can follow this basic tenet of Hinduism and be successful materially in life. I have learnt this through satya-advaitic yoga over the past few 22 years when I lost my lucrative livelihood at the University of Greenwich as a scientist and suddenly became a fakir from riches to rags, twice incarcerated in mental hospitals suffering with paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional disorder with the State enforcing anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications to restrain my after release from the last mental hospital detention in 2008. I recovered to learn again how to live with my wife's limitless patience and care for me as her life partner. I learnt about the Nature that we are part of and realised that it is composed of gunas in our consciousness and in wider environment as Brahma-Nature with a the sattvic, rajasic and tamasic gunas that we can interchange if we wish to. Our mind has the capacity to cope with the nuances of this Nature and what I found from my experiments is that one must try to aspire to Sanatan Dharma that is blessed by Creator God Sri Krishna who helped me in my bhakti and surrender to HIm to learn what the real nature of the universe is; and over the next 12 years I practiced Brahmanism to survive materially in this utterly-tamasic land of the United Kingdom, back to wellbeing recovering much of my lost riches and living comfortably with all my enemies in Brahma-Nature dealt with and disposed off. It is therefore proof that one can survive in prosperity with the dharma to strive to accommodate oneself in Brahma-Nature taking from Nature only what one needs to survive, killing other creatures (plants, animals, viruses and the rest) only as a last resort so treating ahimsa as parma dharma but also realising and practicing the idea that killing to protect dharma is sarva-uttama dharma.

A dharmarashtra should be created afresh in India which has the best scope of understanding this conception before further destruction of Mother Nature takes place from consumerism and materialism that regards the body as being the primary concern to live healthily through medical interventions whereas it is the Mind and its attainment of peace that generates the blissful life.

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23 October 2020 Update

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To:Olivia Percival, Liberty

Thu, 22 Oct at 21:40

Dear Olivia

I am sorry that I have taken this long to respond to your email enquiry and I am considering this very seriously, if you would let me know your views on my conception of Liberty as we in the United Kingdom head into the future with the coronavirus pandemic that the nation is grappling with. I need to do this before I consider increasing my donation currently only £1 per month because as you know Claim E35YM660 at the Central London County Court remains adjourned with me having no idea currently as to whether it will ever be resuscitated - see the attached To WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.docx, with reference to the correspondence I have had with Liberty during my past year of membership of Liberty.

It seems to me that if one strives to be a libertarian, this is frowned upon by the State-Establishment who would go to immense lengths and expenditures to round us all up as a Community of slaves who are disposable when the times are hard for the State to be able to feed, clothe and home all our citizens, and so keep them under lock and key until the economy revives through a crusade to fight against a natural enemy in the form of the coronavirus now that has hit us out of the blue this year. People like Andy Burnham's protestations that we must always look after the basic needs of all the people to survive on this Earth ahead of any other considerations like educating students for the future needs or desires to expand the economy and concomitantly to strengthen the national armed forces to fight wars overseas (for colonisation of overseas territories to exploit those natural resources) as effectively-conscripted soldiers, which is exemplified by the decision of the Welch devolved Assembly to announce a full lockdown of Wales except for Remembrance Day when like dumb-driven cattle the subjects would be expected to come to Cenotaph to march and lay wreaths (and at other memorial monuments) and altogether with the clergy sing 'We Remember Them' as a nation of morons enslaved to serve the Ruling Classes led by the monarchs to sail to the rest of the world to find more resources to plunder in order to satisfy their greed for wealth and consumption of the Earth's Natural Resources. This is a clear strategy to marginalise ordinary people from farming homesteads by commercialising agricultural farming systems through aristocratic barons in which the ordinary folk were in previous generations used as cannon-fodder labour, piled with beer to stop them thinking clearly that they are normal human beings who are deprived of the opportunities to improve their lives materially in that they have the same minds to put to it to use towards. The same is happening now to the hospitality sector and other amenities which employ 2 million people nationwide to earn meagre living and that too has become the first casualty of the restriction regime employed now by the State in the three Tiers of Alertness under the pretence that this is being done to save lives. They could not give a damn about saving lives except using them on a use and dispose strategy as and when the targeted economic growth permits. They educate their children to moronic standard science and history to engender the herding slogan 'United We Stand Divided We Fall' patriotism just so that the Ruling Classes of aristocrats can think of new ways of gaining wealth and influence in the rest of the world through the enforcement of secular values of administration of other nations away from Sanatan Dharma.

If you think that Liberty should discuss this motion in the next Annual General Meeting that I would like to submit it for consideration, please let me know immediately, so that I can sign your Donation-ink tonight. Yours sincerely Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL Tel: 07967789619 On Thursday, 22 October 2020, 15:23:44 BST, Olivia Percival, Liberty wrote: Dear Shantanu, On Monday we launched our £15,000 Crowdfunder appeal so that we can keep providing free human rights legal advice to anyone who needs it during the pandemic. The great news is that more than 250 people have responded, giving in excess of £6,000 so far. This gets us on the way to temporarily increasing our staffing to meet the rise in demand, providing essential training for advisers and doing vital outreach work with groups most affected. We now need your help to get us to our target. A donation at any level you can afford will help us strengthen our invaluable Advice and Information service at a time when it is both more challenged and more needed than ever. DONATE NOW → We’ve been working flat out during the pandemic to provide urgent, accurate legal advice. And our regularly updated Coronavirus Advice and Information Hub has been viewed more than 120,000 times, demonstrating how vital this service is. We’ve produced tailored advice for protesters and homeless people so they know their rights. And we’re still providing bespoke legal advice to members of the public. We’ve been blown away by the amazing response we’ve had already, but your donation will help us get that bit closer to our target. If you have already donated, I would like to say a huge thank you and make one small request: it would be great if you could share our page with friends and family who might be interested in supporting the Crowdfunder.

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