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To:Indeed Sun, 25 Oct at 10:26

Hello indeed

What should I do now, please tell me. I am at your service. Please direct the rest of my life. I will put my mind to the tasks required of me in full loyalty to Her Majesty. I do not need any damages and compensation now. I am no longer in need of any of my websites past or present on the internet, as I am firmly now in Mahasamadhi mode of existence but not in Shanti Niwas free of intrusions by my wife and daughter to live on until death us apart. I could not go to a Care Home or a mental hospital as an asylum to get away from the samsara to await as natural a death as is possible with the present level of tamasic-guna in Brahma-Nature.

So your wish is my command

Please tell me the decision today so that I can inform Royal Mail now if I would or would not be able to fulfil my Christmas Casual employment appointment that starts on 18 November 2020 2.00 pm Induction, and clarify if I am obliged by the Supreme Court to physically be present at the Ashford Hearing Centre on 10 May 2021, 2.00 pm to argue my mitigating circumstances to the Judge now appointed by the Justices of the Supreme Court on this Sunday.

Yours sincerely

Shantanu Panigrahi

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Shantanu Panigrahi shared a memory. tSpoinsdh5oredm · Shared with Public Public

I am in a better position and more experienced of life now to be able to provide an updated reconsideration of what I wrote.a year ago, Facebook. One must live only for the moment in the performance of dharma, unattached to life and limb because dharma definitely rakshati rakshita as the eternal law of the universe. One must always set oneself the highest ideals of dharma (and nothing can be a higher ideal than protecting and nurturing the hand that feeds one, in the family in society, and ultimately in Nature) on the basis and presumption that that is Sanatan Dharma, and one should follow that path through all one's trials and tribulations as one navigates the nuances of Nature. When one follows this satya-advaitic yogic path in life and tests through experimental studies of one's travel in life-journey one edges slowly and steadily to that truth and if one is lucky enough to live to the end-point of this realisation process inherent in the quest for the truth from intense vigilance that alerts one to fullest-awareness of the imminent realities one then has pristine knowledge and wisdom to be able to survive to a natural death in the Mahasamadhi state of mind in which one is able to act spontaneously and nonchalantly to continue performing one's dharma in the confirmation that one has from personal evidence found that dharmo rakshati rakshita is true so one has become fearless and no longer suffering from paranoia in judging what the next action (karma) should be as Sanatan Dharma in operating from one's subconscious mind.

So the moral of this story is survive for as long as possible using whatever means and tactics one judges to enable one to retain one's liberty to collect observational information in relentlessly expanding one's horizons of knowledge-acquisition so as to learn about the constitution and functionality of Nature until one proves to oneself that one's experimental quest for truth accommodation has satisfied one of the existence of dharma rakshati rakshita as the eternal law of the universe in Brahma-Nature so that you are then able to conclude your karma knowing that you have a clear conscience that you have always acted correctly and lawfully.

After the Realisation of having lived one's life to the full and self-satisfied with one's karma performed during one's existence on the planet as mission-accomplished there is nothing left to live for because living is stressful to the mind requiring one to struggle physically and mentally to feed one’s body by undertaking mundane activities designed for satisfying the physical senses and therefore for one's ego in admiring onself for the feeling that one gets in terms of instant-happiness and satisfaction derived from those actions of having lived life to the full gratifying your body's pleasure-senses of taste, smell, sights, reading watching cinemas and shows, doing sports for energetic state of the body but these experiences of the body are so temporarily-fleeting a release of the endorphins in the brain in the feeling of elation that one gets from those activities such that one sees time and again that it is a foolish and utterly self-deĺusional state of a joyous mind from which one is quickly brought down to Earth the very next moment when one has to return to one's chores of actions and reactions designed to keep the body safe from the predators of Brahma-Nature to remain alive for the continuation of mind-stressed existence that is never at durable peace so one suffers. So for s Brahmoadvaita Vedantist that I have now become living only has one purpose, to seek the truth, and when there is no longer any truths left to search out having realised the meaning of life in the perfection of existence one arrives into the Mahasamadhi state of mind where one's mind which is the entity that experiences suffering is no longer attached to the body so one has nothing left to live for: one no longer has a need to do work as an slave to one's body, and therefore not as a slave to others demanding one’s physical and mental attention and services so one then goes with the ebb and flow of the tides of Brahma-Nature, free and liberated from the shackles of living. And therefore one lives only awaiting natural death from life in total peace and utter bliss, but no longer deliberately-resisting intrusions into one's mind from components of Brahma-Nature if one cannot find a ashram (Shanti Niwas) of total physical seclusion from every other living being, as one has not able to do if one is physically-confined to one's family-abode or in a mental asylum where intrusive-demands are made upon you still in these rules-regulated settings requiring you to partake in their own physical activities to rehabilitate you into some form of living (like reading the Bible, arts and crafts, taking part in pastor-led meditation, playing scrabble and pool and complying with anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications or the blood tests and electro-convulsive therapies imposed on you and with having to observe abstinences set out such as not smoking tobacco, cannabis and alcohol and putting up with the administered-medications and the non-vegan foods enforced upon one; or if you are released into the Community under semi-detention terms having to comply with medications as depot injections and oral ones such as anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications given to you by your wife under the supervision of the State’s Consultant Psychiatrist; all of which restrain one's mind from going with the natural ebb and flow of the tides of Nature if one is not totally detached from one's Consciousness and totally stop karma accepting everything that happens to you so you end up in a fully-natural death rather than as a martyr to the cause of performing Sanatan Dharma still.

So in true Mahasamadhi end-point there is no karma and no specific dharma: one accepts everything that one finds oneself in. One sees that even in this 'non-ashram' abode if one acts in ones subconscious until death comes it is the continuation of dharma to be defined as Mahasamadhi-dharma of truth-accommodation such that one's reactions of unpremeditated spontaneity retains its self-preservational property because of the underlying eternal law that 'dharma rakshati rakshita'.

Shantanu Panigrahi 25 ldeetslSOsncihtopombfeSr onus2Sore0g19d · Shared with Your friends and Meera's friends Friends When ones life depends on it then only does one stop searching for truths and dharma as religious preoccupations and conducts ones duties to oneself alone in order to live and exist on this Earth to witness what is going on. So life is paramount. My elder sister Meera Panigrahi taught me that.

25 October 2020 22.57 hours

25 October 2020c Update:

RE: Department Manager (Children's) - 39 hrs - IKEA Lakeside at IKEA and 6 more environmental manager jobs in Chatham for you!

MAIL/Sent shanpanigrahi

To:Indeed Sun, 25 Oct at 14:16

Dear indeed

Thank you for this email as I review my Mahasamadhi state of mind and in the interest of polite subservience to the State authorities sureender my remaining ego to any truths I might have discovered through the yoga I employed over the past 22 years and find that dharma rakshati rakshita has not generated the justice that I sought through the process of dharmayuddha at least not yet. I still have not had my cherished scientific Blog of the exploration of Nature rewarded by the award of millions of pounds sterling in damages and compensation arising first from the unjustified charge by the University of Greenwich of gross misconduct thereby without a Hearing of the issues surrounding the one year work place harassment that led to my dharmayudha dog-fight with the Supreme Court now saying that it agreed with the University’s decision to deprive me of my livelihood and Defaming me further that I have been paranoid schizophrenic with persistent delusional disorder that the world is not entitled to read about from the restoration of my Wordpress Blog and the LinkedIn publication page and Twitter facilities that have catalogued 22 years of State-organised religious persecution that even God could not prevent or facilitate the just material justice on that I feel any innocent human being is entitled to, not be carted into a mental hospital as you did to me in 2004 and 2008 and are considering doing so again today.

I await the next State-sponsored act of terrorism on me that I will respond to by coming out of Mahasamadhi as having been a delusional pursuit for peace and tranquillity of my mind and will forward any email I receive from you or from anyone else to the Magistrate at North Kent Magistrates Court prosecuting the Chief Constable of Kent Police under my private prosecution.

Yours sincerely

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26 October 2020 Update:

Re: Internal Sales Executive, UK & Ireland at Sartorius Corporation and 33 more Sales jobs for you!


To:Indeed Sun, 25 Oct at 19:51

Dear indeed

What did you make of the attached review: in light of my reply to you earlier this afternoon, I have not found Shanti Niwas abode, and as the analysis makes clear, going to a mental asylum would be jumping from the frying pan of a nagging wife into the fire of enforced depot injections in the mental hospital, I fear with your further intrusions into my life, and Reed has joined the State-brigade of terrorism. Is there ever any freedom to live in peace and tranquillity? There has to be Mahasamadhi-dharma within Sanatan Dharma not with going with the ebb and flow, for Brahma-Nature spares no-one ever. So I have no option but to forward your email to North Kent Magistrates Court, as attached (ToNorthKentMagistratesCourtccKentPoliceccInBrief(ECHR)22Oct2020.docx requesting an update to the private prosecution of the Chief Constable of Kent Police, to whom you were referred to as Saale madarchod bhosadiwale suar ke bacche kahinke pig-shit bastards out to destroy my religion of Bhakti-Advaita Vedanta within the traditions of Hinduism.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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