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Choice between Dual and Nondual Existence

Duality and Non-duality

The Mind is Consciousness (Brahman, Self) in advaita-living of being nondual in one's perceptions.

Some of the ancient rishis of Hinduism wished to be at one with the eternal Existence for blissful living. But that is escapism in having to live in an Ashram secluded from the samara for liberation (moksha). It is not viable for a householder to be in that action-less state of mind when one has to earn a living, cope with the problems of raising a family, be productive and useful in society, all of which requires one to use one's own intelligence to survive and prosper materially within samsara. In these conditions and circumstances the person has to study the Consciousness in detail and see how it works or one cannot survive, for the world and Nature that we perceive and live in as living beings is Prakriti, in which one has to develop full awareness of the imminent, durable and permanent realities. When one searches through gyana yoga the Meaning of life becomes clear for one experiences the existence of Brahma-Nature as Prakriti that is regulated by the eternal law of Sanatan Dharma, the performance of which leads to the same liberation and bliss existence but greater knowledge acquired through actions (karma) from varied and diverse life experiences. One learns and the one has the choice and freewill of whether to participate in samsara or retire to Mahasamadhi state of mind in nondual Consciousness (Brahman,Self) for satchitananda.

So the end-point of non-dual existence and existence in duality (involving bhakti, gyana through karma in performing Sanatan Dharma where one’s karma is never over until death when all ones duties as kartabvya are over and if one is satisfied with one’s life of having lived to the perfection of dharma is not the same), for in advaita one has escaped from the world into Consciousness whereas in living as a human being within samasara one has striven to become a purushuttama like Rama always in devotion to Sri Krishna who is the creator of the universe as Consciousness/Brahman.

In other words Hinduism gives us the choice, whether to live in samsara (a difficult path not for the faint-hearted, which requires strength of mind and purpose to navigate Brahma-Nature perfectly for material prosperity that gives spiritual-ananda as a karma-yogi; or escape from it into Brahman-Consciousness which is atheistic and self-centred. In Brahmoadvaita Vedanta one is never free and operates subconsciously to perform one’s karma to lead one to ones destiny whatever that maybe for God Sri Krishna created Brahman with its Brahma-Nature for us humans to live, enjoy through prosperity and service to the Planet and all Mother Nature’s creations, so we have a duty to God to live in samsara and it is possible for He has given us everything that we need to be able to chart our lives to reach our goal of the attainment of peace of mind in Shanti Niwas.

29 October 2020, 17.10 hours Update:

£10,000 demand as Full and Final Settlement Draft Proposal Received by me from Sainsburys through ACAS


To:Case Cc:HRAdv ERAdmin,Katie Marshall-Bailey,Northkent

Thu, 29 Oct at 07:35


For the attention of Sue Weatherburn

Thank you for your email yesterday evening appended to the day’s earlier proceedings with the Solicitor Acting for Sainsburys plc attached ToKatieMarshallBailey(SainsburysSolicitor)28Oct2020.docx.

There are mitigating circumstances which should now be taken into account in arriving at a figure of £10,000 unconditional payment to me that I am now demanding as the full and final settlement, that need to be reassessed by ACAS. These are attached FrKimberly(LawAttorneyagainstSainsburys)20May2020.docx; and FrSaale madarchod bhosadiwale suar ke bacche kahinke pig-shit bastards27Oct2020.docx, that were inserted into my work-schedule and subsequently by Victims of Panigrahi Association (VOPA) represented by Dr Sivaji Panesar, Marty Caine, Nitin Bhardwaj, FritzWuehler, Edward Mulhouse, who should be contacted immediately by ACAS to give evidence of systematic disruption to my work at Sainsburys Tonbridge through inciting hatred as a Hate Crime towards me for which the private prosecution of the Chief Constable of Kent Police is proceeding at the North Kent Magistrates Court, as shown in the attached APPLICATION FOR SUMMONS_-(Apply27Oct2020).docx.

The substantive points for discussion prior to the 10 May 2020 2.00 pm Hearing that I will attend must incorporate your deliberations over the five other job applications and interviews arranged (two attended) at Sainsburys (and Argos) in its various locations in Kent, which have not yet been resolved to my satisfaction, in that the Fair Treatment Hearings arranged through Ian Tasker and Steve Bruce did not allow me an opportunity to present myself to the Company in the presence of Mr Yaw Aboagwe Gwekye, Gavin Russell, Oliver, and especially Charlie Kemp in relation to the text messages that we exchanged during the period of my 12 week probation as extended without the inputs of the Regional Manager of Sainsburys. These text messages will be produced at the Hearing if a reasonable settlement with the endorsement of my Sainsburys Colleague Discount Card, and employment not reinstated and sent to me in the post; so that I can claim staff-discounts on purchases that we as a family have made at Sainsburys Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre Branch since June 2020 and all future purchases that we make at Sainsburys and associated companies, such as Habitat, Argos, etc.

I would be grateful for an immediate acknowledgement of this email, so that I can decide whether or not to consult a legal advisor and obtain legal representation for the private prosecution of the Chief Constable of Kent Police today.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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