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Dear indeed

I avoided just now deleting the email from thinking that I must not sacrifice Hinduism in my momentary attachment of the mind to save Hinduism at least, if not save the world by my pronouncement that Satyamev Jayate, Jatha dharma Tatha Jaya, and Dharmo Rakshiti Rakshita is the eternal law of the universe as Sanatan Dharma, but then that is an attachment to my construction of Green Socialism for the emancipation of mankind and glory to me as my legacy for humanity for the foreseeable future as a man born before his time, and so must be shed.

So fortunately, I have no delusions of grandeur on my conceptions and of justifying my 22 year struggle for justice through Brahmanism dharmayudha awakened by the seemingly visions of impending doldrums (my email utterances like 'moving on to higher things from the noddy work of poultry nutrition', 'for al's intents and purposes', 'in this continuing quest to satisfy the need to know, to unlock the secret codes of the universe so to speak', 'Big Brother here in the United Kingdom wanting a nation of morons in a Police State', so I had 'to punch the final nail in the coffin of the British State') that I was to continue to face a riches to rags life with no prospects for recovery of material benefits from the hard work in dedication to the cause of truth that I have put in during these 22 years as no acknowledgement has been received from the Indian High Commission that 'well done son, you are truly a Bharat Ratna award winning ‘pujari’ for having proven Hinduism right and fighting as a Hindutva to try and restore Hindu dharmarashtra within India and beyond in its diaspora of the United Kingdom’. So I am fully aware that my Theory of Evolution as enunciated through the realisation of Brahmo-advaita Vedanta with its composition Brahma-Nature constituting of guna-consciousness 'gods' within the Triad of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and all the millions of other such entities that fall in between such as Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, etc in Brahman as magically-created by Sri Krishna the Creator with a self-preservation mechanism built-in that no amount of scientific examination can probe out the evidence for because magical Mind (Consciousness) is uninvestigable only philosophised; bearing in mind that this Superlord that I felt I had communicated with from 1999 using a digital clock to use 3,6, & 9 numbers initially and then when not satisfied that this was scientific-enough using the single number '7' to continue the conversation with until this Superlord refused to give me statistically-valid confirmation that I was truly connecting with any such Divine Power, so that I decided to go it alone and have done so during the past 18 months to learn about Nature from more indirect satya-advaitic yoga studies to lose progressively all my attachments to bodily functions to operate only from my subconscious interface with the Mind as Consciousness; could all be delusional and so to be regarded as fictional creations of the human imagination. This is how I see things now having failed to get my cherished Blog and Linkedin publication page and Twitter login restored, let alone getting £30 million credited from the UK Treasury into my Santander Account on this delayed response that you have sent me now as an agent of the Supreme Court in response to the attached search for another solicitor/law firm to take my Case forward seriously: see attached: ToCreighton&PartnersSolicitorsccMaudsleyHospital(MentalHealth Solicitor Required Immediately)27Oct2020.docx.

So if the Justices this evening will arrange for me to go in for an assessment at Maudsley Hospital for Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Services in their final analysis, I would be grateful, for I do feel that the lurasidone and sertraline medications imposed upon me over the past 8 months have not cured me of the above delusional mind - both my wife and I are convinced that the Risperidone that I was on for 12 years or so was working so effectively that I held the Shell UK Job for two years (1996-1998) and the Sherlodge Garage Job that I held for another 2 years (2010-2012) with the Wigmore Newspaper Agency job in the meantime, so if autism is rejected, may I be placed back on Risperidone from tomorrow morning as I need my Royal Mail Job starting on the 18 November 2020-Induction to make ends meet in light of the economic-depression that the country is facing from the latest surge in Coronavirus pandemic that is spreading across the nation.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel 07967789619

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ToCreighton&PartnersSolicitorsccMaudsleyHospital(Mental Health Solicitor Required Immediately)27Oct2020.docx 13.6kB



Mental Health Solicitor Required Immediately


Tue, 27 Oct at 08:36

To Creighton & Partners Solicitors Specialist Family Law Solicitors

Our specialist Family Law Solicitors based in Central & South London and Staines are experts in Children Law, Divorce & Separation and Mediation. We started as a firm dealing with children cases, in particular those involving children subject to care proceedings, but we have expanded to deal with a wide range of family issues including but not limited to child protection and abduction, pre-nups and post-nups. 020 7976 2233

Dear Sirs Please see the attached communications: ToRaviPatel(GovernmentLawyer)ccMadarchods27Oct2020.docx, with regard to which I am not sure if I need a Mental Health Specialist Solicitor or a Regular Litigation-processing solicitor.

I am expecting some developments this morning with regard to these proceedings, so would be grateful if you could reply to this email before 9.30 am this morning either to state that you are able to represent me and take instructions from me in defence or processing of the Appeal at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom immediately. I still regard myself to being a political prisoner detained in the Community without ever being issued and served with a Community Treatment Order since the 2004 and 2008 incarcerations in mental hospital for 3 months and 1 month respectively, and now being State-enforced on unnecessary 74 mg Lurasidone (anti-psychotic) and 150 mg Sertraline (anti-depressant) medications that have generated horrendous physical and mental side effects (hyperprolactinaemia, high cholesterol, urological issues, prediabetes, tremors, erectile dysfunction and high prostate specific antigen for which I am being assessed for prostate cancer again following the Biopsy and MRI investigations a year ago) instead of being given an appointment with Maudsley Hospital for the autism that I have inherited in my genes from my parents in India, on the dubious grounds that my childhood history is no longer available to the Consultant Psychiatrist at this Hospital to assess me for Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Assessments.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

ToRaviPatel(GovernmentLawyer)ccMadarchods27Oct2020.docx 13.7kB

6 November 2020 Update:

One must learn the lessons of history and devise revolutionary thinking bearing in mind the progress of human societies into the future should follow the eternal laws of Nature, if there is appropriate truth-accommodation that I have practiced through satya-advaita yoga.

Hinduism must accordingly change if it is to be taken seriously by mankind for which full analysis of uptodate science and philosophy must be undertaken:


Shantanu Panigrahi

It is for an individual to find out for himself or herself which truths he or she should believe in by seeking concrete proof of the fundamental law said to be the eternal law that sets out his or her actions in life. One is a really good Hindu if one is free in one's thoughts on what should be the direction of his or her life from the studies that he or she is able to conduct. Even Gita's scriptures should be tested in one's own life freely, and that freedom has historically only existed in the Indian culture of Bharat or Hindustan. This freedom for all citizens to practice their beliefs used to be fostered in small State communities under a king as ruler taking his spiritual advice from rishis as advisors. When India became independent in 1947 the whole sub-continent was regulated and governed under a single Constitution eroding away people's freedom and liberty to live in the way they chose to in the different States with their individual cultural communities that had developed their own languages and customs conducive to survival of the peoples in the limitations of their special and unique agro-ecological environment. This led to the Kalyug now where no one has a religion that is right for him or her that enables the family and community to survive. The Panchayat system of the government of local communities became politicised when democracy was introduced at a national level of India and within the federal states that cannot defend themselves from intruders into their communities. People now think of nationalism in terms of the government of the country which is very corrupt being funded be vested interests nationally and even internationally which impose conditions such as human rights values of equality of sexes and of people with different religions such as Christianity and Islam. So Hindus are lost in the wilderness of tamasic forces in Kalyuga having no confidence any longer in the caste and verna Vedic system of social stratification that created a civilisation of Hinduism for thousands of years living in harmony with Mother Nature. The decision to bring India together as nation of people governed by the education of madrasas teaching the religion of Islam and the erection of mosques of Islam and the Bible and churches of Christianity destroyed Hinduism over 1000 years and we as Hindus have lost faith in our ancient scripture and the epics of the Ramayàna and Mahabharatta except to pay lip service at festival such as Diwali and Holi and Dusshhera and other pujas such as Durga puja. So we are so confused that we do not regard Muslims and Christian's as enemies of Hindus because we have false pride in selected themes of being pluralistic and tolerant and not being minded to fight in dharmayudha to save our religion in all its dimensions like idol worship, praying to traditional mantras and shlokas like gayatri mantra and having a purely Hindu kshatriya army to defend our communities from intruding parasits like China, Pakistan and Bangladesh because our politicians are corrupt and take their orders from America and the United kingdom under the United Nations and the Commonwealth respectively. We are slaves to these foreign powers who have enforced consumerism into Hindus to generate belly-satisfying and brain satisfying habits rather than seeking liberty from the body by feeding the mind with ancient inherited truths like Satyamev Jayate and dharma rakshati rakshita. So Hindus are persecuted in India if they live a Hindutva life and are encouraged to emigrate to western countries for their roles as slave labour to humanimal and rakshases and asuras.

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