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Updating Her Majesty, the Queen of the United Kingdom: Final Resort

Progress of the Appeal to lift Claim E35YM660 from adjournment of 12 May 20202

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To:Enquiries Central London County,Enquiries Central London County

Wed, 4 Nov at 07:58

To Her Ladyship Her Honour Judge Backhous

Circuit Judge

Dear Madam

1. This morning I feel very dejected and depressed that all my attempts to exercise the direction of travel of my own life within the context of the society of the United Kingdom has continued to fall on deaf years and I foresee grave dangers of impending doom for us as well as for the world unless we change course and construct a society that is updated with fresh new understanding based on concrete evidence on the nature of Reality, in the imminence of the problems that confront us and build a State that will enable our children to develop their futures in hope that they are receiving the appropriate guidance from their elders.

2. We are all deluding ourselves (including me perhaps) that we individually have the correct understandings necessary to channel our efforts towards a better future for all our people and I have no delusions of grandeur that I am the most knowledgeable person on Earth not just today but who has ever lived in the history of mankind, or that I am an incarnation of a Superlord who I named as Sri Krishna as being the Creator and Preserver of the universe on a Special Mission for God to put some common-sense into the proceedings in having had the attached latest tentative realisations: Petition13Reformation38Degrees.docx; ToLiberty(Nearly there)1Nov2020.docx; that I am beseeching your Honours guidance on with urgency. This is a matter of life and death for me as well as dare I say for all the inhabitants of the United Kingdom and perhaps even beyond as my Claim sets out, particularly in light of the lack of coherent response from the Mental Health Authorities concerning the need to update me with a Care Plan appropriately, as attached: FrJuliePalmer(KMPTPALS)3Nov2020,docx.

3. I should also take this opportunity to submit to the Court that I have been deliberately seemingly thrust into confusion by indeed of Ireland which I am not sure is truly acting on behalf of the Supreme Court in relation to my 5 September 2020 Appeal for directions of the progress of Claim E35YM660: ToSupremeCourt5Sep2020, which angered me that unfortunately I felt it necessary to swear at the Recruitment Company for a second time with the words 'Saale madarchod, bhosadiwale, suar ke bacche kahinke, pig-shit bastard, that the Chief Constable of Kent Police is aware of in regards to the attached summons that I have applied for APPLICATION FOR SUMMONS-1Apply27Oct2020.docx at North Kent Magistrates Court as you may be aware, but which has not yet been processed for some strange reason. I can only guess that the Criminal Court is awaiting your ladyship's full written Judgement on this application.

4. Please attend to this reminder albeit belatedly, in light of the attached submission to me that I have received from the Defendants acting for Mr Boris Johnson/Mrs Theresa May: FrVOPA(CrimAnonEmail)2Nov2020.docx.

5. If no action will be taken pending psychiatric reports, I will telephone Dr Odesanya at 11.00 am this morning if I do not receive an email or a telephone call from you, my Lady.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL Tel: 07967789619

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To: Enquiries Central London County


Sent: Saturday, 31 October 2020, 08:53:08 GMT

Subject: Progress of the Appeal to lift Claim E35YM660 from adjournment of 12 May 2020

To The Circuit Judge

Central London County Court

Royal Courts of Justice Strand London WC2A

To Her Honour Judge Backhouse

Dear Lady

I offer my deepest held respects to you honourable Judge of Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service in this moment of crisis for the welfare of the loving British people in the United Kingdom where I have lived since 1973 and with a family since 1985. I wish to revisit my Application for a restoration of my Claim from adjournment and Orders from your Ladyship for the restoration of my Blog for humanity: together with the Publication page of my LinkedIn articles on the experiences that I have been through along with my Twitter login facility so that we may be in a better position today to mobilise the nations population to rise up and take steps to protect themselves and their children and grandchildren effectively. In regard to this please refer to the documents attached: Central London County Court Judgment or Order 12 May; CLAIMANT'S and Toindeed30Oct2020.docx.

I should be most grateful if you would be asked to address this plea immediately although I am aware that today is a Saturday and you are entitled to weekend off duty. If you are not available kindly ensure that you have the official mechanism in place for a Duty Judge at the Court to telephone me on 07967789619 this morning as I have been harassed, bullied, intimidated to pervert justice through obstruction of justice to terrorise me to put me off my directional path in life by five frivoulous emails from neuvoco or Canada interfering the judicial processes of the island of the United Kingdom.

I thank you in advance of a speedy resolution of this dispute, so that I know how to get on with my life in this continued State-organised persecution on me for my Hindutva religious practices in the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

Central London County Court Judgement or Order 12 May 2020.docx 13.3kB

CLAIMANT'S SUBMISSION31October2020.docx 18.9kB

Toindeed30Oct2020.docx 13.3kB

ToLiberty(Nearly there)1Nov2020.docx 16.9kB

Petition13Reformation38Degrees.docx 19.1kB

FrJuliePalmer(KMPTPALS)3Nov2020.docx 15.6kB

FrVOPA(CrimAnonEmail)2Nov2020.docx 12.4kB

ToSupremeCourt5Sep2020.docx 13.5kB

APPLICATION FOR SUMMONS_-1(Apply27Oct2020).doc 85.5kB

5 November 2020 Update:

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To:Indeed Wed, 4 Nov at 22:55

Dear indeed

It has been a fascinating day on and off the Television Screen watching the United States electoral process in application. I was quietly digesting the complications and half-awaiting the visit by the Police or the Mental Health authorities to question me about my submissions to the Central London County this morning. I was hoping for a visit because they would have told me if I have been in contempt of Courts, of the Parliament, of directly as a treasonable offence under national security of Her Majesty's graciousness expressed to me through Dr Odesanya, Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House who telephoned me at roughly 4.00 pm and asked me on the Voicemail message to ring him back before 5.00 pm.

I did return Dr Odesanya's telephone call as deputising for Her Majesty the Queen because in my paranoid-schizophrenic state of mind this afternoon that only the kind and patient doctor Odesanya understands that I am fortunate enough to have such that I will return his call tomorrow morning at 9.15 am to explain that I had heard from Her Majesty the Queen by showing him your email and these continuing legal proceedings) I thought perhaps I would get the full written Judgment by 5.00 pm from Her Honour Judge Backhouse (see UpdatingHerMajestyQueenPetition8.35 am 4 Nov2020.docx) by email or through the Police or the Mental Health Team when they visit me later this evening, especially since I declined another invitation from to restart negotiations for an out-of-court settlement of the £30 million pounds that I have demanded for the religious persecution against my Hindutva beliefs and the States' associated victimisation due to me from the tripartite Axes-of-Evil (USA,UK and China), but it was not to be ‘indeed’ and my cherished Blog and the LinkedIn publication page and Twitter account are still dismembered and life life's work is further threatened by Victims of Panigrahi Association in the email that I sent to Her Honour Judge Backhouse, and further I do not know if permission is indeed required from the Judgment of the Supreme Court Justices to Order the North Kent Magistrates Court to send me it's full written reasons for not prosecuting the Chief Constable of Kent Police over these years and as directed by the Legal Team of the Criminal Court.

Accordingly, I am in the momentary consideration feeling that since the 1500 national and international criminals who harassed, bullied, intimidated me and perverted justice through obstruction of justice as a Hate Crime against me for my activism of my human right to retaliate proportionately to criminals that I have done over the past 22 years under the Hindu understanding of our religion that Satyamev Jayate, Jatha Dharma, Tatha Jaya, and Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita as the fundamental eternal law of the universe seems to have been an unreasonable attachment of mine that I should relinquish now, in order to survive and follow the principle 'if you cannot beat them join them', not say 'you can take a horse to water but cannot make it drink' from which emanated the proverb 'do not cast pearls before swine (or pig-shit bastards that I have confronted).

Well, one should be philosophical about all one’s missions as they unravel in the light of changing realities, and I am a ‘better late than never’ convert to the knowhow of the western mentality, after such a realisation. As I had said to Liberty in my tentative thoughts I am now a conservative libertarian (note the small c in conservative).

With the Justices permission (unanimously, I hope) do you as a confirmed agent of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom appointed through the Privy Council arrangement give me permission to Appeal to Kent County Council to review the attached rejection letter and appoint me now as Project Officer - see FrRecruitmenthubKentCountyCounciNov2020.docx?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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