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The Philosophy of the Conservative Libertarian Party is security for liberty and liberty for security. This is the essence of living. We need to be very careful indeed in making our decision on actions that we should take every moment of life by a thorough understanding of the laws of Nature, and taking opportunities to better ourselves materially and spiritually through the passage of time in a risk-averse attitude that conserves and builds the material and spiritual 'house' that we live in. This is the meaning of Environmental Sustainability. One step at a time and see which way the wind blows before jumping on to the next step to try and enhance one's prospects for self-preservation and the appropriate development of the family and the wider society that we are governed by to regulate and control our human activities. Being libertarian per se is not the objective of the personal or communal struggle. One cannot isolate oneself from wider humanity, for we cannot each individually do all of the things that we need to feed, clothe, house, study and develop our knowledge which is the fundamental basis of actions individually and collectively. We need like-minded people according to the saying birds of a feather flock together to create a Party of political activists who would argue their case and take part in democracy to influence changes to the society in a peaceful and totally non-violent manner. by persuasion of ones principles and belief-led mission to better ourselves in our mental development and better our chances of survival in a tough Nature that restricts our abilities to act selfishly and in greed for gathering in the natural resources for our own consumption from the Planet that we inhabit. This is the ethos of Conservative Libertarianism, and it is a secular conception, notwithstanding that on the balance of probability God is the Creator of the universe and Nature has a built-in Gaia mechanism of checks and balances that carves the path to the emergence of new races and species of life forms on Earth. It is therefore imperative that we focus only on taking the right decisions ourselves without resort to a higher authority, be that human of spiritual in being a Conservative Libertarian.

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Like all things in Nature, we evolve and develop, for instance we develop individually through our own lives, living from an infant under total dependence on our parents until we are old-enough to go to a school and learn things that start to make us stronger with knowledge from being educated formally on science, mathematics, morality, literature, music and all the rest of the issues that would make us stronger mentally to grow to a state of mental disposition by our late teens to be able to stand on one's own two feet no longer dependent on nurturing by our parents because we can go to work. Or we go to college and university to become more mature and specialise in our specific areas of interest that we have creative talents for. We are now at the hands of the State which guides us on how to be a good citizen to live in harmony-socially interacting with others and contributing to the welfare of the people with whom we learn to live symbiotically. And so we have become adults and get married and have a family of our own and for raising them we buy or build houses as having presumed to have become complete human beings. This is fine if one thinks that the only thing that matters is that we should be able to feed, clothe and house ourselves from incomes that we earn from our labour and scientific, technological and medical contributions to society. The question arises however that apart from the body, we have a mind, and mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more. For the mind agitates and directs the body into actions which unless regulated through thought-control could lead the person astray in life away from a harmonising outlook. And the State or society cannot help in this personal guidance, much as it tries through religious institutions or psychiatric means that tamper with the brain and hence the mind through worshipping a God or being given medications that are generally anti-psychotic and anti-depressants to go with talking-therapy, and if these prove unsuccessful to the person such that his conduct is society has not harmonised with what is required of the person by the State that he or she lives under the State takes resort to more severe means of restraints on the person through perhaps the implementation of electroconvulsive therapy, and eventually, by incarceration in mental hospitals to be restrained under lock and key so that the person cannot do any damage to society. Such eventualities must be borne in mind by every citizen and educated on to convince them that it is undesirable in that it is not genetically-determined but due to mental delusions of the individual borne of brainwashed upbringing such as Holy Books like Bible, Gita and Koran are responsible as undesrirable misguidance. These forms of education with the limitations of science in fathoming the human mind for the determination of conducive rational direction of the future of mankind is what is required urgently to prevent conflicts among humans nationally and internationally.

The Conservative Libertarian bases its ethos on these fundamental human conditions, and throughout history some religions have played a part, notably the Buddhism, and Hinduism and other lesser attempts at regulating the human population since to raise the people to rhe needs of the States under which they live in the specific agro-geographical and agro-ecological regions of the world. That is all in the past as they were human efforts with the science they knew to construct societies that served the puroposes of thoase bygone agees. What is now clear to me is that no matter where one lives, the mind has to be kept under control. If it is kept under control one can have a good life. It is when one gets too ambitious and greedy for material acquisitions and fame to be admired and to leave behind a legacy that one is suffering from the greatest of all delusions, namely to delusion of grandeur under attachment to an objective that we have a purpose to our live other than simple basic living until we die a natural dealh. So we begin to suffering mentally, and have mental health problems such as depressions and anxieties. In turn, this affects the quality of the work that we do in employment and social work within the State that we live under physically but also internally in the body as a stressed mind also generates physiological and biochemical and immune changes in the body that make us prone to infectious diseases and other disorders of the brain and the rest of the body. We then are perennially at the hands of doctors and clinicians with heart and liver conditions that we take medications for and go in for operations such as cardiac by-pass surgeries and heart pace-makers; all to give us extended lives that is considered to be the objective because we think that we still have work to do as a karma yogi, that our ancient civilisation leads us to believe, not knowing that actions have reactions and the cycle of conflict and resolutions of those conflicts entails the expenditure of tremendous amount of financial and human resources that is counter-intuitively against the principle of harmonising with Nature.

The Conservative Libertarian philosophy is therefore something different to striving for a mundane life of mundane work but is based on constant thinking or what we do in order to retain a peaceful mind at all times. A mind is not at peace if the basic needs of the body in terms of comforts of living are not satisfied granted but a balance of mind and body in a holistic approach to living is required. Unless we have a peaceful mind individually and collectively, we are restless setting ourselves wishes, hopes, ambitions, missions, objectives, anticipations, expectations, etc, in the belief that our material fate is in our own physical hands and the spirituality of peace-advocation has no part to play in enabling one to survive to a grand old age, which comes only when the mind is peaceful. This is the attitude that we promote, for unless we have our material and spiritual reliance under mind-control, we are not in balance with Nature in harmonising with the status quo. That wisdom of harmonising with our work and actions is known as truth-accommodation and it alone generates sufficient material provisions for one to survive on as well as generating the peace of mind in having had the self-control over our activities that has not harmed Nature, whether in the form of a bee, an insect an elephant, a tree, virus, bacterial or another human being. When one lives to that harmony one is totally balanced in one's actions and work in having a clean conscience that one has taken from Nature only what we needs for our basic survival through our lives and have not overstretched Nature by increasing our demands for natural resources or other goods and services that the brain obtains endorphin-releasing satisfaction, happiness and elation from that places Nature under undue stress so it reacts accordingly. One must accordingly strive for freedom and freethought as far as Nature in the form of the State that one lives under restricts us and progress our living forwards. The Conservative Libertarian mould of living therefore has no dharma (duties and righteous actions) nor is it attached to the concept of even wishing to survive as an attachment too many that afflicts the peace of mind, for one knows from a study of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry that we are just like other animals in that we are naturally genetically-endowed with a specific range of life-longevity and trying to extend that with physical exercises to keep one's body in ship-shape condition and taking vitamin supplements and other medications for changes in the body that cause physical and mental pain are never going to give one medium to longer terms happiness and peace of mind.

So the Conservative Libertarian is not interested in keeping his body alive and healthy. He is interested in keeping it going for as long as he is alive on moment by moment considerations without objectives in a natural, nonchalantly manner spontaneously operating from one’s subconscious state of mind so that we have no attachments to the body or mind, and then taking whatever actions are needed to live productively for another moment in life. That is all. The ethos does not plan ahead, for planning and scheming to make changes to our lives to meet any desires one may have for glory or to live longer, or to live in greater comfort that one is supposedly not endowed for genetically is dependent on considerable uncertainties on the reality of Nature both in terms of our knowledge of how it works at the minutest detail level and as it changes from one moment to the next so that the scientists today are unable to understand being what is ‘wrong’ to seek to find needless solutions for with our bodies and how to react to the disease-afflictions intruding upon our lives that we need to contend with from wider Nature, such as coronavirus and other viral and bacterial or malarial microorganisms with whom we share this planet.

So the Conservative Libertarian philosophy is to cope by adapting and taking preventative measures to block out from oneself all intrusions into our independence of living in a non-violent manner and let Nature take its course; if we suffer from a disease, or attacked by humaniamals or are rendered to poverty then, so what, we are philosophical that ‘that is life’ which has had a natural end and peacefully so.

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