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Shantanu Panigrahi

Sun, 8 Nov at 18:22

Dear Sirs

Although I was born a Hindu in the Hindu traditions, I have had the inclination and good fortune with updated facilities here in the United Kingdom to re-evaluate Vedanta from studies that I have conducted over the past 22 years and have arrived at a conception that I would like a page to be allocated to in Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

Satya-advaita Vedanta is the culmination of extensive reviews of the literature in Hinduism and in the context of other world religions that we as humanity have inherited from our predecessors over the past few thousand years of human civilisation. It traces the fundamental concept of truth and what that leads to in terms of the ultimate objective and purpose of life, and especially in the coming of humanity over the past 1 million years with settled civilisation being roughly 40, 000 years from the time that man first in the form of Homo erectus and then the second wave of humanity that we call Homo sapiens came out of Africa and spread throughout the globe.

The understanding of how modern humans came about and how the Evolution of the Species through the Paleontological Tree of life as the materials that we have to make a study of the Meaning of Existence is the subject of my most recent article published in Linkedin Account and my website The fundamental basic informational material that I gathered over the past 12 years are contained in a predecessor website which has been suspended and archived by the Company and all my legal efforts, most notably this evening have proved to be in vain: see ToSirIanBrady&SupremeCourtofIndiaccShangmail8Nov2020.docx.

My alternative email account as you will note is

It is unfortunately my assessment that the current States of humanity is not ready for such information as it takes a generation for anyone to fathom what I have discovered as the secret codes of the universe that I have been able to look into and come to an assessment despite considerable opposition to my investigations at Religious Forums, Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Forum, Rational Skepticism, Talk Rational, Secular Cafe, Atheism Plus, Advaita-List, Speaking Tree and Hindu Dharma Forums with whom I have had detailed Forum discussions with to get to the bottom of Science and Religion.

I have tried to develop a political party with the attached Conception (ConservativeLibertarianEthos.docx) of where humanity needs to go from here, but the website was not allowed to flourish: .

So I wondered who could put my ideas and discoveries to the ultimate test of being accepted by humanity worldwide, and it is for this reason that I have taken this step of writing to you having failed to get any court of law in the United Kingdom or abroad including the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights, The European Court of Justice, the Supreme Court of India and the Security Council of the United Nations with whom I have had considerable interactions over these 22 years, to try and find an asylum State that would facilitate my freethought and expression as the fundamental need for Scientists to explore the universe failed to materialise. Only France through OFPRA in 20004 offered me tentative asylum but when I travelled to Dover to get a ferry to France, I was apprehended by Dover Police and sent to a mental hospital for 3 months to restore me to mundane-sanity, and start a mundane life in menial employment when after an unblemished scientific career of 18 years at the Natural Resources Institute was terminated because I started moving on to higher things from the noddy work of Animal Nutrition and Production within the context of Agricultural Development and Environmental Sustainability to diversify my knowledge base from the study of Humanology.

This was again frowned upon when in 2008 I was returned to another mental hospital here in the United Kingdom on a supposed lapse of persistent delusional disorder, that I had in that 2004-2008 been diagnosed with following the 1998 diagnosis when Dr Rao of BUPA considered that I was only suffering from severe depression with psychotic features. I had become psychotic because my scientific hypotheses at the Natural Resources Institute under the Department of Overseas Development of the United Kingdom were dismissed and I could not get research grants to pursue my special interests at the University of Greenwich which had taken over the Institute from the Scientific Civil Service.

Following the second incarceration in the 2008 mental hospital I was very edgy and nervous on how to go about finding out the constitution of Reality by staying freely in the Community under the constant watch of the State security services and its Community Mental Health institutions. This mixed with mixed picture that I was receiving on the existence of a Personal God and uncertainty over dharmayudha and gyana yoga made me paranoid-schizophrenic and in 2019 Dr Odesanya, the latest Consultant Psychiatrist of the United Kingdom's National Health Service promptly diagnosed me as such with autism being also indicated. I was however quite in control of my mental faculties and survived till today in the Community although still having to take 74 mg lurasidone anti-psychotic medication and 150 mg sertraline anti-depressant medication, as I write and await the decision or the Judgment of the State legal and medical authorities as to whether I should yet be returned to a mental hospital for a third lapse of mental disorder.

I am therefore seeking expert opinion on my findings and beliefs that I would be able to rely on to avoid any such eventuality for I do treasure my independence, liberty, freedom to think and act in the most righteous manner every single moment of my life.

Please let me know what suggestions you have because I have consulted nearly 50 lawyers and law-firms to represent me to the Mental Health Tribunal and the Civil Courts under the watch of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Legal Ombudsman, and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, but no one is able to comment on the predicament that I face now.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane


Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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Update on States-organised terrorism on me


Shantanu Panigrahi, Sun, 8 Nov at 16:11

Dear Sir Brady

1. Further to my representation to you as forwarded below, I have had my account totally destroyed for incoming emails and have had to construct this new email account just now to write to you in connection with the dubious nature of the Constitution of the United Kingdom as shown in the attached: ToYahooMail7Nov2020.docx

2. Since I am threatened once again with mental health incarceration in the United Kingdom effectively following the failure of the Indian Government to issue me with a considered decision on how the Constitution of India and the United Kingdom are related in connection with my 2008 Public Interest Litigation against the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi as attached: Correspondence with Satya Pradhan on Facebook on 7 November, I am taking legal advice on this matter if you would be kind enough to acknowledge the proceedings currently adjourned at the Central London County Court under Claim Number E35YM660, as attached: Central London County Court Judgment or Order 12 May 2020.docx.

3. Any costs awarded against me by this Court in favour of Victims of Panigrahi Association or Mr Boris Johnson will be challenged through my lawyer because the Constitutional law governing the United Kingdom's legal and medical establishments has still not been issued to me thereby keeping me in the dark in order to perpetrate further terroristic-persecution on my legal right to remain in the United Kingdom in the independence, comfort and security of my own family-home at the address below under my currently-valid British Passport attached: 2020-05-28(07145)passport.pdf; under International Law at the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel 07967789619

ccCorrespondence Correspondence The Registrar, Supreme Court of India, Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110001 011-23388922-24,23388942 FAX : 011-23381508,23381584 e-mail :

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