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Instant Job Alert: Sales Representative - Work from Home


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to CV-Library

Dear CV Library

I am sorry that you continue to feel that I am only fit for such menial jobs that are paid employment and that too on Commission basis that my nationality and citizenship of the United Kingdom only renders me to take up as I approach my 64th year of age, when I am not just a highly qualified scientist academically and from experience in the studies of Environmental Science and Humanology that I have conducted in arriving at a State of mind that is so mature in knowledge and philosophy that I consider myself to deserve the role of the leadership of the United Kingdom now to shape the future direction of the British Isles had it not been a constitutional monarchy governed by birth right as to who has the divine right to be King or Queen in not being a Republic led by a democratically elected President and consequently has an unwritten khichidi Constitution. As things stand right now we are stuck with this status quo, so I live in such an accommodation of truth in consonance with my religion of Satya--advaita Vedanta.

However, please bear in mind that I would rather live in near poverty with my £1000 per month Teachers pension in the United Kingdom with my British passport and National Insurance Number in tact as a fully naturalised citizen finally than go in for such menial jobs as Christmas Casual work for Royal Mail starting on 18 November 2020, or do volunteer work under the pretext, presumption and false pretences of the Prime Minister Mr Boris Johnson that I am somehow mentally ill for asserting my principles and beliefs in public expressions through my Blog and others like, Facebook, LinkedIn, 38 Degrees, and Twitter accounts. I would rather stay in my Shanti Niwas home with my family in Freethought and expression of those thoughts fearlessly in what remains of my life under the antipsychotic and anti-depressant medications enforced upon me as a political prisoner still allowed to live in the community and not in a mental hospital as happened to me in 2004 and 2008, rather than suffer the indignity of being a slave in menial and volunteering jobs that are supposed to motivate me to being mindful enough to start living in subservience to ignorance in passing my time. At home I can sleep off the indignity of the imposition of thse mind altering medications but will not any longer have to take orders from managers and bosses to affect adversely the peaceful state of mind that I have now attained after a life time of struggle to discover the meaning of life in the nuances of Brahma-Nature.

I have earned this state of liberty in security and security in liberty because Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita and Jatha Dharma Tatha Jaya.

I do sincerely hope you understand my point of view now.

Satyamev Jayate

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoarh Lane



Kent ME80SL


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Subject: Instant Job Alert: Sales Representative - Work from Home Sales Representative - Work from Home based in Nationwide CV-Library Instant

Job Alert CV-Library Sales Representative - Work from Home • Avon Cosmetics •

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To Medway CommunityHealthCare (MCH) Contact Point Query 07967789619

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a mental health patient according to records following legal proceudures that I had undertaken to check on whether the diagnosis of my mental state said to be paranoid schizophrenia coupled with persistent delusional disorder together bordering on autism as diagnosed by the Mental Health authorities at Britton House, Gillingham Kent ME7 1AL Tel: 0300 303 3189 most recently led by Dr F Odesanya the Consultant Psychiatrist at this Centre, for which I am presribed lurasidone anti-psycotic and sertraline anti-depressant medications to enable me to live in the Community and not in a mental hospital after two previous such hospitalisations in 2004 and 2008. This morning my GP Dr Mawanche telephoned me at 11.40 am to check on my welfare and I explained to him that I have had to deal with further criminal anonymous emails including one sent to the Surgery pretending that I was the sender and one to my elder sister in India Meera Panigrahi which has caused us distress. I have been receiving these criminal anonymous emails since September 2017, and these have also been sent to my associates like my former Care Coordinator at Canada House Funke Aderibole and to Dr Odesanya as well. I have now unscubsribed from the Yahoo account and all those Recruitment agencies like indeed of Ireland and neuvoco of Canada, and also Dr Sivaji Panesar, Marty Caine Fritz Wuehler, and others, becuase the Police have said that they cannot do anything about tracing these criminals, and the North Kent Magistrates Court has refused to conduct a private prosecution of the Chief Constable for the Hate Crime of protecting those criminals, most recent of which was when its Policeman Wilson telephoned me about one such email that I was supposed to have sent a person called Kaycee with whom I am supposedly worked in employment and reported to the Police as me harassing Kaycee. To escape this persecution upon me I started only using my gmail account which I have given you here. That is the background. The main reason for sending you this enquiry is that Dr Odesanya in his Care Plan for me dated 5 November 2020 has indicated that my mental disorder is such that I should not be taking up paid employment, such as my forthcoming Christmas Casual Work for Royal Mail starting on 18 November 2020 (indiuction day) at 2.00 pm. Instead the Care Plan lists 6 institutions whom I am required to contact to do volunteering work instead in my rehabilitation before considering paid employment opportunities. I am keen to follow Dr Odesanya's precise Care Plan instructions for me. I have already contacted Sunlight Development Trust Centre where Chris White is looking after my vocational work needs in the Men in Shed facility that is funded by Medway Council. Unfortunately, it did not reply to my email sent to Men in Shed this morning requesting the charity to contact me on Skype today so that I can engage in these activities without delay. I have also sent a message to Medway Volunteer Workshop through its contact point, and they have not yet replied either. Similarly, I contacted Medway Maritime Hospital but due to the Coronovirus lockdown restrictions it is unable to offer me a place as a Volunteer for portering or sweeping or general assistant until at least February 2021, when I am required to contact the hospital again. This brings me to item C of the Care Plan from Dr Odesanya to contact 'Volunteering at Medway Community Hospital MCH' on the list. Please would you be able to offer me a suitable role at the hospital if I wear my mask and maintain social distancing even though I am at present uninfected by the virus? __________________________________________________________________________

Medway Community Healthcare Logo Cancel my appointment Home Our Services Our Services Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) provides a wide range of high quality community health services for Medway residents; from health visitors and district nurses to speech and language therapists and out of hours urgent care.


Meeting Confirmation on 18 November 2020 at 10.00-11.00 am

Shantanu Panigrahi

Attachments11:39 (0 minutes ago)

to chris


Mr Chris White

Dear Chris

It was nice to have had a discussion 15 minutes ago concerning the arrangements for our Meeting next Wednesday at the Sunlight Development Trust Centre 105 Richmond Road ME71LX, in relation to our previous correspondence, including the attached query ToMeninSheds12Nov2020.docx. In this regard kindly note that Aldi is still considering my application for a Sales Assistant job in Sheerness, as attached: FrAldi(TransfertoGillinghamBusinessPark)10Nov2020.docx.

Unless I hear from you to the contrary I will arrive at the appointment fixed at 10.00 am -11.00 am on 18 November 2020; I am due to attend an Induction at 2.00 pm at Royal Mail in Knight Road Strood Medway Mail Centre that day, so I hope we can fix my plan of action at this meeting.


Yours sincerely

Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane

Wigmore Gillingham

Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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Automatic reply: Sales Assistant Position Transfer to Gillingham Business Park

Inbox 21:43 (37 minutes ago) to me Thank you for contacting the Aldi Recruitment Team. You can now track and manage your application by creating an online account in our Candidate Portal. If your query cannot be answered in the candidate portal, then please find below some Frequently Asked Questions. If your query does not relate to any of the below, your email will be responded to by a member of the recruitment team in due course. How to apply: For information on the type of roles available at Aldi as well as new store openings, the recruitment process or simply how to apply, please visit the careers page at If the store you are looking for is not on the recruitment website, this means that there are currently no live vacancies. However, we suggest registering your interest and as soon as we have a suitable vacancy, you will then receive an email from us containing a link to more information and details of how to apply. Update on my application: If you’ve already applied to join Aldi and would like an update on your application, you now track and manage your application by creating an online account in our Candidate Portal. Feedback: Unfortunately due to the large volumes of applications that we receive we are unable to provide specific feedback to individual candidates however would welcome applications from you in the future. Details of when you will be able to reapply can be found in your unsuccessful notification email. Technical issues: All technical queries, including any error messages that may appear whilst completing an online application form, are handled by the Technical Support team who can be contacted on 0844 800 9386 If you started an application but have been unable to return to complete it, you can return to complete it via the Candidate Portal. Kind Regards, The Aldi Recruitment Team Updates:

12.23 pm 11 November 2020 Check on Candidate Portal: We're reviewing your application and will be in touch. 7.50 am 12 November 2020 Check on Candidate Portal: We're reviewing your application and will be in touch. 7.37 am 13 November 2020 Check on Candidate Portal: We're reviewing your application and will be in touch. 11.28 am 13 November 2020 Check on Candidate Portal: We're reviewing your application and will be in touch. 18.35 pm 13 November 2020 Check on Candidate Portal: We're reviewing your application and will be in touch.


Contact me please on Skype

Shantanu Panigrahi

07:32 (4 minutes ago) to medwaymeninsheds

Dear Sir/Madam

Chris White of Sunlight Development Trust Centre has provided me with your website details from which I obtained the following information. Chris is aware of my full circumstances and I need to register with you today to discuss my involvements. I have downloaded Skype now.

My Mobile Telephone Number for Skype is 07967789619.


Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane


Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

From website: Medway men in sheds If you are a man 25 or over who is not in work or a retiree, you may be interested in becoming a member of this scheme.Many of the activities would be suited to a typical garden shed, but based in a bigger venue. Not all activities involve skills and tools, you can do just about anything you are interested in. How can you contact us?01634 581511, drop in to find out more or book a registration session. Our base is Sunlight, Richmond Road, Gillingham, ME7 1