Shantanu's Humanology

Truth-accommdation is a Vaishnavic tradition of Hinduism


Good and Evil: I do not consider that this form of duality exists like the Ying-Yang theory. There is a middle path that balances the good and evil. Purely-good as sattvic guna or purely-evil as tamasic guna is balanced by the routine-dharma of rajasic guna. It is therefore not appropriate to consider making oneself purely good. That is collecting pious points for self-glorification. The rajasic path is the path to total knowledge and the shattering of one’s ignorance. This is what the Bhagavad Gita alludes to. In the rajasic guna path one understands Brahma-Nature fully through the adoption of Satya-advaita Vedanta. Dharmayudha is the basis of self-preservation through balancing one’s actions in harmony with good and evil attributes of Nature. It is wrong to crush evil to extinction. One must only protect oneself with evasive measures. Then the evil goes away. We are all in peace then, the sattvic, the rajasic and the tamasic. If one believes in God as the Creator and Preserver of the universe we must strive to protect Mother Nature in all its three components as such by perfecting the art of self-defence as the dharmayudha. This is the lesson of the Mahabharatta. The Pandavas did not win outright against the Kauravas. In the end of the battle of Kurukshetre they went their separate ways. Material justice was not entirely served on the Pandavas. I too did not win my perceived £55,000 redundancy money from the University of Greenwich for Unfair Dismissal from employment or from other employer since. Truth is the perfection of the art of balancing oneself in Nature through ahimsa. The only struggle that succeeds towards self-preservation in the dignity of liberty in security and security in liberty which is when truth has prevailed as in Satyamev Jayate is the non-violent one. For that one must have total knowledge. Rajasic guna is governed by Lord Vishnu not Lord Brahma or Lord Shiva in the Hindu Trimurti. Krishna was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as an advisor to the Pandavas. It was Lord Vishnu who requested Sri Krishna to incarnate as Krishna directly as the Creator of the Universe. The good Superlord Sri Krishna is highly benevolent. He does not take sides because He is the creator of Brahma-Nature with its sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna Lords in the Trimurti. My point is be a Vaishnavite and practice this Sanatan dharma on this most auspicious Deepavali day the festival of lights for Sri Krishna is here even now to emancipate humanity from the ignorance of this Kaliyuga. So see coronavirus in a positive way because only Brahma-Nature has to deal with it, not we as humans without the knowledge of this latest threat from tamasic component that is a new species of life. We must not grumble and complain about any or such misfortunes, just pray to Lord Vishnu to ask Sri Krishna to guide us individually with knowledge and wisdom to be able to deal with our problems subconsciously that is unpremeditatedly and spontaneously not with mind-deliberations of what might be happening to us. When this happens when one truly sees the reality and one's conscience is clear because one has not deliberately set out to harm another being, whether plants, viruses, bees ants, elephants, or any kind of human being. This state of mind for me today that I have arrived on is a yogadaan from Sri Krishna for having persevered with my satya-advaita yoga over the last 22 years and proven the ancient saying dharmo rakshati rakshita; a study and yoga that led to my conception of Satya-advaita Vedanta or in English Conservative Libertariansim.

So truth-accommodation is a Vaishnavic tradition of Hinduism that adopts the Sanatan dharma of harmonizing in Nature to see only beauty in everything.

Eventually all the lies, deceit, self-centredness, the corruption perpetrated and institutionalised, catches up with you under the sacredness of Brahma-Nature that we live under, for all the mechanisms are there in Creation, imparted by our Supreme life-giver, the creator of the universe, and is built-in for the restoration of Sanatan dharma. It is just a matter of time when normalcy is restored in the proceedings of humanity. That is how it has always been, such is my faith and my karmic practices based on satya-advaita yoga, the result of which peace of mind totally and utterly. Lies and corruption founded on ignorance however, that leads man to adopt specific measures in directing ones plans and schemes unaware that the Almighty tolerates these during lull phases for His own intents and purposes and at the suitable time makes His presence felt to instil some common-sence into man to know the provisions and limitations of His Creation so that we learn to live within those imperatives so that we do not get too ambitious into pursuing unviable man-designed structures and arrangements for the maintenance of the Earth as a habitable planet. These historical developments in Earth are part of the pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated events with timely interventions from our spirituality to guide humanity forwards, as it has always done in the past in the processes of the civilisation of living beings through Evolution of the Species in the Paleontological Tree of life. For my earlier assumption that Sri Krishna is ambivalent as to what happens to humanity and Planet Earth as a consequence of the advent of inappropriate species that have been generated through the history of Earth was a premature deduction and may not be true, as far as I can tell now. God does listen and he does respond to bhakti-based devotion and he does awaken such persons from time to time to adopt a life that is good and benevolent for His own intents and purposes, for He, I assume, has the welfare of all life forms that He created through evolution from abiogenesis 4 billion years ago and patiently so for His own satisfaction that He has created something special here on Earth that I believe is unique in relation to the wider universe. We need to be very patient ourselves to realise this and study deeply all our scriptures and scientific, poetic, art, literature from across the globe to come to an understanding of what has been designed for us humans to reflect on and learn to appreciate. Truth accommodation for me is to conduct myself to that permanent ultimate reality that I perceive as well as to the nuances of Brahma-Nature in the ground reality of having to cope with the imminent and durable reality in the moment by moment passage of time individually and collectively by expressing our views as they have changed over time, in my case since first went into internet forums 12 years ago to find out what it has been going on in my earlier life from 1997-1998 doldrums that I had personally experienced to my material reputation and what is now going on to develop my perspective and objectives for my life which remain nonchalant and unpremeditated so as to see what is next for me in my fate and destiny as the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna only knows best so I remain at His disposal effectively.


The gunas are characteristics of the Mind and describe in Hinduism as being within a Trimurti triad of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic consciousness that give living beings their personalities and which form the basis of their emotions-led actions materially. The specific guna-based actions can change during life depending on one's upbringing and more formal education and also on one's living circumstances as these change. The person reacts to the circumstances as he or sees the reality that he faces. Until one has had personal visitation by a spiritual-entity he or she lives purely in the material arena and is then specifically tamasic in his thoughts and actions as he only sees the observable world around him. One may be taught that there is a God or gods but it remains a conjecture and one adheres to what others say to the person on what he should do to pray or worship a particular God or gods on the assumption that these gods are able to give boons or protect their followers and devotees. It is only when one is awakened by unusual happenings within one's own mind that one becomes paranoid and thinks that one's reigns of life are being controlled by a Power in the mind that one should either surrender to or resist depending one's guna-based sensitivity of the mind at any given moment in time. This is when one suffers the mental condition of inability to cope with material life with erratic conduct unable to function in society to the norms of the culture that one's lives under. One is then uncontrolled by society that tries to brainwash the members of that society to undertake specific tasks as their duties of righteousness actions as the correct communal dharma. The mind has now come under two opposing forces, material and spiritual. One needs a raison d'etre accordingly to balance these opposing externally and internally directed forces. One toys by switching between the three gunas in the mind to survive materially as required by society while engaging also in spiritual pursuits and it is this state that generates the delusions on reality in paranoid schizophrenia.

These guna consciousness gods residing dormant until awakened are referred to in Christianity as demons if the person is succumbing and surrendering to them instead of adhering to the rules and regulations of established religions in the different cultural traditions across the world whether living in communities or as States and so committing crimes and forensic misdemeanors to communal living in the society of the State. In the severest form of Police State the the spiritually-deviant are removed from society permanently by capital punishment for their crimes as the State sees it.

Certain States treat these spiritually-afflicted citizens as aberrant and deluded patients who are not responding positively to education on morality to psychiatric or religious counselling, by religious rites and exorcism and in secular States with anti-psychotic medications and electroconvulsive therapies, and if such treatments do not normalise their conduct they are detained under mass incarcerations centres such as mental hospitals or State penitentiaries/prisons as in dictatorships and semi-democratic States like in the United States of America governed by under its so-called two-party system of government with both parties denying its people spiritual-liberty and similarly in the monarchial United Kingdom where there is a loyal opposition of Socialists to the ultra-right wing of the Conservative Party taking its dictations from the monarch of the day and rendering the middle of the road Liberal Democrats to a bygone dustbin of history through State-manipulations of the electorate and the Trade Unions accompanied by severe State-controlled media and Book Publishing Institutions to suppress truth to prevent internal and external humanity knowing about their secretive operations such as disabling Social media like Worpress ( and Twitter to manipulate public opinion in a bid to regulate the functioning of these deviant minds operating to independence of thought rather than functioning to the needs of the State. They are all Police States of differing descriptions of complexions whether secular or religiously based like the United Kingdom with Protestant Christianity based totalitarian control or Islamic States with variations of Koranic control under Sunnis or Shiites or ISIS Islamic State and Taliban and others that have a natural tendency to spring up under the evolutionary processes and laws of Nature as a natural phenomenon in the generation of new species of life; or the States may be under atheistic totalitarian control as in China dressed up as a People's Communist Party since Mao Tse Tung, and as in the early 20th Century under Nazism of the atheistic Adolf Hitler. Without fully fledged and functional democracies these States are all tamasic to the point of being Satan-evil to deprive their populations of liberty and freedom to express their spiritually-emanating freethought as human beings in their words and deeds. Only patriotic State-directed conduct is tolerated. These States form alliances and easy associations with each other for example North Atlantic Treaty Organisation against internal dissidents and external liberal democracies against whom the Islamic State of Pakistan for example forms a friendship with atheistic Communist China against the liberal Hindu India as Bharat/Hindustan to control world natural and human resources, and rich States like Saudi Arabian monarchial dictatorship formed with anti-democratic States like the United States of America and the United Kingdom to remove Iraq's Saddam Hussein and later Colonel Gadaffi of Libya as seemingly too autocratic to their liking that had made these to Muslims States very prosperous for decades minding their own business of keeping their populations under control and internal peace in coherent stability.

So we live in in a myriad of complex 'World Humanity' and no one is sure which way to turn as a global humanity until all of humanity is brought under the same roof with common values of shared objectives. That is the philosophy of the United Nations and its associated institutions. It is misguided as it runs contrary to the fundamental laws of Nature and is doomed to failure through rejection in the reality of spirituality being the everlasting mechanism of Brahma-Nature nature to regulate the Earth and its direction.

The longer I live as a satya-advaitic yogi the more I feel that human beings across the world must be first and foremost be protected and allowed to contribute to the development of the Earth on fundamental human right to freethought and free-expression of those thoughts which need to be fostered by the United Nations or the Earth will be finally destroyed by Satan-evil tamasic forces globally. Words not actions should be the motto. To this end I have formed the Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom.

Please join me. 8.30 hours (UK Time) 15 November 2020