Shantanu's Humanology

The threat to humanity of the Coronavirus Pandemic

My only concern with Circuit-breaker and by extension lockdown regionally or nationally, is that it would deprive us the opportunity to study the coronavirus in all its dimensions, from being treated by the body as an antigen by vaccine development of immunity to the antigen as to whether this does or does not come naturally to the old, racial and religious groups and those who are suffering other health problems, to enhancing the means for treating the symptoms of the disease in terms of its debilitating effects on the body as manifested the after-effects of the infection in terms of Covid-19 and Long Covid. The opportunity to study the virus in these aspects will be missed and this will make us more vulnerable in the middle to long-term by not being able to develop specific vaccines and medications. Medical Science must therefore be invested in without budgetary-restrictions, because the virus could perennially mutate, or other viruses like SARS or Aids could emerge in the future for which we must be ready and prepared.

In short all our efforts must go into tackling this coronavirus threat even if this means that other medical disorders such as heart conditions and cancer and various other operations that the National Health Service provides apart from Accidents and Emergency Services are postponed. So I favour the idea that we must shield the most vulnerable to Covid-19 in the meantime in protective environments like Care Homes under isolation and care. This too needs studies to identify because for example racial disparity in disease-susceptibility is under genetic-endowment control so that the immune-response of the body is a matter for individual attention where a one-size fits all mass-vaccination with a single vaccine will still leave people vulnerable to the disease. Whilst it is promising to hear that Phyzer vaccine is 90 per cent effective, the virus may mutate, so that we have always got to be on top of the epidemiological basis of monitoring the society to see which way we go. For that we need livelihoods to be continuing so that it generates the growth of the economy to pay for the National Health Service to take the decisions it needs to to protect the population from this pandemic. Circuit breaker and lockdowns are hence not the ideal solution at this stage that vaccines seem to be on the horizon and we then should be able to deal with the pandemic in the only long-term sustainability principle of the development of herd immunity. For this national efforts are required not international efforts given the diversity of the biological composition of Homo sapiens species among its different races across the world.

Why is this important?

We need to be realistic on the Biological basis of the threats that humanity faces from infectious diseases to have a strategy of least-harm that we face in the long term future in the quest to ensure that our future generations inherit a safe and secure society with updated scientific knowledge of the threat to the survival of human society in the State that we live in. How it will be delivered

I plan to submit this Petition to the Court for urgent review of government policies in the national interest.