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Thu, 6 Aug at 07:08

To The Friars


Kent ME20 7BX

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Dear Friars

1. Please consider my circumstances as given in the attached: ToLisaPennington(LucyVocationalAdvisorccShanPanigrahiyahoo5Aug2020.doc, and ToMoneySupermarketccBarCouncilStephenGreenCourtofAppeal5Aug2020.docx, as I am being led into renewed temptations this morning from Recruitment Agencies as attached: FrAnnaBauer(JobsLead)6Aug2020.docx; and Frindeed6Aug2020.docx. I am of course therefore reminded of the Lords Prayer but these temptations are relentless and I have tried my best to ignore them but feel that I need a retreat finally to get away from it all. I have been to the Friars a year ago when I used to drive there to take my daughter to work in your kitchen and cafe, but she could not sustain that employment for very long unfortunately and your officials dismissed her, thereby depriving me of my daily retreat to be among the geese and other wild-life at your monastery that is very close to my heart located as it is in the peaceful and tranquil setting.

2. Please therefore let me know your accommodation charges for two weeks starting now, as Lisa of the Vocational Advice Centre has not confirmed to me that she will see me again in two weeks time for another assessment of my occupational requirements to the State.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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23 November 2020 Update:

Delay in response due to uncertainty on my British Nationality, Citizenship and YZ330724D National Insurance Number?

Shantanu Panigrahi

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to aldisupport, office, public.enquiries

Dear Sirs

I just went to your Career's Website to apply for employment under the Graduate scheme but found on suitable vacancies in the Gillingham Business Park Branch of Aldi. Please let me know when you have any such vacancies after taking into account that the Supreme Court has endorsed my British Nationality and British Citizenship as confirmed to me by its agent of Canada in the attached Order of the Court ( that I should now undertake serious employment ventures whilst living in my present residence on the basis that there are no mental health abnormalities in me that are forensic in nature, no.docr have I been issued with any summons by the Law Enforcement Agencies of the United Kingdom for any crimes or misdemeanours before and since the issue of this Judgement/Order from the Justices of the Supreme Court in relation to the 5 September 2020 dated Appeal to reprimand the Circuit Judge Her Honour Judge Backhous of the Central London County Court for erring in law in the adjournment of Claim E35YM660 as things stand now, and without the £30 million in damages and compensation that I demanded for the 22 years of State-organised religious persecution on me with a second Court Order to restore my Blog https://shantanup.wordpres.doc immediately in the interests of truth and justice for the common good of mankind globally.

Incidentally, kindly also let me know when Aldi will make a final decision on the attached Store Assistant job that I have applied for as I am also awaiting a reply from Boots for a similar position at Chatham Pentagon Centre that I will have to choose between these two current options that exist before I apply for the specific vacancies that the Supreme Court has directed me to apply through FrAldi(GillinghamBusinessPark);

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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Instant Job Alert: Internal Sales Representative

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Internal Sales Representative based in DA12, Gravesend, Kent Instant Job Alert Internal Sales Representative Mobile Mini (UK) Ltd DA12, Gravesend, Kent Apply no shanpanigrahi3000 14:24 (15 minutes ago)

to CV-Library

Dear CV Library

Only a Almighty God can tell one what is Sanatan Dharma; we humans can only speculate on it and try all kinds of experiments to assess our karma and accordingly attempt to find out what this specific guidance comprises of that we long for to make sense of it all. I have tried all possible human karma as dharma starting in the early adult life in my career at the Natural Resources Institute when I attained stardom as a Poultry Nutritionist with Environmental Specialism for Agricultural Development with 35 scientific papers in international journals and my career seemed to be heading me towards entering the International Poultry Hall of Fame to follow in the footsteps of my Professor Trevor Morris at the University of Reading and so I seemed destined to bring glory to my family and birth-country of India as the son of a great Botanist that my father was, being honoured by the Indian Government with the Janaki Ammol National award. I was also earning £30,000 a year and lived in a palatial house with a beautiful wife who cared for me and our daughter to impeccable perfection of devotion. But it was not to last as I got destituted as an asylum seeker out of the United Kingdom for what the State judged as gross misconduct and abuse of the process of court on my part and was then on a riches to rags story and this remains the case today as I am still regarded as mentally ill diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusional symptoms of indicative autism purely and simply, much as I have tried all these years to state that I have always been in full control of all my mental faculties in justifying my actions over the past 22 years as being not symptomatic of mental illness but an expression of a perfect religious state of mind namely of Hindutva-autism that was the result of my satya-advaitic yoga in the ancient Hindu practices of Vaishnavism that incorporates dharmayudha to fight incessantly against one’s perceived material injustices in accordance with the scriptural depictions of the lives of Rama in the Ramayana and in the Pandavas fight against the Kauravas in the Mahabharatra under the Superlordship of God known to us Hindus as Krishna.

So after my fall from grace in 1998 and the denial of refuge in India especially in the attempt to re-establish my Hindu credentials under a Hindutva autism-conducive Indian State that I thought would understand my mentality and treat me as Hindu 'Son of India' bestowing the Bharat Ratna award on me and granting me a hero's return to the sub-continent by treating me like a Shivaji of history, I had to change my religion from Vaishnavism to Anglican Protestant Christianity for which I have written to the Archbishop of Canterbury through Lambeth Palace's Maidstone Office wishing Archbishop’s Welby's personal intervention into my religious conversion when he returns from his spiritual sabbatical In September 2021. Please wait for this to be formalised before I can become mentally brainwashed into the servitude of the UK-State, now that Her Majesty the Queen has neither been dethroned as Monarch through my application under E35YM660 of the Central London, nor has she been impeached by Parliament for this proselytizing-enforced religious conversion through the threat of continuing the lurasidone and sertraline anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications on me to suppress my Vaishnavism in the United Kingdom as a condition for allowing me to continue living in the Community in a semi-detention state and not transferred to a mental hospital again following the two previous such incarcerations in mental hospitals in 2004 and in 2008 when my asylum-refuge applications in other countries of the world practicing or tolerating this religion of dharmayudha in Vaishnavism by its citizens proved unsuccessful, an particularly in relation to the 'Jatha dharma tatha Jaya' bombastic motto of the Supreme Court of India in the yet-denied New Delhi-based public interest litigation (PIL) of mine without a Hearing; unless that Court has now updated the PIL-proceedings of 2008 in this email from you that I am replying to - please confirm by return email for I do not wish to be made stateless by Priti Patel in response to the email I sent her at the Home Office of the United Kingdom an hour ago and I need to update Dr Odesanya immediately with the progress of my volunteering work-engagements this afternoon at Britton House Community Mental Health Team centre to confirm my Wednesday's 25 November 2020 Meeting with Chris White of Sunlight Development Trust Centre at 11.00 am that is located at Richmond Road Gillingham and on which he has written to me an email after it's MMIS forms were completed and submitted to the Trust through him last week together with the required Consent Form for my 'Men in Sheds' activity appointments.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME80S Tel 07967789619

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Subject: Instant Job Alert: Internal Sales Representative Internal Sales Representative based in DA12, Gravesend, Kent CV-Library Instant Job Alert CV-Library Internal Sales Representative • Mobile Mini (UK) Ltd • DA12, Gravesend, Kent Apply now Position Summary/Purpose: We are looking for results- driven sales representative to actively seek out and engage customer prospects. Working within a thriving competitive market, delivering great customer conversations to grow profitability, deliver on our objectives and be successful. You will be accountable for maintaining, creating and managing commercial growth within your local region to maximise all opportunities by building excellent relationships. You would be someone with good communication skills and the ability to converse with people at all Levels. A knowledge of hire industry would be an advantage but is not essential. However, we are looking for someone who is a team player and willing to make outbound calls prospecting new clients in a fast paced and friendly environment. What you will do on a daily basis Approach existing and prospective customers, to present and promote our products. Work with existing customers to find out how they can benefit from our products, creating offers by establishing their needs. Maintain positive business relationships, both internally and externally that meet the organisations core values Achieve and exceed assigned sales targets and outcomes. Handle customer data responsibly by ensuring our customers’ privacy as per GDPR regulations Take personal responsibility for own work performance and present a positive image of the company. Fully understand own role requirements and ensure that all your own work and related activities are undertaken to the best of personal ability and to the organisation’s standards and policies. Monitor own performance against agreed indicators and objectives. Manage activities in order to meet agreed weekly, monthly targets Create clear sales forecast and pipelines Skills that are required for the role Excellent telephone manner with the ability to build good customer relationships whilst offering great service Ability to create a good business awareness of the territory that you are responsible for Personal Organisation and Standard of Work Problem Solving and Data Gathering Self-starter and self-managing Be proactive and innovative whilst showing flexibility Great motivation for self and others Why choose this job? Competitive salary + Uncapped commission Incentives / rewards for top performers Up to 31 days holidays, including bank holidays which will increase with service to 34 days Opportunity to buy/ sell up to 4 days additional holidays Free formal training and career progression plans Free Parking + Uniform Paid opportunities to volunteer Friendly and supportive environment with a family like atmosphere £500 payment for successful completion of probationary Apply now Log in | Search Jobs | My CV | Job Alerts Google Play App Store Facebook Twitter In YouTube Linkedin CV-Library Ltd, Beacon House, 10 Waterfront Business Park, Station Approach, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3TX Registered in England and Wales no. 4790429 | Unsubscribe