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The Extinction of Dharma: duties and righteous actions in and as Police States

What we see as adharma is not something we can do any dharma to rectify materially because all man-made dharma or adharma are relative and subjective conceptions in that we living beings take our thoughts for actions from our gunas that may be sattvic, rajasic or tamasic or somewhere within this Triad-consciousness as our imminent material circumstatial-realities change in the transient-impermanence of time in relation to the need felt by living beings such as we humans that we have to save our lives and so must have a desire to survive in material prosperity. Kaliyuga now is a reality that we humans can do nothing about and we must never undertake such subjectively-determined and effectively therefore adharmic steps to eradicate what we perceive as others adharma be it plant, viruses, animals or human beings for we can in taking positive steps of actions of such so-called dharma can and will only make things worse for ourselves individually and collectively as we are still ignorant of how Nature works until God Sri Krishna Himself judges that one or more of us have individually attained Enlightenment on its constitution (I have no idea if my Brahma-Nature hypothesis is true or not even at this moment in time) and so have no clue as to whether I am one such poornaavatar-purushuttama to posses the capability with total knowledge and emanating wisdom to rectify adharma with dharma as Sanatan Dharma. No human being on Earth has the knowledge to make such a judgment. We are only fooling ourselves in our delusions of grandeur to think that we as human beings may have become a poornaavatar-purushuttama in our strive for that mental state of mind and the physical perfection of actions (karma) no matter how much knowledge and wisdom we think we have. For example the Buddha may be considered by millions of people as an avataric-incarnation of God, but the proof is in the eating of the pudding that all the 8 billion people on Earth today do not follow Buddhism as enunciated by the Buddha 2,500 years ago; and the religion of Buddhism, like Christianity, Islam and Jewism have all fragmented over these centuries into diverse religions. So there has never been an incarnation of God on Earth as a poornaavatar-purushottama. And further we are accordingly deluding ourselves that adharma is so predominant and pernicious right now on Earth that we have entered into a so-called kaliyuga, if ever God had designed Creation into stages of yugas in time. Indeed it would be a very cruel God who would design Existence into satya-yuga, kali-yuga etc for a wicked self-satisfaction for Himself at the cost of the mental and physical suffering of His trillions of life forms since abiogiogenesis began 4.5 billion years ago, that He will make His presence felt to resolve the ‘crises’ emerging in His Creation periodically by incarnations of Himself from Yuga to Yuga as outlined in Gita, yada yada hi dharmasya, glanir bhavati bharata; abhyutanam dharamasya, tadatmanam srijamayam; paritranaya sadhana, vinashaya cha drishtkatam; dharma sanstapanarthaya sambhawami yuge huge. Only a monstrous Creator God would design such a Creation like that for showing off and exerting His authority and power over us living creatures to take away our free-will and liberty in enforcing our subservience and surrender to Him instead of allowing us to be doing precisely what we wish to do to please ourselves and living in accordance with the law of Nature of the survival of the fittest in the Evolution of the species of the Paleontological tree of life to try and become the Lord of the Jungle of living creatures dominating and subdueing all our enemies and critics as we are apt and wish to do always. So neither do I know that any such God exists, and even if He does exist I personally do not subscribe to such a concept of Creation and live in freedom of liberty in my free-thoughts of self-cultured mind no matter where that takes me, for it has worked for me over the past 22 years of suffering State-organised terroristic persecution in the United Kingdom and beyond and even within my own family set-up, having survived to relative prosperity and relative freedom to live within my Shanti Niwas home still. I have a survived for 64 years of my life and have never been convicted of any crimes or felonies or forensic behaviour in having freely expressed my views to mankind that all established religions personal or as State-dictats in what are Police States, whether secular dharma-based written into a Constitution or implemented without bearing an unwritten Constitution, or based on subscribing to subservience to a god like Vishnu, Allah Jesus or Jehovah scriptured into holy books like Bible, Koran Gita, Guru Granth Saheb, Torah, etc are totally delusional and such delusions-based actions of humanity have brought misery to us humans during the history of mankind and caused the destruction of planet Earth in this so called Kaliyuga where overpopulation in relation to the Earth’s climate, and the finite terrestrial, marine and geological natural resources has brought us to what I consider personally as impending doom for the Planet and its inhabitants of various biological descriptions.

So whether God exists (and I truly believe that He does exist as Creator) He sems to be ambivalent on our prospects to survive as human beings with or without biodiversity and will not interfere in Brahma-Nature to save us as the Homo sapiens species of life. New life forms will come about just like after the previous half a dozen or so mass extinctions and who knows whether the coronavirus pandemic now upon us globally is itself the beginning of the end of the human race that has the potential to wipe us out out like the 'dinosaurs' that we are, and consistent with the fundamental Gaia principle of Environmental Science that Nature will take its course.

So get prepared and wake up to this reality. If you care about the future of mankind or even your own lives and children and grandchildren’s lives formulate the philosophy of Vaishnavism in appreciation of what we have as our planetary home and preserve it with love and affection, in total dedication and devotion to the laws of Nature as Brahma-Nature.

23 November 2020b Update:


Chris White

Sunlight Development Trust Centre

Richmond Road


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Dear Chris

Archbishop Welby did not grant me an audience to consider my conversion to Protestant Anglican Christianity despite two emails including one through Lambeth Palace's Contact point this evening where I wanted to discuss with the Reverend the employment of Cybersecurity state terrorism methods in a comprehensive surveillance of citizens for the Queen to trap political prisoners like me in semi- detention status in the Community that I have referred to my new Doctors that you sent me to at Patient Access. There is no point in beating about the Bush. I feel agitated that Kent Police had still not apprehended the Saala Madarchod bhosadiwala suar ke baccha kahinka pig-shit bastard, the Chief Executive of 'Indeed of Ireland' in my intensely-vulnerable state of mind. 1500 or thereabouts criminals were employed to terrorise me including 50 Law Firms like the recently consulted Ratcliffe Solicitors that I earlier reported to Sunlight Development Trust Centre.

Ah well, that is life

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane




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24 November 2020 Update:


It is said that if you are not with me you are against me. In life every person has his or her wants. Because we live in Nature others will restrict you if they have power over you to prevent you from getting your wants. Shield yourself from others by treating all biodiversity as your potential enemy. Have friends to fly with like birds of a feather do by forming symbiotic communities rejecting all intruders into that collective society. Reject the idea of a Big Society of different cultural communities who have different wants together or individually and so cannot live in harmony with you or your society as a community. Marry only within your community of symbiotically-living friends. Choose your wife very carefully after finding out over a long period of association that you can truly be friends with her to live as life-partners or you will suffer the rest of your life.Their is a saying 'Tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are'. Work only for people within your societal-community for you must not be a slave to a divergent community living in Natiohood who would never appreciate your values and principles. Strive to retain your own independence and self-sufficiency within your own community circle of symbiotically living friends. It is casting your own pearl's of wisdom to share it with other communities who should be regarded as the proverbial swine so it is a total waste of your time, energy, money and effort to change the minds of other communities. You can take a horse to the waters of your values and wisdom but you cannot make those horses of foiffent cultures drink your water. While young children can be taught how to be a citizen of one's own community, you cannot teach old birds of another community the tricks of your own community because they follow different personal ishta devata-gods of their own individually or as communal guna- Consciousness in sampradayas, mosques, temples, churches, synagogues, and ashrams.

That is human nature. That is why childless couples adopt the youngest babies and infants possible rather than old teenagers who it is increasingly difficult to mould to the parent's values and their religions that are god-based or may be atheistic impositions of the State governing the broader society. Cultural commonality of united actions through racial-communality of purpose according to birth-inheritence of genetical and religious beliefs therefore together form the basis of the formation of races living in a particular area of the Earth to evolve genetically within themselves to adapt to the changes in their soils, water, biodiversity-endowments, climate and available natural resources over time in healthy-vigour for the emergence of the next generations of offsprings who will be in tune with that specific local geography of the environment in its impermanence and Gaia-transience of the history of the Earth. Such communities that fight intruding parasites into their societies by blocking them out and shielding the community from intruding colonising communities survive as fit genetically to occupy and inherit the resources of that land by preventing the corruption of the knowledge of their communal values, and principles that has worked for them to have enabled the expansion of their population of symbiotically-existing race intrinsically within the nationhood of such a socially-cohesive society of friends. That philosophy exclusivity constitutes the creation of States as dharmarashtras because chalk and cheese do not mix in a single unit of bubble, to use the coronavirus term.

Members as friends within a community as a nation therefore can only be friends and so able to survive symbiotically if they worship the same deity as God the Preserver of their community with their own holy book setting out the Costitution of their nation and amending it as times change their intrinsic wherewithals protected from the outside world to be regarded as life-threatening enemies.