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I am one of the rarest of rare human beings who is adaptable. It has taken this old bird twenty two years of soul searching in paranoid schizophrenic episodes of severe persistent delusions since I encountered inner demons in 1997-1998 of visions (call it hallucinations) of impending doom to my ambitious outlook to become a successful scientist engaged in fundamental laboratory-based Animal Science research and development in a country that had all the academic facilities and the technological upgrading of the means to study Nature. So I abandoned my career effectively to try and determine the nature of my visions and utterances to determine the reasons that suddenly at the age of 40 and for no genetic reason whatsoever for why a first class academic career and family life of a wife and a child living in a wealthy country and in a lovely house in a select location of Kent with all local amenities of a nearby post office, Supermarkets, GP Surgery, parks for leisurely-walks, nearby sea-sides for relaxation, sporting activities for the Institute that I worked for, and a local cricket team for evening and weekend games, public houses that I loved because I enjoyed alcohol, money for holidays in India to see our relatives every two years, a British Passport and Nationality that people all around the world crave for, etc would just enter into total disintegrative collapse where I would be seeking asylum out of the United Kingdom, a decision that is unheard of, for the UK has housed and looked after those masses of refugees fleeing persecution like the Jewish people under the domination of Nazis in Western Europe during and after the Second World War and the Ugandan-Asians expelled from that country by Dada Idi Amin for examples. The question of why I was on that reverse-path had to have an answer. We humans alone can and must find the answer I decided, and I must do so by investigative journalism. So following the aborted attempt to go to France from Dover under ‘instructions’ received from a God through my digital clock-checking method that I had started using to communicate with a God that I stumbled into, totally bizarrely and stupidly apparently for it had no conceivable basis in Science, I was taken to the mental hospital for my self-described Brahmanism and I was then safe from the Medway County Court who had judged that I not only had I been entirely blameworthy of gross misconduct towards my colleagues and senior management at the University of Greenwich to endorse the similar conclusion of the Employment Tribunal at Ashford but Ordering that I had also abused the process of this Court.

I was always a great survivor and whilst I wanted to be released into the freedom and liberty of family life at home always, it was a decision that would save me from a worse fate for at the very least I would not go to prison for having abused the process of court, seemingly because a Employment Tribunal Case was resuscitated by me in a County Court by me in the absence of legal advice from Solicitor Sorrell and the Citizen Advice Bureau that I also had lodged a Case against in this Court. I was labelled as a nut-case lunatic mental patient to be detained in a Secure Ward at Her Majesty’s Mental Hospital and so I was not a destitute in the streets of Calais mercifully for my transgressions up to that date. In this regard, when I was being harassed and persecuted by the management of the University of Greenwich it was my decision to find Dr Rao through my General Practioner Dr Sudhir Patel and pretend that I was suffering from severe depression with psychotic features that he diagnosed so that I could go on sick leave from the University or use that excuse for any wrongs that I had done in my conduct towards those cowards hiding under the protection of a wicked Judges of the Tribunal and Courts in the societies of man-made laws.

Nothwitstanding whilst I was still surviving in the Community I had to explore if there was indeed a demonic or benevolent God that had remained residing dormant in my mind for 40 years until 1997-1998 who had suddenly awakened me into setting myself a mission to move to higher things from the noddy work of Poultry Nutrition and Toxicology in which I was killing rats, guinea pigs, chickens, and mice in the laboratory Animal Houses of the Natural Resources Institute and at Hatfield Polytechnic in order to earn good money and make myself famous at the same time as a successful scientist. Perhaps I was now being punished by a real God for those killings that I had done as wrongdoings to gratify my ego I questioned. So I was very ashamed of myself and could never ever hold my head held high again. I needed to start afresh to find out whether there was another more meaningful purpose to life that this demonic God was warning me about and so it should be served from surrendering to His wishes instead of going on with one’s material pursuits in life. But how does one have a conversation with an invisible God. So I had to set up assumptions upon which I based a satya-advaitic yoga process that ‘Truth is God and God is Truth’, and if He had truly interfered in my life He would continue to do so again and guide me into my next actions if I sought truth and truth-accommdated on all my beliefs and aims in life. So I had to use an experimental technique in a desperate bid to communicate with this God to help me find out whether I was to engage in dharmayudha as my mind was telling me to do in order to survive ‘persecution’ in the United Kingdom and begin the process of climbing the ladder again towards material prosperity in a ‘Krishna and Arjuna’ relationship of a real-life Mahabharrata.

After the 2004 incarceration by when I had spent nearly £20,000 of our savings without any additional income coming in and to taunting advice from my wife that unless we replenish our finances again we would head towards total destitution, I worked in menial jobs like in a warehouse and as a cleaner whilst starting work on my book ‘The Allurement of Reality’ to take revenge against the University of Greenwich by publishing my innocence that the Employment and Mental Health Tribunals, Medway County Court and other higher Appeal courts of Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service had rejected. Was it all State-organised persecution in some way, I wondered. I thought writing a book would be a good way of trying to restore my reputation from the apparent Defamation that I had suffered among humanity at large and simultaneously earn me good and steady income from of royalties from the book sales. I was only earning £50 a week as Cleaner in Total Britannia Service Station which was not enough even with the Disability Living Allowance of around £20 pounds a week that I was getting as a mental patient. I needed a better paid job. I suffered great depression for not finding my way back into basic Science having written to Prime Minister Tony Blair and others. I got temporary jobs as Cover Supervisor at Robert Napier School and as an Election Worker for Medway Council but book publication under Self-Publishing was going to be very costly. It was only when I landed the Shell Petrol Station job in 2006 that my prospects for financial recovery suddenly improved and I came out of depression. In 2008 I had recovered enough such that I resumed my fight for my reputation by setting up the Union of Petrol Station Workers under Shell and the Tony Blair government. This was frowned upon by the State-authorities including trade unions and I lost my job at Shell which I took to the Tribunal and the Employment Tribunal again but again to no avail. I started legal proceedings at the Supreme Court of India against the Indian government for disabling my prospects to return to India on an Indian passport again questioning the constitutional arrangement between India and the United Kingdom in this process, for which I was incarcerated back into a mental hospital in 2008 for a second time. So I had to learn from that too.

I had lost all faith in my demonic God and had to motivate myself into being self-sufficient after all that, and started learning about Science and Religion afresh to update myself in knowledge-development of the mind from engagements as a Poster in Internet Forums like Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Board. I accumulated 1000 posts and became a ‘Contributor’ at this Forum and was happy and thought it was a great hobby to learn about the truth of my visions or hallucinations that had landed me in so much deep trouble with the United Kingdom State authorities. But my questions could not be answered by my interactions in this Forum and the Moderators subjected me to disciplinary action for I was deemed to have trolled members such was my wish to delve into the truth of my experiences I was banned and published my materials in a Blog that I had already set up at Word press ( into which I had started to distil, summarise and condense all my knowledge for I did not wish to have peer-reviews of my thought processes which I found from my days as a scientist at the Natural Resources Institute wastes a lot of time so one cannot keep up with ones disemmiation of research, and in doing so set a mission for myself ‘Towards Knowledge for World Conservation’ as the highest ideal that I could think of on the consideration that if God existed as a demon in my mind I should have such an ideal and test it out to determine if I had satisfied Him from my new found religious pursuit in holy gyana-yoga. I studied everything and published these in this Blog. But the UK and USA State authorities did not like it for it exposed their frailties and started commenting derogatorily in its Comments Section of the Blog accordingly through their agents. I had joined Political parties like Liberal Democrats to diversify my knowledge and interests in the pursuit of productive and useful work and study political science. It was when phands of secular Café, and the moderators of Rational Skepticism and Talk Rational also ‘persecuted’ me for my posts I complained to the Police and started Court cases again by resuming my clock-checking with the demonic God as dharmaydha of sorts under the supervision of this demon inside of me.

So it went on. The State attacked me in a warfare with me threatening me with imprisonment and a return to more severe mental health incarceration at Rampton or Broodmoor for my warfare against the UK State and its international allies like India and the USA. It was a cat and mouse game since 2017 September especially between the State-authorities and me again as a relapse of mental illness in undertaking these psychotic activities. But I was determined to survive and continue to sort out my demons inside my mind, through the processes of satya-advaita yoga that I had been developing. The Wodrpress Blog was archived and disabled. Undeterred I set up Simplesite, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Accounts because the UK and USA State authorities would not publish my book ‘The Allurement of Reality’ now in 5 volumes. I fought to have these restored to publicise my suffering.This struggle over the recent past especially was all in a bid to survive in self-sufficiency for there was no God to communicate with and I did not above all wish to enter the mental hospital again. I wanted to have total freedom to my free-thoughts in liberty nothing else so I could learn about God and Nature, if He truly was a Preserver God or a real demon terrorising me and other human beings.And I have exhausted all my truth seeking satya-advaitic yoga this evening when Dr Odesanya telephoned me at 4.50 pm and I returned the call at 5.15 pm that acknowledged that I bow to his superior judgement but my wife then said ‘ask him to put you back on risperidone because lurasidone is giving me terrible shakes and tremors’. I will phone him again tomorrow to say that Chris White did not reply to the email I sent him for our Meeting at 11.00 am on Wednesday 25 November 2020 at Sunlight Development Trust Centre in Richmond Road Gillingham and neither did Patient Access nor Shah Surgery respond to the same email. Aldi and Boots and Morrissons have continued persecuting me today with the assistance of Google and Yahoo email-systems providing companies about those three job applications and volunteering work at two hospitals that I have applied for and I will chase these up tomorrow morning.I hope this explains my Defence to any charges of gross misconduct whether religion-based or as a mental abnormality of mind, as I search for new horizons with my membership of the Liberal Democratic Party (Membership Number: 8763623) for which I have been invited to take part in a Webinar session the day after tomorrow (26 November) evening.

Incidentally, can I have ‘Full Written Reasons’ on my Appeal from the unanimous decision of the Justices on my 5 September 2020-dated Appeal to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom to be taken to Dr Odensaya and Chris White please?

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore GILLINGHAM KENT ME8 0SL TEL 07967789619

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Has my question been accepted for this evening's Webinar on Carers

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1. Please advise me if my question has been accepted: ToLiberalDemocrats(WebinarQuestionforDiscussion20Nov2020.docx; ToLiberalDemocrats(FeedbackSurvey)19Nov2020; ToLiberalDemocrats(ConferenceAttendance)14Nov2020.docx To LiberalDemocrats(FeedbackSurvey)16Nov2020.docx

Shantanu Panigrahi @ShantanuPanigr8 · 22h The religious basis of secular ethos is what the UK-State Constitution represents, unwritten as it is; while I continue my mindful-contributions in LibDem politics according to my latest assessments here: @timfarron @EdwardJDavey @paddyashdown @RishiSunak Shantanu's Humanology ~ The Extinction of Dharma: duties and righteous actions in and as Police... What we see as adharma is not something we can do any dharma to rectify materially because all man-made dharma or adharma are relative and subjective conceptions in that we living beings take our...

2. Please consider this in light of the attached Update for Full Written Reasons from the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom before 10 am this morning so that I can advise Dr Odesanya of what my Carer has had to contend with: ToJobsLift(FullWrittenReasonsApplicationonE35YM660Appeal24Nov2020.docx.

3. I need to decide whether to attend the webinar and the Spring Conference of the Liberal Democrats accordingly too. Thank you Yours sincerely Dr Shantanu Panigrahi 3 Hoath Lane Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0SL Tel: 07967789619

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