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Our Mental Health is extremely important | Help others with a course

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Shantanu Panigrahi

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Dear Reed

Following the attached email Frineed27Nov2020.docx that I received upon the days deliberations yesterday in relation to the attached final submission to the Central London County Court (see CLAIMANT'S SUBMISSION27November 27November2020.docx, my wife and supposed Carer told me that she had telephoned Britton House late yesterday afternoon and spoken with Dr Odesanya. The results of that conversation she said was that Dr Odesanya said to her that I do not speak to him when he telephones me on my Mobile Phone to find out about my welfare as things are progressing. He said that He thought I was already working for Royal Mail, on which my wife told him that I did not go to my 18 November 2020 2.00 pm Induction at Medway Mail Centre, Knights Road, Strood, Near Rochester, because I feared that my British Passport would be taken away from me if I went. This is absolutely true and I told my wife also that I feared that my Teacher's Pension of £1000 per month would also be withdrawn by the State, and perhaps this is the reason that my National Insurance Number YZ330724D is seemingly not being accepted yet by the Department and Works Pension in my continuing requests to Disability Liviing Allowance institution of the Disability and Carers Service on which the last letter I received was on prior to Christmas 2015 for the Christmas Bonus Payment, and following yesterday’s application to the Personal Independence Payment Institution of the Department of Works Pensions who were supposed to send me an email with a Form that Lucy sent me a text that I would receive and needed to fill it in carefully and return it. This email has not come yet raising my suspicions that I am being examined for sedition against the United Kingdom State, especially in light of the fact that my wife told me that Dr Odesanya was in the process of sending me a letter in the post for an appointment with him to change my medications immediately, something I had discussed with the GP Surgery in considerable detail in relation to my worsening Urology Problem. I had told Dr Smart at the Surgery that I cannot wait for the 4 of March dated appointment to speak to Dr Bhatt in accordance with his 5 November 2020 letter to me after he placed me on Flexitrade urination medication to be taken together with the Tamsoulosin prescribed earlier to me by her. I got a short-term repeat prescription yesterday for Flexitrade and while this has helped, I still need to go to the Accident's and Emergency Centre of Medway Maritime Hospital this afternoon to get myself checked out and determine if I need an surgical operation on my Prostrate which responsible for the Urination medication, that is so severe and frustrating for me that I cannot step out of the House, so have put on hold my appointment on 30 November 2020 12.00 pm to see if I am physically and mentally fit for work in employment or volunteering activities that Dr Odesanya requires of me. I cannot take the risk of going uninvited to Medway Maritime Hospital this afternoon in case they confirm that my National Insurance Number and British Nationality and Passport have been irrevocably withdrawn from me to make me stateless, so I would have to pay for the emergency medical care that I need, awaiting Dr Odesanya's letter of appointment. So the question of applying for any more jobs does not arise at the moment.

Thank you for your continuing patience and concerns for my welfare.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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