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To Scott Berry

Liberal Democrat Federal Committee on Facebook 29 November 2020, 13.15 hours

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Author Scott Berry

Thanks Scott,

Back to the drawing Board I guess. I have diverse interests and concerns most important of all is on the employment rights sector, in relation to how modern day recruitment agencies hire employees through the internet on line, that has meant that after 200 job applications that I have made over the past year and a half, the only one I managed to secure was a job at Sainsbury's as Trading Manager, where the Store Manager could not confirm my appointment after 12 weeks during which my probation continually got extended so that I had to resign the position. No agreement could be reached through Arbitration Conciliation and Advisory Service and the Employment Tribunal on my submission that the Store Manager had been ageist towards me something they should have taken into account during the application process and the interview that took place prior to giving me the job. I had set up a petition at 38 Degrees (see link: ) to try and get signatures so I could get Parliament to consider such concerns in an age when people are expected to work until an extended State pension age of 68-70 years of age. Do you think that this might be a good alternative Motion to my two previously submitted ones to the Liberal Democrat Federal Conference? Regulation of Job Centres and internet-based recruiting agencies and Human Resources of Employers YOU.38DEGREES.ORG.UK Regulation of Job Centres and internet-based recruiting agencies and Human Resources of Employers Regulation of Job Centres and internet-based recruiting agencies and Human Resources of Employers ·

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Scott Berry: to Shantanu Panigrahi

Certainly employment laws and discrimination in hiring would be a relevant topic but you'd need to work out exactly the policy you're asking for to addressb this. Most motions have three sections; - Noting relevant facts (in this case e.g. there are already laws against discrimination, it can be difficult to prove when discrimination has occurred etc) - A statement of beliefs (discrimination is wrong, the Liberal Democrats exist to challenge discrimination in practice not just principle) - The intended action (what specific actions are you asking for, such as government policies or laws for the party to campaign for)

29 November 2020, 13.35 hours

Laurence Cox

Shantanu Panigrahi


I suggest that you take Scott Berry's well-meant advice instead of flouncing off because your incoherently expressed ideas are not immediately accepted.

Shantanu Panigrahi

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Author Laurence Cox

That is reassuring Laurence, that my three possibilities for Motions to the Spring Conference have not been rejected out of hand. I still have time to forumulate the three Motions more coherently as you say (Sorry, I am a novice at this still even after sending Motions to the Labour Party when I was a Member of the Labour Party as my mind shifted towards Socialism, and my motions on Racism by the Law Enforcment authorities in the consideration of reported Hate Crimes and Internet Trolling Crimes would not see the light of day under Socialism. So I had to get out of that umbrella of Politics as fast as my legs could carry me under Jeremy Corbyn (no less) and got back to square one in due course to start paying my subscriptions to the Liberal Democrats again. For as the Party knows from my communications true social concerns lies in liberalism, not in the Labour Party's Socialism of controls over the population in organised chaos that my Conservative Libertarian Society Groups in the Liberal Democratic Party champions. Of course I am very well aware that due to traditions, there is also a very strong Liberalism wing to the Party, as there is a Social Democratic Wing since the Gang of Four under Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Shirley Williams and one other Politician broke away from the Labour Party and the Liberal Party changed direction to the Liberal Democrats to accommodate that. I am all for accommodation of a range of views in the Liberal Democrat and short of the necessity to help out the State in agreeing to form coalitions with the Conservatives or the Socialists, would prefer to see that the Liberal Democrats remained independent even if it means staying out of political power, so that the Party can cater to the needs of its Members primarily, and the electorate who consequently vote for the Party in local elections and Westminster Elections. Perhaps I should think of formulating a Motion accordingly to move Conference to banning any Leader of the Liberal Democrats from forming coalition government with the Conservatives like Nick Clegg did to glorify himself so as to leave behind his personal legacy by abandoning the Party's manifesto commitment to abolishing Student Fees and Student Loans. I think that would be a much better approach for me to persuade Sir Ed Davey to commit to this principle of democracy, for as Liberal Democrats, we must never get into bed with our enemies who disagree with our philosophy for short term expediency to the Monarch in order that the processes of State-government is not put in jeopardy from Hung Parliaments that is the hall mark of a nation with as much cultural and religious diversity as baggage that history has left us with from the wishes of the State Establishment to spread the Empire once again in a bid under The Next Steps policy of Tony Blair that started the military association with George Bush to drive the globlisation agenda instead of minding the State's own business of just looking after its own citizens in a self-sufficient and self-contained nationhood. ·

Reply · 19 m · Edited Mary Reid badge icon: I am neither conservative nor libertarian, neither are any members of the Liberal Democrats if they understand and agree with the Preamble. I am astonished to see that there is a "Conservative Libertarian Society wing" within the party! 3 ·

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There really is no such wing of the Conservative Libertarian Movement in the Liberal Democratic Party. It was my sincerely-held view that the Liberals have evolved as a Party to take account of the new realities under which humans constantly have to change their complexions and as such amend the Constitution of the Party to the new threats to our freedom and liberty from age old ignorance of the Meaning of life and how we need to adapt to the changing realities in the imminent, durable and long-term impermance of Nature that we humans have to contend with. In the modern era of the 21st Century we need to shed our skins so that new skins develop in the regenration of our minds to the situations that we now face with the knowledge that the internet age has enabled us to help us review our priorities. So if that is accepted by the Party heirarchy I will draft a new Motion to amend the Constitution of the Party so that we as a Party can hold our heads held high in having the determination to do the right thing to take us forward as a Party within the Nation of the United Kingdom. It is no secret that I am a Republican in this respect as I believe that all humans are created by God as equals with noone having the divinely-imparted wisdom to dictate to us God's wishes. Of course if Liberal Democrats are an atheistic-secular Party then the question of God as Creator of the universe is rejected. As such I would have no option but to resign from the Liberal Democrats forthwith, for it is against my Viashnavic principles to not befriend atheists who I see as enemies of God to the extent that I classify them as Satan-worshippers.

Fayzan Rehman

Most Lib Dem members are far from Libertarian. As a party we want to help people. Libertarian is typical of the Tories: every person for themselves

Shantanu Panigrahi badge icon Author Fayzan Rehman,

Do you first know how to help yourself before you set out a mission for yourself or the Party to help others? You are tied to your Holy Book of Koran so can only help fellow Muslims, not Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, etc. I am surprised that a Muslim has been allowed membership of a Liberal Democrat Party to proselytise his views on the equality of humans, let alone LGBT commuities, and your ready acceptance of same sex marriage which runs contrary to Islam, so how could you stay in the Liberal Democrats after the same-sex marriage laws were enacted by the coalition government of David Cameron and Nick Clegg. You are full of contradictions, and should go to your Friday prayers in the mosque under your imam, not join in a debate on liberalism. You should pray five times a day to your Allah and utter Peace be upon Him Mohammad the Prophet, doing exercises on your mat facing your Masters in Mecca of Saudi Arabia or Iran, chanting Inshaallah, and if possible go and live with them, not stay in the United Kingdom, a liberal democracy.

Mary Reid badge icon: There is room in the Liberal Democrats for members of many faiths and none. I was simply quoting from your own website: "...these values are what is being conserved by the Conservative-Libertarian wing of my Liberal Democratic Party"

Mary Reid badge icon That last comment is completely unacceptable on this page and I have reported it to the admins.

Shantanu Panigrahi

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Mary Reid, When is the report of the Administrators going to be available to me?

29 November 2020, 19.25 hours