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Resignation from the Liberal Democrat Party has been finalised

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Dear Liberal Democrats

1. Following the removal of my post to on Facebook yesterday by the Liberal Democrat Federal Conference without reason, as follows, I offer the Party my resignation from membership, as attached: The greatness of Great

Fayzan Rehman, do you first know how to help yourself before you set out a mission for yourself or the Party to help others? You are tied to your Holy Book of Koran so can only help fellow Muslims, not Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, etc. I am surprised that a Muslim has been allowed membership of a Liberal Democrat Party to proselytise his views on the equality of humans, let alone LGBT commuities, and your ready acceptance of same sex marriage which runs contrary to Islam, so how could you stay in the Liberal Democrats after the same-sex marriage laws were enacted by the coalition government of David Cameron and Nick Clegg. You are full of contradictions, and should go to your Friday prayers in the mosque under your imam, not join in a debate on liberalism. You should pray five times a day to your Allah and utter Peace be upon Him Mohammad the Prophet, doing exercises on your mat facing your Masters in Mecca of Saudi Arabia or Iran, chanting Inshaallah, and if possible go and live with them, not stay in the United Kingdom, a liberal democracy. Mary Reid badge icon There is room in the Liberal Democrats for members of many faiths and none. I was simply quoting from your own website: "...these values are what is being conserved by the Conservative-Libertarian wing of my Liberal Democratic Party" Mary Reid badge icon That last comment is completely unacceptable on this page and I have reported it to the admins. Shantanu Panigrahi badge icon Author Mary Reid When is the report of the Administrators going to be available to me?

2. The attached considerations apply. I would be grateful for an immediate reply to let me know if my application for resignation is acceptable to Sir Ed Davey.

Thank you

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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The greatness of Great

The greatness of Great Britain

The land of Britain is truly the Land of Hope and Glory. It has been a great fortuitious turn of my personal history to have arrived on its shores on 28 December 1972, when my father was posted under Diplomatic Status of the government of India as Indian Liaison Officer at Kew Gardens. Today it holds the cultural heritage of its 500-year Empire safe and sound from disintegration as one of the most developed Nations of the Earth still, and long after the break up of large parts of its international domain.

The culture of tolerance and understanding of the British Nation is impeccable, I review today. It has housed those seeking asylum to be able to contribute to the development of the Nation to ever-increasing greatness and the leader of the World with its technological and scientifically-based directives.

I bow my head in shame for not having seen this in the past 22 years when under self-infatuation I lost sight of the need to accommodate to this truth today from the dubious values of distinction under the Hindu upbringing that I was brought up with. I am not sure whether I am a Hindu, or Christian, or some other religious sect under the ethos of the Conservative Libertarian Society that I have established and seek to pursue further with the permission of Her Majesty’ the Queen of the United Kingdom.

It took time to understand the meaning of the term the divine right of kings and queens. I felt that the only Divinity is God Almighty Himself and that this is the Entity, the Superlord that a person should subscribe to instead of the Monarch of where I live as a society of the State of the United Kingdom.

We can only serve one Master, and that Master or Mistress must be the human master who we can see and correspond with incessantly. We cannot correspond with God, that is clear. He only makes His presence felt to individual devotees and will not jeopardise the functioning of the Nature that He has created, no matter what the level of subservience is to God Himself. So we need to continue to represent our views to the Monarch, for that is a clear guidance that we receive on how we should progress in our future activities on this Planet Earth. We cannot ask God to intervene, nor is He accessible to such individual pleas for Divine Help. The Divine Help He prescribes, is to be truth-accommodating, which means one deals with ones on-going material circumstances in accordance with the perceived visible realities on the ground.

The fact that Christian religious ethos under the Anglican Protestant Church has developed the nation of Great Britain over 2000 years of emancipation of thoughts and resulting actions based on trial and error of science and philosophy to understand the true Nature of Reality and I ended up in that State with a loving wife and daughter who the Nation housed and looked after is something that I am enormously grateful for today, and I write this before two appointments confirmed to me for this morning for job interviews with all my transgressions in mental instability in having tried hard to naturalise into Her Majesty’s domain of the United Kingdom and overseas territories.

The Liberal Democratic Party is an unsuitable Party that does not subscribe to this patriotism towards the Monarch in holding the Conservative Libertarian Society that I try to campaign for and would continue to do so with the permission of Her Majesty the Queen going into the future.

For that reason, I am hereby resigning my membership of the Liberal Democrats once again since my off and on correspondence to see whether the association would be fruitful for me and the State of the United Kingdom.

I also do not wish to compromise the other political parties existential ethos having explored the attempts made In the past to progress the formation of Green Socialism Movement within the Labour Party, and seeing no prospect of Nigel Farage’s Reform Party that could come to the fore as a possible Party to contain Conservative Libertarianism from its admirable attempts to bring Brexit into reality, I will continue to work towards the creation of The Conservative Libertarian Party with its associated society The Conservative Libertarian Society for the remainder of my life.

My sincere heart-felt apologies for taking this long to finalise my raison d’etre of secularism clear and concise, whether or not this dharma is Sanatan Dharma, and a Vaishnavistic outlook on life.

8.40 am 30 November 2020