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Symbiosis between man and woman or Feminism?

Open letter to the Liberal Democrats Federal Conference

With reference to, it is very difficult fellow Liberal Democrats to know the harrowing time that Carers have to put up with when they undertake the role of Caring and Supporting a family member.

This afternoon, the Police said that they will ask the Social Services of Kent to come to our home again to assist my wife in this Caring Role on me especially. She declined this offer in being the strong woman that she is to have looked after a paranoid schizophrenic's delusions-based emotional stresses and actions that uncaring societies do not appreciate Carers for, as her having one of the highest levels of adaptive symbiosis with me that has over the past 22 years of struggle for existence, a trait that has evolved in humanity which facilitates family life and life in the Community before the Mental Health authorities consider incarcerating patients like me into mental hospitals and prisons for their behaviour in society in not following the laws, rules and regulations, moralities, values and regulations imposed upon the citizens by the State.

It is now 20.59 pm hours on 4 December 2020 as I write this Page, and there is no sight of the Social Services nor a Report on the Blocked renamed Current and Savings Accounts (Name TCLP-UK) as the official Bank Accounts held at Santander Bank at this point in time as the liquid and fixed assets of The Conservative Libertarian Party declared as Financial Assetts to the Electoral Commission as attached: