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Financial Separation of Assets in Perfect Marriages


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Appointment offered at Britton House2

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Sat, 5 Dec at 06:24

To Julie Palmer

Kent and Medway Partnership Trust

Hermitage Road

Maidstone Kent

Dear Julie

There is some uncertainty in my mind this morning on a number of inter-related issues, as follows:

My wife had telephoned Britton House a few days ago and spoken witn Dr Odesanya about various concerns she had about my well being and her role in supervising this at our home. I understood from her that a medication review was being considered, and they had agreed that Dr Odesanya will write to me a letter of appointment for a Face-to-Face assessment.

Whilst I did not wish any further appointments in Britton House, I do realise that I can only be released into the primary care of my doctor Dr Mawanche at the Shah Surgery with Dr Odesanya's approval and the issue of another Care Plan document stating that this discharge into primary care has been effected. I therefore telephoned Britton House when I did not receive such a letter in the post. The lady receptionist (Jane) told me that she can give me the time of the appointment over the phone, and did so as being 9 December 2020 at 10.00 am.

Whilst I am agreeable to see him and acceded to his request that my wife must accompany me to the Meeting at on the 9th of December without any such letter arriving in the post by then, although this would have been helpful to update my official records that I maintain, Dr Odesanya must be made aware of certain other developments.

Kent Police's lady Police Officer (Badge No 6.204) came to our home yesterday roughly around 3.15 pm yesterday to follow up a contact made by the Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre Branch of Santander Bank following my decision to convert both the Bank Account Names to TCLP-UK (The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom) of which I am the General Secretary awaiting the completion of registration that has been applied for at the Election Commission. I left our Santander Passbook relating to the joint-account that I am Claiming for TCLP-UK, and explained to the Police Officer that my suggestion that our family finances must be separated with my Teacher's Pension money continuing to be credited into our Barclays Current Account for the running expenses of the household to be eventually given to our daughter Shanti Rupa Panigrahi from all future proceeds starting yesterday and I accordingly make no Claim to that Account held at Barclays Bank PLC. The Police Officer asked my wife to telephone Santander and find out what is happening following my decision as above, and she got both the Santander Accout blocked by the Bank. This is most disconcerting for I as the General Secretary of the Party have transactions to implement right now to progress its work, and so a decision of the separation of financial assets must be considered at the forthcoming meeting in light of the legal advice and representation made to the Bury St Edmonds Regional Divorce Centre through Managed Divorce to which the £347 lawyer’s Fees has been paid.

Furthermore, the Police Officer had undertaken to contact the Social Services to visit our home to iron out the Carer's responsibility that said to her was inadequate as she is 'not being a good Carer, but a control freak), but no one from Social Services has contacted me as thing stand right now. I had given my Barclays Current Account details for the income that I will earn from Sainsbury's employment as Services Assistant for which the Induction is imminent on 8 December 2020 at 9.00 (Angel Centre, Tonbridge, Mr Calum Hayward contact 01732 359811), and which I wished to use for my personal expenses through the Barclays Current Account with all the money contained in the two Accounts held now belonging to TCLP-UK from now onwards.The cheque book that I applied for onlline to Santander must be endorsed with the name TCLP-UK with me as the only authorised person to sign by law accordingly, before this cheque book is sent to the postal address of the Party (located at 3 Hoath Lane, First Floor, Room D, Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SL) when these Accounts are unblocked, and the Bank Statements on both Accounts to me as the General Secretary of the political Party. This should be done immediately and in this regard, I am copying this email for the attention of Her Honour Judge Backhouse for her deliberations on the attached revised Claimants Submission to the CLAIMANT'S attached-proceedings of Claim E35YM660 accordingly.

Related to this is the fact that I had asked the Policewoman showing her my British Passport that I was concerned about as the reason for not going to my Induction yesterday at 2.00 pm for my Christmas Casual Appointment with Royal Mail that I will reschedule by copy of this email to Royal Mail. Her clear advice was that my British Passport is valid and no-one can take this away from me at the forthcoming Employment Inductions at Royal Mail and at Sainsburys.

I await your next response, and a re-dated letter of appointment on a later date than 9 December 2020, without the presence of my wife at the appointment for the above-mentioned reasons.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619

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6 December 2020b Update:

RE: Your email to the Financial Ombudsman Service

6 December 2020 01.29 hours


Sent from my Samsung Galaxy

Dear Financial Ombudsman

I was unable to use my Santander Debit Card today and had to borrow money from my Wigmore and Hempstead Newsagency because I have been denied access to both my Santander and my Barclays Bank Accounts. I had to buy a packet of Benson and Hedges Gold for I was again under considerable stress and anxieties on if I would be destituted again as happened in 2004 when I tried for asylum in France for such embezzlement then. The amount I borrowed from Shantiravkumar as the proprieter of the Newsagency was £12.99.

When I told my wife what happened and why I could not buy milk for the household at the same time she gave me £40 in cash to pay-off this debt and buy the milk. I did that within 10 minutes. My wife was so ashamed that it had come to this she phoned Santander and requested the Bank to unfreeze my two Accounts as my property that I donated altogether to The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom. She told me that that is all that she could do for me.

I told her then that she would have to give me Cash for all the family needs each time I went out shopping. She replied that she was unable to do so because she does not normally keep cash but keeps some for emergencies only.

So I would be grateful if you would adjudicate on this matter immediately for the reason that Santander has blocked my email sent to its feedback email address as a copy of this complaint.

Thank you for your urgent action to prevent me being destituted again on to the street with the Personal Independence Payment of the Department of Works and Pension wilfully rejecting my application forms for the resumption of my Disability Living Allowance that has been stopped since the Christmas Bonus of December 2015.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

Shanti Niwas

Room D

First Floor

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

United Kingdom

Tel: 07967789619


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