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Update to Her Honour Judge Backhous, Circuit Judge at the Central London County Court presiding over E35YM660


To Her Honour Judge Backhouse

My Ladyship


Appeal Arguments relating to the two Orders dated 14 January 2020 and 30 September 2020 were specifically submitted to the Defendant in my Updated Particulars of Claim on 24 March 19.31 hours by agreed email and updated since. This was made clear to the Court prior to 3 April 2020 Hearing presided over by Judge Backhouse on which the 12 May 2020 Order attached is based (Central London County Court or Order 12 May 2020.docx attached to this submission).

Summary of petition:

1. I wished to do something positive for national development of the United Kingdom so that it can contribute to World Conservation in order to improve global society and initiated the following petitions. Some were approved for hosting whereas others were inexplicably turned down and disabled by 38 Degrees and Liberty. I resorted to Action-network in view of this lack of cooperation. This is what my Appeal is all about. Please refer to the following links in administering your decision on whether I am justified in voicing these concerns or not. If I am not, you may turn down my reconsideration of permission to Appeal the 14 January 2019 dated Order of the Court on E35YM660 (Dr Shantanu Panigrahi vs Mrs Theresa May; nay the present Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr Boris Johnson as the Defendant singly).

2. The petitions in question were:

38 Degrees websites:

2. Further evidence for my petitions may be examined at the following websites which have stood the test of time in that they were beyond criticisms from the general public because they are factual representations of the investigations that I have conducted in arriving at the petitions:

Personal websites:










3. The evidence in these websites support the Particulars of Claim in the Claim Form and the Appellants Notice of a concerted national and international conspiracy against me to obstruct justice and pervert the course of justice by the States concerned. The government is therefore obliged to take these petitions seriously or give its reasons for not considering them through the normal processes of Parliamentary scrutiny. The functioning of the Parliament and the Monarchy must be subject to the due process of scrutiny through the Courts to outline individual responsibilities to society and hence this Claim that I am pursuing. Otherwise, there is no hope for the nation that I love.

4. Madam, a Judge of Her Majesty’s Establishment is the law of the nation. Please therefore advise me if I am right or wrong in bringing this to your attention.

5. As you must be aware, I have only asked for a nominal £3000 in damages and compensation for what I have suffered over 22 years that led me to my published petitions because I am only progressing this Appeal proceedings in in sincere belief that it is in the public interest nationally and globally.

6. Madam, on 9 December 2020 I was summoned to an appointment with Dr Odesanya, Consultant Psychiatrist at Britton House, Gillingham Kent for an update on my mental health and review of medications with respect to my desire to be discharged from Care in the Community into primary Care of my GP Services. Following a 40 minute discussion into which my wife and Carer joined in on the telephone as required for her to do so by the Consultant Psychiatrist, I was not discharged; and on the other hand, my anti-psychotic medication was changed with immediate effect to Quetiapine (50 mg on 1st day; 100 mg on 2nd day; 150 mg on 3rd day, then 300 mg for another 14 days) for which a prescription was given to me at the appointment and I was told by Dr Odesanya that he will write to my General Practitioner soon for repeat prescriptions of the same medication to be issued indefinitely as his conclusion of the proceedings. No Care Plan document has arrived at my home to set this out with full reasons of assessment for this decision as thing stand this morning. This is unacceptable for the reason that a Community Treatment Order to continue enforcing psychiatric assessments and resulting treatment with Full Written Reasons has never been issued and served on me. Furthermore, the Personal Independence Payment institution of the Department of Works and Pensions has not replied to my application nearly 10 days ago to consider the need for State-support financially so that I am therefore forced to go to work for Royal Mail and Sainsburys on Christmas Casual appointments. I am accordingly drawn to the adage: you cannot have your cake and eat it: if the intention of the United Kingdom's State authorities is to kill me off through these cruelly-administered medications, it should explicitly state that as the aim of Mr Boris Johnson’s government. I am accordingly most concerned that this grotesque and unjustified intrusion into my well-being is being continued to be perpetrated by the State, and I describe this scientifically-unfounded psychiatric imposition upon me as political-persecution for my religious beliefs and practices of Vaishnavism.

7. Please therefore advise me if a Judgement or Order can be considered now appropriately to bring a closure to this long-standing (23 year-old) saga of epic proportions.

Yours faithfully

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi (Claimant)

3 Hoath Lane



Kent ME8 0SL

Tel: 07967789619



My yahoo email account has been bastardised by the Company so that I cannot issue emails or receive email any more, so that your Directions and Judgment on Claim E35YM660 should be sent to me in the post under Special Recorded Delivery using first class postage facility of the Royal Mail.

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