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GOV.UK 19 December 2020, 7.36 am

I tried to update my application but could not access my account with my email password. So I asked to reset my password and the code 971024 was sent to my email address When I entered this code, I could not log in to my account. I asked for the code to be resent to me. And no code was sent. 

I wished to tell the health professional that Dr Odesanya has prescribed me a new medication Quetiapine currently 50 mg daily to be taken at night.

Further, when I went to my shift at Sainsburys plc yesterday, instead of letting me work on the Tills I was asked to attend a Meeting which I did. Some kind of arguments were presented to me at the Meeting by Mat Sage with Amanda taking down the minutes of the Meeting. I was told that in effect, I had applied for this Vacancy of Services Assistant under some kind of false pretences and their employment eligibility investigations had shown that I was not entitled to be employed by Sainsburys at the Tonbridge Angel Centre. I was told that I would be paid for the 12 hours of attendance so far and sent home, pending an Appeal being managed by Darren Turner at Sainsburys Headquarters. I appealed instantly during the Meeting because the minutes of the Meeting was not provided to me, nor would Mr Sage undertake to send it to me by Recorded Delivery to my home address. I was asked to clock out at 14.15 hours but to keep my name badge and Uniform with me at home pending this Appeal.

It would appear that his Meeting was hastily arranged to thwart the process of justice, as I had complained to Sainsburys plc as follows:

9.Is there anything that could have made your joining experience better? I am disappointed that my 12 hour+limited overtime contract was turned into extensive hours of shift work during my Till Training on 10 December 10.00 am -2.00 pm; when I explained that I had another Christmas Casual job with Royal Mail that this Christmas job clashed with: Please confirm that I am required to attend work at Sainsburys Tonbridge Angel Centre tomorrow 18th December 14.00-18.00 hours and Saturday 19th December 14.00-18.00 hours. I am sorry that I was unable to come to work on Wednesday 16th December 18.00 hours-22.00 due to new medication regime of Quetiapine anti-psychotic given to me by Dr Odesanya (Consultant Psychiatrist) which numbed me so I could not drive the car. As contracted please also confirm that I am required to follow by the Week commencing 20th December schedules of Sunday, (20th) 8.00-16.00 hours Monday (21) 6.00-14.00 hours, Tuesday, (22nd) 16.00-00.00 hours, Wednesday (23) 14.00-20.00 hours and Thursday (24th) 6.00-14.00 hours; as given in the original time-sheet given to me by Calum Haygate. Please also send me my Till Number or request Laura Buck or Amanda Masters my Line Manager to text me tonight on 07967789619. Thank you.

The Hearing of this Matter is currently scheduled to take place under Claim No E35YM660 at the County Court of Central London, Hearing Centre, Sitting at The Mayors and City of London Court, Guildhall Buildings, Basinghall Street, London EC2V5AR over a 30 minute period on 19 January 2021 at 2.00 PM via BT Meet Me. No Judge has been named to me in the Notice of Reconsideration Hearing dated 9 December 2020. In this regard, kindly bear in mind that the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office is apparently considering my complaint against Her Honour Judge Backhous for dereliction of duty to the State and the Citizen simultaneously, as publicised here:

You have been notified thus that unless a clear cut explanation is provided to me immediately as to whether I am and ever have been mentally ill according to some medical terminology used to label me to discredit my work for humanity and to defame the evidence that my analytical prowess has accumulated as the most intelligent genius who has ever lived on Earth as well as the most knowledgeable and the sanest person, the damages and compensation that I demand from the Department of Work and Pensions representing the UK Treasury will rise to £40 million; please bear this in mind when deciding and issuing the Full Written Reasons as to why my cherished Blog should continue to be disabled and suspended from entering the public domain together with my associated Twitter Account that was linked to that Blog under my Twitter Account, password shantilata.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

3 Hoath Lane


Gillingham Kent


Tel: 07967789619


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