Shantanu's Humanology

Live first: survive first, and make progress next in exploration of Reality

Do not put your head up, it will be chopped and guillotined by predators in Brahma-Nature.

The foundational belief is that the Universe is pre-ordinated and pre-orchestrated and a Vaishnavist charts his (or her) path in navigating Brhama-Nature with a risk-averse strategy, going only as far as the times under which he lives takes him forwards towards his destiny which he does not know what it is as the end-point, as he lives on. That means right now I have arrived at my destiny to date by being spontaneous, nonchalant and unpremeditated in my actions. I should be satisfied with that in having survived up until this moment. Whether I make any further progress in life towards the next unknown destiny will depend on the next emerging realities, according to my belief that I must remain in total awareness of every moment’s prevailing reality and act on my natural instinct which will generate the paranoia necessary for the decision to either stay still until the coast is clear from the evil-components of Brahma-Nature or take positively-evasive or calculated actions to safeguard myself from perceived dangers to my ‘house of shelter’ in order to survive another moment for the continuing revision of my next path in life towards the Vaishnavic destiny which I term to be the desire for conducting Sanatan Dharma. That is the principle upon which I live at this moment. So I have no objectives, no anticipations, no expectations, no desires, no ego, no mission; and watch the world-cinema go by and if there are developments next that affect my liberty and security, I have faith that I will take an intelligence-based spontaneous step to avert the new danger that I face to continue with my fundamental policy of living survival first and reassess later that what one has done was Sanatan Dharma by waiting for the outcome-response of the elements in Brahma-Nature to that act, and so on.

In so doing, what is being tested is ‘whether only truth prevails’. Whether I prevail will depend on if I am the Truth. What is Truth: Truth is the God Sri Krishna that I have hypothesised as an assumption as lying dormant within me in my mind. I act in faith that my sub-conscious mind’s instinctive reactions as a human-God has to be derived in reality from that assumption of the existence of a Creator God in my mind, who is also perhaps also in my body and in the environment in various forms that I describe as Brahma-Nature.

So I do not expose my thoughts to the wider world when I actually act even in my publications on the internet to publicise myself as anything. This has been true of all my actions in the past physically or through emails, website posts and blogs that were all spontaneously generated in the libertarian spirit for attaining the sole objective of self-preservation to prevent predators upsetting my apple-cart in the conduct of satya-advaita yoga by putting an end to my liberty and its emanating creations in thoughts as manifested in my publications attempted and executed books, on websites, etc. In publishing any interested party or individuaI can of course read the material as the mere existence of the material in the public domain acts as an invitation to the world to contact me to address any queries on them so as that I can provide to any interested person or institution explanatory notes about myself all the time which would enable me to review what I had written and revise or elaborate on my research findings. In this wat I have always exposed myself to the nth degree: to Police, to Courts, to Members of Parliament, to 38 Degrees, to 50 or so lawyers, and to the global humanity. So I have hidden nothing about myself, having written profusely for total transparency of my actions with the fullest of expositions of my moment by moment thoughts; so my conscience is clear.

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita is true thus far, its fullest and clearest meaning being that only Sanatan Dharma protects the dharma (actions as karma) attained and it protects the actor too simultaneously from the predators of Brahma-Nature thereby exposed for the perpetration of injustices upon the rest of Nature including myself: the quest is for search of the mind of God of what constitutes perfection of dharma because if God exists he must protect the person who has discovered and acted this as karma: this is the presumption that I am stressing. So the struggle to have my Wordpress Blog restored will not end. I have to prove that the restoration of this Blog is in the interest of the people of the United Kingdom as a federal State, in the status quo prevailing now, in being in existence as part of the confederacy of the remaining 200 odd other States of the World. I may not achieve that restoration within my life-time, but if Truth does prevail, it will happen after my death, so up until this moment in the prevailing realities of time and earlier such realities as have unfolded on me so far over the past 23 years of the experiences of my life, Dharma Rakshati Rakshita has been true as far as I judge now given the fact that no Judgment has ben passed by a Court of Law within the United Kingdom or elsewhere that I have done anything in my conduct other than the continuous service to mankind within my country and for humanity at large, not just over the 10 year-period of time over which I wrote that Blog but also since as its contents have since been repeated in summary form since in subsequent Blogs such as Shantanu’s Humanology, Facebook, new Twitter Accounts, LinkedIn and the Conservative Libertarian Society websites.

So I feel right now that my understanding of Creation and my revelations for humanity are 100 per cent correct as far as my personal judgement right now leads me to believe. I question myself all the time in the persistent delusional basis of the search for Truth; this being what satya-advaita yoga is that I experimentally formulated and have pursued relentlessly means to me. That I have survived up to this moment in time with a £1000 per monthly pension and additional savings, and with a lovely wife and also a daughter, in a brilliant house with all necessary amenities locally to make our family life comfortable and in the firm belief that I must not borrow but live within my means constantly in a risk-free/averse strategy for being able to live for another day as being in my mind the only thing that matters and which I personally can be sure of in existence, is proof that my actions were always good in serving me well in my journey of life for the manifestation of Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita; the only life that we humans and all life forms have so that we must make the most of it in charting our path forwards in seeking opportunities to survive and better ourselves through acquiring evermore pristine and total knowledge and understanding of Nature that has for me enables the subconscious mind to attain the perfection of the truth-accommodation that forms the basis of Vaishnavic-living to go onwards further in the prevailing realities of the next moment to come.

So I remain steady and calm and await the telephone to ring, an email to come, a letter to arrive in the post, or some post in the internet that I spot on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn which are my socialising gateway towards acquiring ever-expanding knowledge and through that enabling me to take spontaneous actions (karma) to deal with the requirements needed to serve myself, and in so-doing serve my family and my State which has housed me since the age of 15 (so that has to be of priority, in that I must adhere to the State’s stipulations on me as the bottom line, hoping nonetheless that through the passage of time these will contribute to mankind at large globally), for in the prevailing realities the State of the United Kingdom has the rightful authority to limit my ambitions towards any idealism that I harbour in my mind for humanity, which must be restricted in the priority-interests namely that of the welfare of the present 70 million now of my State-unit.

In so doing I am not taking the slightest proactive step forwards publicly accordingly at this moment in time, much as I do have ideals for the evolution of society towards a utopian humanity in all its senses through my Foundation, The Conservative Libertarian Society.

Sanatan Dharma is when self-preservation becomes Self-preservation which determined by the assumed principle that Dharmo Rakshati Dharma. If one has chosen to marry and have a family, the family runs as a unit in total peace of accommodation of the feelings and needs of the other members of the family. When one has determined to live as a family within a State, and conducts the family within the restrictions and opportunities or even dictations of the State, one acquires truth-accommodation cohesion within the State; and finally when one has connections with the wider global society and inter-relates with that humanity of the global society within the restrictions imposed upon oneself of one's State and in turn one's family, one acquires the state of karma that is Self-preservation (deliberately written here with a capital S) for that Nature of Planet Earth is all that we humans need to accommodate to. At this level of attainment of karma Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita is complete for the person individually. One is in a completel state of the highest level of liberty attainable at that particular moment in time in the prevailing circumstances, which is all that should concern a person because the future remains uncertain and unpredictable to the individual.