Shantanu's Humanology

Proof of Sanatan Dharma

There is nothing higher as a goal in life than living according to the wishes, or more appropriately, the arrangements of the Creator in the framework of the universe. Just like we humans in our Hindu tradition love, respect and revere our parents if we see that they have guided us well in raising us to be who we are after bringing us into this interesting world to witness by observation and enjoyment of Nature with all its provisions of life-sustaining features, a Hindu reveres God as the ultimate Creator. To show this appreciation and thanks-giving we live in Nature striving for perfect harmony with all the constituents of Nature in order to be in harmony with God’s wishes in theory. In this formulation all our actions individually are therefore very important in this formulation of one’s raison detre and the next phase of our strive towards that goal so that we perennially in search of the truth by testing with our intelligence to probe out this assumed Reality to see if we are living in the oneness with Nature and that this has been the constant outcome of our living moment by moment through our actions during our lifetimes. So we review every moment by moment whether we have done any harm in the past or now in the present to Nature from our ego-based outlooks that generates that seemingly raises objectives-led actions in our minds which disturb unnecessarily any of the components of Nature, good or evil.

Now, this form of living is very difficult to achieve practically and especially in uncertainty still as only a theory for which there are no written wholesome prescriptions in scripture that one can rely on as representing the truth of Reality. Scriptural information is sporadic even within traditional Hinduism itself, so, one needs to spend a lifetime studying other religions and ways of life across the continents of the Planet Earth in one’s researching, scientifically, of the components of Nature so as to understand how it works, Created or as a haphazard accidental eruption in the universe, in order to be able to find the best way of living in it in an attempt to ensure that we are attaining the objective of harmony in Nature from all these personal actions, if they are needed within the theory of Reality being constructed, and somehow simultaneously also generate proof that the theory is true from our hindsight reflections on the motivations for what we have done and from the results of our actions what we have achieved in order to try and be the most intelligent human being who ever lived by virtue of having been also the most knowledgeable and sanest.

At this moment in time I travel-on in the assumption that the dedication itself to searching-out the exact construction of Nature by adopting the yoga of truth-discovery through truth-accommodation (that I termed satya-advaita for want of a specific word) is in itself dharma (duties and righteous actions of an eternal nature) in that it is constantly aiming for that theoretical idea of Sanatan dharma in that one is attempting to live in perfect balance within Nature; just as we assume that the Creator would have created for His living beings to live to if they are to survive biologically to the end of their natural lives unstressed by what happens to one’s material circumstances moment by moment. The reward of such as yoga is then seen as yogadaan (Divine-reward from the Creator) in it being the constant and permanent meditative state of peace of mind and even bliss because one’s conscience has always remained clear that one has never done any harm moment by moment as one went along as tested by the fruits of one’s labour in not having denigrated from the wider humanity in written criticisms with alternative theories being presented in the present era in the history of the Earth from one’s periodic reflections as the data collected as evidence accumulated and in the end-review reflection, and those to come daily until the point of death, that through yoga one had reached the state of mind of being able to rely upon one’s nonchalant and spontaneous moment by moment actions (karma) for the attainment of that resulting mental state of mind of total peace and bliss, having effectively become a purushottama living God the Creator (who we assume would always wish to preserve His ‘baby’ of the universe creation so as to be proud of this creation and not ambivalent to its evolutionary outcome) that is deserved because the individual pursued in his life having performed his Sanatan Dharma of living finally in the presumptive centre of the Reality-sphere in a Vaishnavic (rajasic pertaining to Lord Vishnu) approach to living.

The question ultimately then is how does one know with certainty that one has done and continues to perform Sanatan dharma in this manner? This is realised by testing continually whether one is surviving materially and spiritually within one’s ‘material and spiritual house of shelter’ that one has created by oneself within Brahma-Nature and waiting to see it perhaps developing into bloom state from the blossom stage that one is leaving it for posterity, in the knowledge that one had personally and finally reached the end of one’s truth-search and has ended up with all that one needs in life by having reached a point in one’s life that one not have to do any more work (karma) for the idea has been realised that to be one with Nature one should do the least amount of physical work that one can get away with to harmonise ever-perfectly in Brahma-Nature so that one can now just live and enjoy the wonders of Nature in a peaceful mind that has no stress-associated agitation because one has no work to do whatsoever other than just eating, drinking and relaxing with plenty of siesta. This is then determined to be seemingly the yogadaan of having conducted Sanatan Dharma all one’s life as a Hindu, the outcome of that dharma, being in blessing and receipt of Godly-divine luck/good fortune of having always had insured for one by the Powers that be that the right opportunities had come along in one’s life to meet one’s material and spiritual needs as and when they were appropriately required at any given moment, to enable one to being able to live for another moment with one’s conscience still clear free of distractive intrusions into one’s privacy of freethought and freedom of expression of one’s commentaries on the composition of Nature in a service to mankind for the present and future generations that one despite the upheavals that had to be encountered and had survived through the traps of top-predators in ones times because clearly one had not harmed Nature at a personal level, so that one’s house of shelter remained standing tall until one’s life ended and even with the remaining need to withstand the strong predators as the elements in the winds of Nature so that one could place it on record that Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita as being the ultimate eternal law as created by God was continuing to protect one’s life, liberty, and works attained with Divine Protection to enable the person to stand firm to these tamasic elements of Nature unperturbed as they continued to fire blanks. Only, when one keeps getting evidence that this is happening that one continues to conduct oneself in the mental mode of Sanatan Dharma as a Vaishnavist.

The process of satya-advaita yoga continually tests these theories out and also whether or not it was God the Creator living dormant within one's mind that one had, in my case, attained union with through the perfection of one’s actions (karma) in conducting ourselves with our freewill to be in harmony with Nature yet continuing to assume that our living our life, as of all the other creatures past and present that have existed in the developments within this universe from inception 14 billion years and it’s evolution since were all pre-ordinated and pre-orchestrated, so that the nonchalance and spontaneity of one’s actions had continued to pay dividends for our material and spiritual welfare and so it can continue to be conducted in that mode into the prevailing future realities that one has to confront fearless of any adverse repercussions upon oneself materially or spiritually of our actions that it may in some ways cause new disruptions to one's living conditions that would again generate stresses and turmoil in the mind for it to have to undergo further analysis of one’s living conditions and revision of raison detre from requiring further evasive self-shielding actions from old or new predators in the jungle of Brahma-Nature that one has to remain paranoid about all the time that these will wait for suitable opportunities to predate up you by setting schemes to try to catch us off-guard to get the Vaishnavist persecuted until his records disappear from the history of mankind, so like a lion wait he or she makes mistakes in judgement in his material dealings that would then expose him to their predatory attacks to try and get him into destitutional-poverty materially so that he would have no choice then but to come out of out of his Mahasamadhi retirement of Shanti Niwas and forced to re-join the rat-race of the jungle once again instead of being able to continue living in the hitherto attained peacefully-bliss state of mind attained in which the person is living under the stillness of liberty.

Is this the truth that has won and prevailed, or will eventually win (Satyamev Jayate), whatever winning is? Let me wait and see.