Shantanu's Humanology

Birthday Wishes to all across the World from a Vaishnavist

The direction of travel in Vaishnavism is determined by the circumstances that one faces in its requirement of the adherence to the philosophy of the ideal of truth-accommodation as the policy to be adopted and implemented continuously. This requires the maximal level of awareness of the environment that it is possible to attain, so as to be in realisation of the prevailing material realities of one’s moment by moment passage of time as one journeys through in life. That awareness comes from continuously studying all aspects of ones circumstances continually to build up one's citadel of knowledge as realising with precision the unfolding realities of Nature as one goes along and which is contained in the overall permanent reality of Existence. With strength of mind and determination to conduct satya-advaita yoga (oneness with truth) that has the implicit objective and ethos of surviving with dignity, one navigates through the jungle of Brahma-Nature towards one's destiny within the principle of ‘live and let live’ in total non-violent symbiosis with all the other constituents of Nature; be that viruses, bacteria, insects, reptiles, mammals including human beings, carefully understanding each organism in appreciating that they all have an inherent God-given right from their genetic-compositions as nature’s endowment to survive in the jungle and evolve the next generation through the natural phenomenon inherent in the mechanisms governing the survival of the species in the Creation of Evolution. Whether we as human individuals or collectively survive through these interactions with the other life-forms in Nature is not something that can be predicted by anyone, not even the yogi, whether or not we take countering-actions against other creatures such as the social-distancing and vaccine administration measures into ourselves that is being enacted the world over against virulent infectious organisms such as the present coronavirus that has become a pandemic and is causing us humans harm through diseases of the body which could potentially kill some or all of us over time; or face up to this challenging reality by passively resisting these environmental stimulus upon ourselves by not adopting any such measures that attack back the intruders. What is certain to my mind is that any positive steps that we take to artificially protect ourselves in ways that destroy the foreigners to ourselves in pursuing the strategy that ‘attack is the best form of defence’ as opposed to ‘defence being the best form of attack’ in allowing the natural processes of our body-biology to deal with these xenobiotic foreign particles and organisms, can and will unleash new and unforeseen negative effects of unknown nature yet to current-science immediately or in the future because these are new species of life functioning in Nature which will or may persist elsewhere on Earth that one cannot hide from and which would have progenies that evolve in the future to come back some day with a vengeance to haunt us: so, such measures as we take are themselves new stimuli to further evolutionary developments that may have the potential to reduce our age-longevity individually in other ways and so collectively as a human species as the evolution of life continues into the future. In other words, let us instead adapt individually as independent creatures and not collectively as a so-called species of Homo sapiens sapiens to the intruders now and carry on in our ‘business as usual’ within the new environment to see what happens next and who prevails now and in the future.

So it is said ‘be careful what you wish for’, in other words, accept your fate, which is the motto that a Vaishnavist lives to by being happy and contented that one is still living so is able to go about one’s business, although perhaps albeit at a somewhat lesser level of activity, in sickness even while accommodating to the imminent reality, fearlessly nonetheless, standing up to the invasion in self-isolation as having done personally all that is possible to shield oneself from the intrusions into one's life to enable us to live in the liberty individually for another day that one is entitled to pursue in Nature within the eternal reality of the evolution of the universe. That is truth-accommodation of living within one's means and represents the principle of harmonising with Nature.

This outlook is not weakness but is being as strong as one can by maximising one’s ability personally to deal with the challenges that confronts one moment by moment, saying to oneself 'never say die' as the guiding-light to try and survive for as long as one can with one’s principles-emanating survival instincts of reacting to environmental stimuli and seeing in this way whether one has it within oneself the capacity to become ‘unchallengeable’ by such external forces of predation upon oneself that, being intrinsic to Nature, threatens ones survival in liberty at all times from one source or the other, one way or the other. Surviving adversities makes one stronger to face future challenges from intrusive predators upon oneself because our immune system, materially and spiritually, becomes enhanced individually and one is stoical to the miseries of life. One examines this way whether the fortress-citadel one has thereby built for oneself as one’s 'house of shelter' defences against all-comers is strong-enough to withstand the forces of the next winds of adversity in the pressures that they put upon one from any of the intrusive and predatory components of Nature, be that viral or human or even climatic weatherwise. We therefore continue to build up our defences always on guard against the forces of predation using the intelligence we have in the ultimate outlook that symbiosis-in-independence is the risk-averse relevant strategy that works when one is always in a state of alertness that anticipates the real moment by moment dangers to oneself, otherwise known as paranoia to medical science: the yogi learns that if one is paranoid, there is a reason for being in such a state of mind.

Making progress towards greater prosperity materially in this manner of the frame of mind of withstanding the existing and new threats that exist to one’s liberty to be able to freely think-out moment by moment how to survive independently by thwarting the attacks at an individual level, and not through the communality of socialism with other members of the human species in whatever form they exist for they themselves represent a potential source of intrusive-predation in time whether religiously-motivated and organised under the authority of an institutionalised umbrella over their communities, or more widely, in the State-institutionalisation of secular-political establishment of the government of the society that one is existing within. Herd immunity is consequently a fallacy in this Vaishnavic outlook.

This form of self-dependence constitutes the reliance of mind over matter, living is not important, liberty is the objective because one is not a slave to other creatures and has freethought to channel oneself in navigating Brahma-Nature; it is the power of the mind gained from yoga.

This is the mechanism of self-preservation by Self-preservation in not deliberately doing any undue harm to Nature except to be looking to deriving only one's food, water and the oxygen that is essentially all that the body needs to live on until one dies is the framework of continually striving to attain the stillness of liberty when the mind is at peace all the time during one’s life, and in this way it leads one to the retirement-phase old-age of living in Mahasamadhi that there is and which one reaches on completion of process of Realisation, having now all that one needs materially and spiritually, so one is free from work in one’s Shanti Niwas shelter of sufficient savings and a pension in having built up the perfect defensive house of shelter, for not needing to go buccaneering ever again into society for more materials to rebuild the defences, so strong they already are.

One has therefore reached the circumstances which represent the final end-point life-stage of work-less moksha for the karma yogi who survived to this point of liberty because he only ever practiced self-defence activities to survive in jungle of Brahma-Nature in having understood it correctly as one lived without harming any of the components of Nature in Vaishnavist struggle to conduct the perceived Sanatan Dharma-dharmayudha to live as a purushottama-poornavatar; the attainment of this State being proof that Dharma Rakshati Raskshita has for him, been indeed the eternal law of the universe in the functioning of Nature.

So, my friends and all others in humanity, have you ensured that your 'house of shelter' from your knowledge attained through acquiring the fullest level of awareness of Reality is stong-enough to now have become unchallengeable and impenetrable to deserve the state of Mahasamadhi?